Crowd Power 17 Physical health | English transcript

(Earth Matters) Crowd Power is a live internet tv show which was shown in the Netherlands, hosted by Arjan Bos and Martijn van Staveren. In collaboration with the public, the joint effort is to work with the power of our originally potential as a human beings. Thousands of people joined and what happened was beyond imagination. 

Martijn remembers he originates from more than 500,000 years out of the future and says it is a very important subject to realize that Humanity is under a constant surveillance state of extraterrestrial, interdimensional civilizations. Some of them have full control over the Earth developments and keep Humanity in a psychic hostage. Other friendly civilizations accompany Earth’s developments to humanity support to her next expansion of consciousness.

Subjects like money, crop circles, psychopathy, Earth, quantum physics, interdimensional contact, neurological invasions, dream manipulations, the nature of reality and many others come to pass in an entirely new light. ‘Now is the time to speak openly about this, so that every person gets a fair chance to follow the path of actual self development ‘, says Martijn.

As people we are connected with each other and our origin and during the ratifications you are invited to, in freedom, by joint observation and assignments, to (re) activate the authentic power of man.

Out of respect, there is movement in ourselves in themes that one make a fundamental contribution to the well-being of our consciousness.

A must read /see for anyone who dares to look at our reality and with the power of observation, his / her creativity and self-determination put.

Crowd Power 17 Physical health | English transcript

(Earth Matters | translation by Ilaina Danckaerts) 

Arjan: Welcome to the 17th Crowd Power on Earth Matters t.v., my name is Arjan Bos.

Martijn: My name is Martijn van Staveren, we welcome everyone here in the room and at home. The 17th Crowd Power again Arjan.

Arjan: Yes gigantic, the 22nd episode that we make together in my opinion.

Martijn: Yes special.

Arjan: Absolutely. This episode is about physical health and of course we have good news and a number of ratifications and a musical intermezzo. But let’s start with the good news.

There is increasing awareness that radiation from mobile phones and wireless internet brings serious health risks. There are more and more Wi-Fi  free schools worldwide. At the moment there are non-profit schools in the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Canada, America, New Zealand, Italy, Israel and Finland.

At the initiative of mayors, in some cities all schools were obliged to be made free of traffic. Sometimes headmasters took the initiative, sometimes the teachers and sometimes also the parents. A French, electro-sensitive student, who was forced to teach at home because she was sick of radiation, was allowed to take her final exams in a radiation-free room.

The EU prohibits trawling in the deep sea. The nature conservation organizations welcome the agreement on fishing in the deep sea, which was concluded on 30 June in the European Parliament, the Council of Ministers and the European Commission. The main provisions are a ban on fishing with trawls below 800 meters and the closure of areas for fisheries where vulnerable marine ecosystems occur. Hundreds of scientists and hundreds of thousands of Europeans have called for restraining destructive deep-sea fishing and this time successfully.

Solar energy is growing so fast in Chile that the power is given away for free. The electricity price dropped to zero this year from 113 days up to April. With a growing mining and economy in mind, around 29 solar parks were built. Chile has many locations that are very suitable for generating solar energy. At this moment there is a capacity of 770 megawatts of solar energy connected to the central energy grid. The turnover of mining companies lags behind and as a result the demand for energy has dropped. This is one of the many signs that the era of fossil fuels is coming to an end.

Martijn: Well, that sounds good.

Arjan: Yes.

Martijn: And about giving that away for free, that sounds really normal.

In the Eemshaven there is a gas turbine from Nuon, which has cost 5 billion euros and it is turned off.

So yes, of course, we still pay  to get all those kinds of projects still financed, to get them written off, but we’re really going to a time when we ourselves become the supplier of our electricity.

So it is a good initiative and it would be nice if it is also presented on RTL news and the NOS.

But anyway, you doing it  and I am very happy with that (laughter from both).

But it implies quite a bit. These are really important news items and if you go all the way into what happens there in Chile with that solar energy and how it is possible that such countries are so incredibly busy with solar energy and that such an innovative country as The Netherlands, which has so much knowledge and is so omitted, that is actually very bizarre.

Arjan: Ubbo Wockels, who I believe started the initiative in 2008, he says: I have just calculated that it is possible if we want this with a million people, then solar energy can be cheaper than what we now pull out of the wall, that is only because of the subsidies. So at the moment that we go to The Hague with a million signatures, we succeed. And a year later I looked at what he had brought in signatures and that was something like 15,000. So that was very unfortunate.

That is consciousness, the way  it works.

Martijn: The necessity of a change in the energy system is now continuing. That is also a form of how we have always thought, very easily. The refrigerator is on and you do not actually see that it costs money.

If we have to put in  5 cents time after time, then we will think differently. It is actually all automatism, it is the debit card system versus cash. You have no view of it, you have no “feeling” with it, you are not involved, it continues. It is automatically debited from your account and sometimes it is automatically reversed.

Arjan: Yes, I think that if he did it now, he would have had more than 15,000.

Martijn: Yes absolutely .

Arjan: That consciousness has now grown.

I have a few notifications.

Lietje sent us a very nice story about illness and health and her thought about it after 28 years of practical experience. And it was a bit too long to read, so we put that as an article on the website and we will also put it in the “showote”, which will soon be under neath  the article (video?) On Earth Matters. So thanks Lietje for your contribution.

