A Communist Christmas

Merry Christmas and happy holidays! In this Christmas video you’ll learn how you can enjoy a communist Christmas. It’s the new normal! Your holiday plans should include no plans, wearing a mask, staying in your home, social distancing, and poverty. Have a very merry communist Christmas!

This video is taking the internet by storm. Apparently it’s giving a lot of people a voice to say what they feel inside (which is actually a formula for making widely viewed videos).

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas weekend! I also wish you all the courage and bravery you need to disobey rules that you don’t feel are in your best interest while obeying your heart to have you celebrate the holidays however you want with whoever you want!

I know my my wife, Wilder, and I will be seeing tons of friends and loving the fun, human connection, and celebration together. We’ll also do a crap load of hugging other people (we’re quite the adrenaline junkies aren’t we!).

Stay weird my friend,

Source: JP Sears

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