And Charlotte has also made a nice contribution, she has made a flyer about smart meters in Dutch and we posted an article today with the documentary “take back your power”. A very good document about smart meters, how that is in America and she has made a flyer and that can be downloaded as a pdf in the article and also in a “showote” underneath  the video.

Martijn: Very beautiful and nice that people also send material. We have often made this call : if  you have information, which also fits with consciousness, transition not only on earth but in the whole universe, but can also be traced back to the here and now, share it with Earth Matters, you can place it nicely on your website.

Arjan: Yes, that’s fantastic. There is a lot sent and there is also a lot of what we place indeed, that is very nice.

Martijn: Well, I am very pleased that we are going to talk about physical health tonight, because it is of course only to see what happens, which topics are reviewed. Probably this broadcast will once again show how mindcontrol and authority, power and manifestation and the law of creation, how that is connected to our physical health and in how many layers physical health actually exists. But especially, before we start with that, it seems to me, and so it feels, very important to close our eyes for a moment and thus make good contact with our body and also to feel how that body also loves us. And from that body, from this beautiful, beautiful body that we all have, we can probably also study the theme more easily.


So close your eyes and realize that you are present on the earth at this time to contribute, to support an upgrade of human consciousness and the physical consciousness associated with it.

So not to upgrade the physical consciousness, but the emotional creativity of the being that you are,  and to make that  present here  within the physical body, acquainted with the physical laws of this earth. So you are here at this moment to make your contribution. And that can sometimes mean that it is sometimes very difficult in life, but in the end it is a very nice trip and it is not important at all, that you put your body in the center as a physical vehicle to be able to move and do everything. can experience in the physical order.

So with the attention at your body. At your own pace, take a deep breath at the bottom of your stomach and let this air flow out of your lungs at your own pace.

And realize that you are an emissary from another part of the universe from the creation field, the field of creation to contribute here in the moment of the so-called Now, with all people and all life on this earth, where your body may, if you are ready, also experience an upgrade until you understand in your heart, that it is not a necessity to be healthy, that it is a matter of course that you are a free being, nomatter what  the physical body does. You disconnect the need to work in your physical system, disconnect in your consciousness from your consciousness, disconnect it and realize that it matters much less than what you have ever experienced in this moment, even if you get gagged and squeezed by pain of the highest degree.

The point is that you are here on the earth and that you have keys in the body and they  come from your emotional consciousness. That is why you are here now, wherever on earth, that is why you are present here as an intergalactic being in this span of time and without ever realizing it as a human being, you do much more per second than what you think that you’ve done the past year. Right now.

You move , with your attention , away  from your skull and move  down to your feet and you experience how special it is, that there is a biological body that listens to your assignments. Walking, dancing, resting, breathing, observing and the realization that you may claim the full ownership of this body.

Go from your feet back up through your body your way, very quietly, come to your head. Central in this broadcast is physical health, and  that is what we are  going to talk  about now

Martijn: So welcome.

Welcome Arjan!

Arjan: That’s nice, thank you.

Martijn: Provided this is not a broadcast, where I represent a question beacon role

a) I can not and b) it is also not important at all. We are here merely for a view, or to discuss different views.

Arjan: Yes, you are not a doctor.

Martijn: Exactly.

Arjan: Me neither.

Martijn: So the point is, how can you look at health differently and how can you empower yourself in your consciousness, so that your health gets an upgrade. That’s what it’s about. Well, we’re going to talk about that tonight. I believe that you have received wonderful questions .

Arjan: Absolutely. There have been a lot of nice questions. Much too much, actually , to deal with in one broadcast. I have 7 A4 pages full of fantastic questions, I can make a 10-part of it. Perhaps there is also something behind this. That was also the case with psychological health. That can be deepened much more. We are looking at what form we will find for this.

Anyway, today we will touch on a number of aspects of that physical health.

And we have just started an empowerment and Wia also has a question about it in relation to physical health.

She says:   dont  reinforcements work with the aim to change physical ailments   and pain because emotions control and cause everything. What about insertions that led to this instead of structural, emotional, experiences and traumas that do the same. Is it possible at all to change physical ailments through reinforcements ? I do them as intensely as possible in terms of visualization and emotional experience, different kinds of reinforcements, and yet little or nothing changes. Not for major physical disorders and not for small ones. I also hear the same from my life partner and from a very good friend. It feels so disheartening to continue to do the ratifications. Can I do something else or something better? How does that work?

Martijn: That is a very good question Wia and of course it is also very … … let me assume that it depends very much on your own personal situation. If you are with 3, 4, 5 people, who have the same experiences, then it seems that you have the same experience, but if you are going to figure that out, it turns out that you have completely different experiences.

Back to: why do ratifications work or not, then I first want to go to the word ratification. For an affirmation is nothing else than an exercise, a realization, that with your presence and through your presence you expand your perception of your presence within yourself, that you get a role shift. That is what it is all about. That is the purpose of an reinforcement . An affirmation is not a prayer, an endorsement is mainly aimed at being with yourself and coming into contact with yourself within the field of yourself, as Wia also calls it emotional fields, to come into contact with emotional frequencies within yourself, feelings, where you eventually discover an expansion, in those feelings, that become larger and in which you can then step out of the role ,  lets say, you can grow from that role, if you allow it, from the personality you think that you are. So also an endorsement, the empowerment itself takes place from a role.

Why does it work for one person and not for the other?

Arjan: And what is meant with  working , right?

Martijn: What is working. Well if you have a lot of pain, you have physical complaints and you see no improvement there, you say: it does not work.

But it is about the purpose of the ratification. The goal of empowering all of us is a way, a way, to be present within ourselves with a lot of attention and focus. It is therefore not a targeted, physical objective to heal. That can be an expectation and that can be a vision you want to go to yourself.

The moment you talk about healing, the moment you talk about a physical improvement, then you will have to create a map, literally, you could create a kind of a map,  not a mind map but from within your  my heart,  make a map. That is also what I do when I work with people to gain insight into the personal and essential process, see what is behind it and what is there before the moment that you have ended up in the present.

For example, you have physical complaints, what are those complaints? What kind of feelings do you have? What does your daily life look like? And are you really happy? Are you really free? Are there still all kinds of insanities, is there still misunderstanding in yourself? Are there any patterns present?

And as long that  this  is still there, there is also something in the behavior, and I’m not specific about the person who asks this question,  there  is something in the behavior it reproduces. That  makes you continue to experience your emotional awareness in the same context as what you were already in. So you continue to reproduce the “loop” of your physical condition.

So yes, it is indeed about emotions. Emotions send everything. Emotions, and then I do not talk about laughing, crying, being angry or joyful, I talk about a much larger range of emotions. So the much larger spectrum of what we know here on the earth. And our brain is controlled by those emotions.

Arjan: Are those impersonal, those emotions that you are talking about? Is it then, so to speak, the paradigm from the personality where you can do ratifications, that you actually come apart from it in a kind of impersonal piece or is that another personal piece?

Martijn: Yes, that is possible, both are . It’s all about yourself, you’re working on ratification. You do something in your life, let me call it more abstract, even more abstract. You are busy with something in your life. Then you want to achieve something. Many people know what they want to achieve. But that’s the mind. The mind thinks that he / she knows what the goal is. So that mind is used to reach the goal. And the mind is the biggest obstacle in the way. The mind gives that explanation: I want to get rid of my pain. He wants to get rid of that situation, I just want to become physically healthy again. Physical health.

But the question is: from what role do you fly into it  and the question is also: is that really  why? Where do you also focus the question of the mind? What is going on is that mankind needs a lot more insight into the processes he or she is in. So why it works for one person and not for the other, has a lot to do with all those processes around it.

I know a lot of people where ratification, not the reinforcement that I do because it is not about me, where reinforcements are present, the essence, so  the laws of creation in themselves are completely experienced and live outwardly as well as in yourself, and that last thing is much more difficult because ….

Arjan: the cyber-biological body, to honor that?

Martijn: Yes, that is much more difficult, because there are all sorts of convictions, programmings on top of  it, it is much easier to honor life outside of yourself. When you study the insects, it is very easy to get in touch with those insects. You have wonder and respect for that world. And then you just feel, because you observe, that connection with nature. The moment you want to experience that astonishment within yourself on the same scale as outside yourself, you will thus encounter parts of yourself.

And then it comes down to this, what do you sustain in  yourself,  in your behavior and in your daily life. Well my own research has shown that practically all people themselves maintain their emotional consciousness, which reproduces that there are physical disturbances. Whereby the physical disturbance can be accommodated in all sorts of different degrees, because there are also physical disturbances, which do not originate from the emotional consciousness at all. These occur, for example, from “attacks”, attacks from the outside.

Arjan: All neurological paths in your brain, that have that connection, that ensure that the same thing happens every time. The same feelings come.

Martijn: Yes.

Since everything, and I have said that before and I think it is clear to everyone that this whole reality, the reality that you experience both in yourself and outside yourself, but especially outside yourself, is withdrawn from the inner strength of your being. That is how this whole creative principle works. I have had a whole conversation with Pleiarian people, who were very cryptic about it, so I also learned from them to do nice and cryptic, very cryptic of yes, for example you observe something from someone else that you yourself experience as very oppressive . You see someone else in a situation that you think: oh, gosh, I would not want to be in that situation. For example, you see someone else who has a job and that person works in very small spaces. Then you think: oh terrible. I would not want that, I’m already getting claustrofobic of it. What you then literally say without realizing, is that you very quickly, quickly connect to the situation of the other, through which you experience what happens there, thereby you experience it yourself, but you are not connected at all with the other, you use your own ability, you are that other person. And that is withdrawn from ourselves. And when we speak about emotional consciousness, the whole reality around us comes from ourselves, ultimately, but is generated by other forces outside ourselves. But the energy comes from ourselves.

So if the emotional processes in ourselves, if we are not free, and we lead a life where we are not happy, if we maintain  doing what we actually know that we have to get rid  to get off, but we do not do it because there is one  reason to failing to not do so  , against 1 million reasons to do so, we will continue to reproduce because we are not in the free zone of our own creativity. And that is the greatest conductor of psychological, emotional illness.

That means that you can just stop with what you can better stop with.

Well just drink to this then (laughter)

Arjan: You also said for a moment that the power from within yourself that with that  power the outer is created and can exist, but that there is also a force outside yourself, through which you have that power. What is that then?

Martijn: Look, we may realize, the human being on this earth, who we now represent in this capacity, has to do with an evolutionary process of a physical body. And the physical body, our presence therein, our emotional consciousness is a very big link, but we also have to deal , and that may simply be said out loud, with a corrupt body.

The body does not fully function in its wholeness as it has ever been developed. The blueprint. There are all sorts of manipulations running through them, so the body does not function properly. For example, electrical signals that pass through the central nervous system, which consist of 12 main jobs. 12 main nerves. And not for nothing that there are 12. And those 12 neural pathways are the highways, which move electric currents to the organs and those organs are instructed by those electrical signals. If that does not work properly because the blueprint is not working properly, because there are errors in the neurological system or the neurological system is under the influence of X, yes, then you have a huge chuck because, while you yourself do not even know that you are present here on the earth and come from another dimension, from a different field of consciousness, then it is double what works against you.

Physical health consists of many different layers and if you really want to go in then you just need a week’s seminar to get clarity and then you can also map yourself okay I’m standing in that situation, I stand there and I stand there.

So I have 3 big issues in my life that I can change. Well then you can immediately wipe it off and ask yourself the question first: am I prepared to really implement this change? Well, and if you can not give that answer, you can walk right away at that seminar. And that’s how life works, life needs choices. We are galactic beings and the people make too few choices, which it empowers. So what is an endorsement?

Arjan: Yes indeed, so certainly not for physical health.

Martijn: Wia, I have responded to the question.

Arjan: Okay, Laura’s question. In my practice I have worked with the books “the sense of sickness” of Tolle and Dethlefsen and also with the books of Christiane Beerlandt and “you can heal your body” by Louise Hay. Of course my own consciousness has the last word, how much value does the information have of that kind of book? It is used by many therapists, especially the book “The key to self-liberation”. Her question is: does illness actually have sense and use? Does it exist in the original world?

Martijn: No, in the original world the diseases we know here in this body do not exist. This is also because the entire legislation is different. We are dealing here with a three-dimensional physical reality, at least our senses tell us that, and we listen and act accordingly. In the free zone, where everything is inseparably functioning from a wholeness principle, in which the power of our being together, so the law of creation is simply lived, there are no disturbances, but that does not mean that there are no challenges there, that is something else. But diseases, as we know it here in our bodies, physical illness, do not exist there. That is not to say that in those free zones, there are no challenges in the physical system. Because do not be mistaken, because what is happening here on the earth, what we experience as “supreme beings” here in these physical bodies, we send that out to that whole field.

That is why it is so important that we come to understand that we can also take energy from that field. That love field is there for us.

So we are transmitters , we send out our pain and tragedies in the whole field, that just goes out there . At the moment that people are in trouble and gloom or in deep-rooted processes, that is not only within yourself but is present in the All-Consciousness.

Arjan: In the whole cosmos …

Martijn: Right in the whole cosmos, because everything is one gigantic field of consciousness.

Arjan: Unbelievable.

Martijn: And the good thing is that that gigantic field of consciousness is also at our service if we dare to receive it. And that is what man has a lot of trouble with: to receive.

Arjan: And I think that is also something in ratification … ..

Martijn: Yes, exactly. And look, receiving is also a deep emotion. It is an exchange, it is based on gratitude. Gratitude.

Arjan: And the “sense of being ill”, for example, that book by Tohrwald Dethlefsen, really talks about the lessons you get to see as a person, what a disorder actually tells. Christiane Beerlandt says that actually, kidneys are connected with fear, that kind of thing. Do you see that too? Or is that different according to you?

Martijn: No, I do not see it that way. I understand that it is being seen and that has to do with the old approach of how we could interpret it. Look, the body is actually degenerating at the moment and from that degeneration  soon  there will be an enormous expansion of the physical body. But that moment we are in now.

Arjan: An upgrade from the degeneration?

Martijn: Yes. First, degeneration is needed before a change can occur. Your floor covering must first be very dirty and then you buy something new. And that is a law that also works in the consciousness, eh. It really is like this i. Something is only renewed at the moment that the renewal is really necessary. That is how the field functions.

I see that differently. Look, that the body shows a disease and that it has a certain meaning, that is the result of an adaptation of the creation field. And that does not mean that it is not so, but it does not mean that that is the main part.

I said goodbye to someone who is very dear to me, and this person is on the move. It was a very special meeting, and this is someone who has gained an incredible amount of wisdom from the source field in recent decades. This person has studied an incredible amount and has worked incredibly much from the field of integrity, and nevertheless has been able to reduce cancer, physically, several times, but has not been able to get rid of it.

I know people where that has succeeded. I have the estimation in that, that those people were not so busy with these themes. So the question is, of course, can we measure it to consciousness?

That physical body is of course a theme in itself, eh?

Because that whole body, also how medicine currently functions by means of chemicals, etc., also gets a huge upgrade. We are going within now and 5 years, we are going to see that the entire health industry, or the whole system of medicines, is going to be completely on the shovel.

We will soon go to a completely new electronic drug system. Biologically I mean . And it is our job, while that technology is completely unrolling and that is happening worldwide at universities, that our consciousness is also growing.

And these are two different directions and that is why it is so important to take physical, reinforcement, emotional awareness to the whole range, really the whole range, and really dare to go all the way. And if you say, I’ve come here on earth to really experience that and to represent that power here, to take on all those challenges as well, sometimes relationships break apart. And then  sometimes very nice relationships show up  in return

Arjan: You say that the new medicine would be based on electrical signals within 5 years. We also see in the alternative medicine many other areas that arise such as plasma light, or sound the multiwave oscillator, rife technology, that sort of thing. Do you see a upcoming  there, is that evenly, are there more things besides the electric?

Martijn: Absolutely, because the body does not only consist of the physical order. We have a physical body and we have other fields, which are located through the body and around the body. That is certainly also on the rise and that is a huge range, which all comes together. What will be one of the biggest steps from a scientific point of view is that we will soon need  far less to almost no medicines at all. Because it is becoming obsolete, and that has been long since overtaken by scientists, who for decades already in the 1940s, even before the Second World War, had deep insights into how the human brain functions. That is now being unraveled, also by the regular science, the neuroscientists, and there it is conclusively established that our organs are controlled by the central nervous system and that those stimuli come from the brain and that those stimuli, which come from the brain are again influenced by emotions and if you know that route to find out which electronic stimuli can be inserted into the central nervous system with equipment, then the body can be made healthy by technology.

So for example, a malfunctioning spleen, we just take a side street, the spleen is part of the limbic system, you could say that it is a physical waste processor of the blood. If the spleen is not functioning properly then there is almost always the state of mind on top of the person in question who suffers from it.

Because the spleen could be cured, for example, by the signals that the spleen receives from one of those central nervous system tracts, one of those 12 and that has all been demonstrated, that spleen can receive exactly the stimuli by inserting new electronic signals. the autoimmune disease that has developed is actually being reduced.

Arjan: Electricity is then actually numbers and frequencies translated into electrical signals.

Martijn: Exactly, exactly. We are in an electric field, in an electromagnetic field we are present. And humanity is going to get a huge upgrade, really huge, but it is important that we can also support it from our consciousness.

Arjan: A few practical questions.

Mareijke would like to know what causes, for example, tinnitus and  causes  it  not to  leave. And if healing is possible, she has been suffering for 12 years.

Martijn: Yes, that is one of the most common challenges. Watch tinnitus, it may be that it is a tinnitus, buzzing  in the hearing organ or in the organ of balance. But it can also be that your brain detects frequencies.

I mean, we’ve heard enough about the amount of radiation that is being emitted, which is so extremely high. We are now in a period when the people are deep in the red factor, the red result. First it is still green, then it is yellow and then it becomes alarmingly red. We should actually have radiation codes instead of weather codes. And what do you think about this , that we have one big red zone  already just above the Netherlands.

And we can ask ourselves the question, how do you get rid of that? Humanity is ready for a total review. So the radio frequency, the wifi needs to be turned off. Point. Must be turned off. And there must be other inventions. The water must be cleaned differently, it must be vitalized again. Our food industry must be on the shovel. The particulate matter must be stopped, there must be other solutions than just continue what we are doing.

So everything that has to do with tinnitus, of course we can solve it but it is the same as questioning, how can I solve my asthma and “by the way”, I live 10 kilometers from the runway of Schiphol. So you breathe in so much dust and we have to deal with that.

The question ,  how can you solve it? Yes, it can be solved, so you will have to take action to change your life. Then we come out again at the same point, people are very stubborn.

We are good at that. We are a stubborn people, yes. That is a plus. And because we are so stubborn, we do not want to change, the collective I speak about, do people get stuck in patterns, so they just remain receptive to what is happening. And that is just a difficult point. But we do go to a period in which we also start to establish scientifically, that humanity in fact gets so sick of all that radiation and it will be too late for a lot of people, who are also physically just going under, but there a change will come soon. This, too, is just like the carpet, which first has to be dirty and is being revised, so many people must first become ill, and it is also scientifically proven, and until that time people will all continue to append.
Arjan: I can remember, these kinds of choices are of course also included, but I can remember that in one of the earlier broadcasts you said about someone who was in pain and who asked how can I change that, that you actually said from now on it has not been enough, because you have not made a decision yet, that it is over. The conclusion that it is over, that makes the pain or the situation change, an inner decision. Can you also make an inner decision about this kind of thing?

Martijn: Yes, that is possible. Conclusion says it all, it is a conclusion. Within a decision, you always close something. It also means that there is a point with a line underneath. And then with a loving heart there, eh. But from decisiveness. And the moment you decide something, you have to be very aware of what you conclude in your life. This is important. You feel that you are done  with a situation. You feel that you can not evolve further into it, no matter how it works. It does not matter, you feel it and then you have to roll it out. Otherwise you will block the life field. We are beings, we interact with the life field. On this earth, most people are closed off or largely cut off from the field of life.

Back to that question of the tinnitus, can you solve this, what can you do about it?

In essence, I say that our brain is controlled by external stimuli, whatever stimuli that may be, that our brain can also be freed from disturbance . In many different ways. You can work with your hand. Suppose I really suffer from tinnitus, you want  to be in the service to me , you put your hands on me downnicely ,  on my head, you ask permission and you bring me into contact with myself, with my attention, and you call out loud that we are both children of light, children of the original world, the free zone, and I turn iwithn my heart  to that free zone, where I come from, when you do too, and you represent  that force together , you can, because you can lay your hands on it, you know as co-creator, you can get the frequency that you carry in you in your brain, in your nervous system and your love field, you can physically transfer, therefore physical contact in some cases really necessary, you can literally let the frequencies in my brain be disturbed by your loving touch.

Arjan: And that is pure intention if you would do that together?

Martijn: That works on a … … it’s not just the intention. It is literally what happens, the button turns, there are emotions and that is also what Mrs Wia said at the beginning, that it is about emotions. And then something will change in the brain waves. As soon as the brain waves shift from the beta consciousness to another consciousness, there are different possibilities, then the stimuli, which are sent out of the beta consciousness to the organs etc., are being  arranged differently. So pain, physical suffering is mainly in the beta consciousness of the brainwaves.

And besides, I work with a lot of people, that is not that I do that as Martijn, but as “galactic being” together with the people, and in addition you can also work technologically. I also work with very powerful magnetic waves. So some people, who are heavily involved with mind control and who also have quite heavy, spicy complaints, I work with magnetic waves to ensure that there is such a big disturbance in the magnetism of the brain, so the radio waves, very simply explained, that there is such a devastation in the disturbance, that a reset can suddenly take place. And over that you will immediately have to set the field of power in motion. We are such beautiful beings.

We do not have the slightest sense of how it works. But it is important that we first take a step back from the things that we feel most strongly about being unhappy with. And not for 50% happy and not for 80%, nor for 99%. 100% because happiness is for everyone.

Arjan: That’s a nice one. So that which doesnt  make you 100% happy, to … …

Martijn: You will have to investigate that. Yes, in dialogue with the situation or with the people you are dealing with. And then I might mention the easiest example: For example, you have a job that you really like, but there are a number of people on your team who actually make everything so uncomfortable. You have been feeling for a long time, yes, I do not want to lose that job, because I am very happy, I just feel good. This is just my passion.

Then the question is, okay is that passion than the means to  blackmail me to keep going in a situation where you do not feel happy, or do you make the decision, now you know this situation is somewhere else on the earth and also in a hundredfold. I just do not agree with this, I make a decision that I stop, because the field of life wants me to enjoy. And in one way or another, that does not happen here, so I retreat and from a deep sense that everything has already been arranged, that the field in the archives has everything, everything, you only have to take that action.. So it is literally the puzzle piece does not fit there and I want to push it in, but I can also take it out and just put it there and wait for the other puzzle piece to meet. And that goes much faster, than that you keep going with something that you feel, yes this is not it.

Arjan: If you have the confidence to do that, that I myself have also experienced a number of times, then it is fantastic what can happen then. If you say goodbye to something.

Martijn: You call trust. What is trust. Many people say to me, but I can say that I have faith, but when I walk to that situation, then I feel that I do not trust it at all. How do I get in that situation? And then I say, trust in yourself you must first win back. And that means, that you just do it. You know that you trust, but you feel that you do not trust it, by doing it and the outcome will be that it is true, you have your confidence again. People do a bit difficult on this earth.

Arjan: A question from a very different order. In different traditions it is said that  having an orgasm as little as possible    , both for the man and the woman, is better for your physical and psychological health. Do you see that too?

Martijn: No.

Arjan: How do you see that?

Martijn: From the principle of what was just said, it means that your physical condition would therefore affect your inner consciousness. And that is not the case.

Arjan: That is infinite. Yes.

Martijn: Your inner consciousness is infinite, is all power. If you are  not in your emotional consciousness from your inner part, and you are  only in your physical part, so even if you only experience sexuality purely physically and are also traumatized in your physical part and in your psychic part, then that can be done for your psychic personality, for your role in which you are, it can have a different meaning. But in the core it is no.

And I also think that we should stop, because we have seen what we have experienced in Rome because of that misery. Those abstentions, because it’s all .… Well ,  Okay the next.

Arjan: We have received a question about morgellons disease, which  seems to occur to many people in the blood now. Maybe it’s good to explain something about people who do not know that. Morgellons disease are threads that come from your body, for example. We now see them in the picture. They are photos that are 200 times enlarged or something like that. This just grows on the skin, this is biological nanotechnology, technology that grows, seems to work as a sort of transmitter, comes from chemtrails. People also have pieces of insect skin that grow on the skin. That is also morgellons disease. The question is, how do you know if you have it and what could you do about it?

Martijn: Yes, then it is also important to really know what it really is. And if you should do something about it. I am not saying that that is true, but it is only the question, of course. Look, morgellons are replacement neurobans, which are inserted, that arise from nanotechnology. And it comes from this earth. There is a group active on this earth, which very consciously rolls this out. And that has to do with how the agenda is put together to keep the human body, which we are in, under control of the manipulators who have succeeded in other times. So we can say quietly, this is a program that is for all people. There is no one who does not experience that.

Arjan: Harald Kautz Vella says, who also says that at least in Europe 100% of people are infected.

Martijn: All people breathe it in . It interacts with the ignorance of man. So reinforcements, being present in the body has a huge influence on the malfunctioning of morgellons. Particularly by being present with attention and focus in your body, experiencing your body at all, that brings about emotional stimuli and these stimuli are electrically transported through the nerves and the more you do that, the more the original nervous system remains in function. In function. And what is meant is that people are derived from that consciousness. People must have no contact at all with their bodies. They live like zombies the day from morning to evening and get into bed. And at the moment that this attention is not there, that is actually the robotisation of society, those wirings, nanotechnology, are able to function as a kind of by-pass, which will later make artificial electronic stimuli, whereby man will also be physically controlled. And that is controlled by the brain. So yes, how can you solve it?

Yes, there are all kinds of different stories about it.
I have spoken to several people, they are busy with very small sand particles, they drink them, that has a certain name I can not come up with now, but they are very small sand particles, miniscule small, actually nanotechnically small, they mix in the water, they drink it and that body, the intestines and everything is provided with those very small, yes it’s abrasive particles, and they seem to frustrate the nanotechnology, or  damage it, let me say that way.

I looked at it my way and I have not tried it myself. I do have it at home, so I’ll experiment with it, see what it does. But from the people I have spoken, they have very good experiences with that.

Arjan: Good.

We have an interview with someone next week who has also healed himself of morgellons disease, I also find interesting what we will hear there.

Martijn: Of course, it responds to frequencies, you can also get it out of your body with frequencies, but it is not guaranteed then that it will stay away.

Arjan: Another question that is related to that. Maybe picture 14 can be shown.  Harald Kautz Vella has shown this , that’s this. This is marked by someone who is clairvoyant and who has looked in those morgellons in his blood, what kind of consciousness is there and   has drawn this. And he encountered these kinds of creatures.

If you see that what are your …

Martijn: That’s right. They are mind control beings, who come from a consciousness field from another universe, which is right through this one. And these beings have been brought under mind control by very advanced, human races – it would be about physical health. It is even a virtual reality. Just like this body (Martijn points to his own body) this  is an avatar body. We experience the bodies, we experience this whole reality and this is our universe. But it is an electromagnetic field, this whole thing, in detail. We only pick up 2 to 3% of that whole field and we are actually locked in with our sensory perception.

As we  experience this now , artificial realities have also been created. These are interception dimensions, which have inserted this technology by neurological highly skilled people from another earth, from another parallel universe, actually creating a reality that is not here for us, but  if we would see it we would say yes is there, but if we look  behind it  we would see that it is being projected. And those beings are a link in what Harald is talking about. And they exist for our perception.

Arjan: For our perception

Martijn: As people. And when we go to “galactic beings” we  can say (Martijn cuts a disposable gesture with his fingers) gone

Arjan: That includes ourselves?

Martijn: Yes, nice, isnt it? And that is a very important thing, because mankind is tormented by a lot of exciting fear stories and that is true. I tell them, I just share them. But it is necessary because it may be loaded into our consciousness. It is very good that this drawing is shown. Because because you have seen this drawing, an image is being brought into your consciousness to be known in the subconscious mind, even outside the memory circuit of the physical consciousness, that it is there. And the moment you see it, something happens in the field of consciousness, so that what has never made itself visible is presented and opened.

And if there is something that extraterrestrial civilizations and multidimensional alliances from other worlds would like us to do, then it is that we just go and see everything and investigate everything. And that we also accept everything as true and that we especially let the greatest truth prevail over everything, that we are infinite love.

Arjan: Sounds like a delicious thing.

Martijn: Nice drawing.

Arjan: Yes, nice drawing.

Martijn: I personally experienced those arachnid creatures as a child. I have also made notes of that as a child. I think I have told you sometimes, but this  is very heavy information. Especially now the time is breaking to talk about that too. Because we are increasingly understanding how the gameworld functions in the computers. We get more and more examples that we are going to see, it is very exciting and actually it is not exciting at all. If you are playing with a virtual reality game and you are in the middle of it, you may be tempted to think that it is real, your whole system gives you emotions. Until you suddenly think, I feel it all, but of course it is not true, projection. At the moment that you know that inside, that emotion around it that was generated by your body, flows away in one instance. That is now the time. We can gradually make all this information available more quickly. And that is also important, that it comes forward because it brings the essence of humanity, the transition of the earth, the transition of this universe at all, shows how big it is and where the printout of the universe will lead to .

Arjan: Very interesting.

Martijn: Yes, that is very interesting.

Arjan: Perhaps a nice moment to go to a musical intermezzo. We are very happy that Ruud Stoop will fill that for us tonight. We would have 2 other musical people here, but they could not do it at the last minute. And it is not true that Ruud is  just an ordinary replacement, because Ruud has been playing guitar since he was ten years old. He has done 4 years of conservatory in Spain and 6 years in Rotterdam. I read that you were the first in the world to graduate in flamingo guitar in 1991 and in 1996 was officially admitted to main subject teacher flamingo guitar at the conservatory in Cordoba and in the Netherlands for 30 years teaching and also sound technician here at Earth Matters . But despite all these impressive stories, I just love to listen to you ..

Ruud: What I’m going to play is a piece that fits nicely into the new development, it’s called: The new day. In Spanish: Un nuevo dia.

Musical intermezzo

Arjan: A wonderful start to a new day, Ruud. Thank you.

Judith reported  on Facebook a question that says: as a former A-nurse and now naturopathic therapist, I have in the past 30 years mostly conformed to the rules of the regular health care. From January 1 I will get rid of all my titles and my memberships and only keep my own rules, so that I no longer have to connect with the field, which is called health care, but in my view it is mainly de-energizing.

I wonder how Martijn sees the development of health care and what we, as citizens and complementary therapists, do best in his eyes to debunk the system. For example, whether or not to choose an extension to your healthcare policy. Disown access and parts of the medical file, to do or do not do a transplant, cancel the health insurance on 1 January, or other ideas.

Martijn: Yes. (Laughter)

Arjan: Doctor Martijn ..

Martijn: Well, let me postulate, that it is just very good to choose for yourself. That is just the time. It is time to stop running in line . It is very good that Judith says so. Disconnecting yourself from the rules of regular health care, but in such a way that you do not become legally vulnerable. Because you also do not need to put yourself into an unnecesarry situation . I think that decoupling very essential simple things is already hugely potent.

Canceling your health insurance is not possible in the Netherlands because you are compulsorily insured. That is also very nice, because that means that if you do not pay you are insured. That is a good legislation. Especially for people who can not afford it.

And if you have a recycled sofa  at home then it is in fact, and that is where the people are taken to, that you can no longer pay it, that you organize your house in a simple way and it has no value and you do not pay bills. So I think, cancel it , oh well , at least go and live your own passion. Go do what  makes you feel good.

On this earth a very large group is busy, which only fills its own pockets and only thinks of itself and carries a completely different consciousness.

The whole health system, it’s not about health at all, it’s purely about money. It is only about enriching the people, who earn a lot of money on the backs of the people who really need those medicines because they think they would otherwise die , while we die anyway .

So the question is only, do you want to participate or do you want to follow your own course? And then you are a “good heart”, you need courage with a D( in dutch the word courage is spelled moed, with a D , and the word must is spelled as moet with a T)  to do that differently.

My vision is this. The earth is due for revision. Overhaul comes only at the moment that people dare to pick up so much in themselves, the courage to do it differently. Then you are a pioneer. And humanity needs pioneers. Much more than we now have. So when Judith does this, she is just a big pioneer and by talking about it as much as possible, also from the practice and from your work, you inspire so many people, who are also touched by that power. And it’s not about what you do, it’s about  from where you do it. Here (Martijn points to his heart).

I am sure, and that is what I as  Martijn and many different civilizations have talked about in this life, that if people get attention from each other, if the group energy is restored, the group of collective, planetary consciousness , all people on the earth, then 90% of the health is once again activated in humans. Then loneliness is gone, it no longer belongs to it, does not have a sounding board to talk to someone about what you feel even if it is something the other person thinks insane, then 90% of health is back again.

And it also appears, because I mean at psychiatric institutions there are rows imaginary in front of the door. And what exactly is that apart from the drugs that are being pricked or prescribed, it is based on a listening ear. The stereotypical image of lying on a sofa at the psychiatrist is based on the fact that the psychiatrist leans back and listens, with one ear often, to what the client has to say, and that the client  goes out   feeling lighter by just having someone who has listened to her or him. And that’s important. If you work from that piece, from being human, listening to each other’s experiences, then a large part of the state of mind and the emotions, which simply become calm, creates a neutral field.

And you can not do that if you work from regular health care, you can not do that if you are in mainstream education, you can not do that if you are on the regular supervisory board of the largest energy companies, then you need to do it diffently

And humanity is ready for something else and Judith is very clear about that and I urge everyone to join in on your own path and at your own pace, at your own time and in your own way, to shape that change. .

And that is only possible by taking the decision that something has to be completed.

Arjan: Speaking of transition, we received an invitation from Egbert, who has a number of views on the transition from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age and he wanted to share it with us.

Martijn: Yes and that is very nice, because we have already called a few times, if you want to say something to share your vision, and that does not have to fit in to what we are talking about because it fits anyway . We have everything, it is “all included”. Very nice, that Egbert is here, that you want to talk to us, that you want to tell what you carry in your heart and what you see happening.

Egbert: Okay. Thank you. Also thanks for being given the opportunity. Arjan talked about it for a moment, the transition from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age or the Aquarian Age. These are 2 completely different eras. The characteristic of the Piscean Age is very clearly the male energy. We are now going to the Aquarian Age. And it is mainly about the balance of the male and female principle. Characteristic of the man’s energy is very clearly the power and the ratio, that is why I say very often, we are currently living in a world that is fully amused and rationalized.

And that transition to the new era will also bring a totally different order. – I need to  peek –

Martijn: What do you see right now when you look at reality inside and outside of yourself from your perception? What do you see as the biggest change at the moment? Between the male and the female, what do you see there?

Egbert: The biggest change that we will face in the coming years and will shift in the coming years, that is, we are going into the phase of dismantling and de-nationalization. And that will literally mean that everything  that currently holds power will literally shift in the coming years. This will literally mean that the – knowledge is power – education system is going to shift. Money is power. That means that the entire banking system and everything connected with it, that will all shift in the coming years.

We did have a huge bank crisis in 2008, but that is just a drop in the ocean of what is coming now.

Arjan: And how do you see that? Do you see images of them or do you see … ..

Egbert: What has happened in the banking system, changes have been made, but these are all changes that have been imposed on the banks. And that is literally based on the old principle of the Piscean Age. And the principle of the Age of Aquarius is that we may begin to transform from within. And that will therefore apply to politics, so that will apply to the banking system, that will apply to everything. Change the world and start with yourself and information from the inside.

Martijn: Yes, just as looking back at Judith, who makes wonderful announcements and also asks how I see that. In fact, we always see it from the inside. We let it arise from within, we feel inside that there is a change.

Egbert: Look in the Piscean Age, the energy is very strongly focused on the outside. But in the Aquarian era it’s all about the light cell, which we are all or each for itself, and from there live. And that is a totally different energy. And it will be a totally different reality.

Arjan: Do you see images of Egbert there? How did that come to you?

Egbert: Yes, that’s images.

Arjan: Can you describe something about how you see it?

Egbert: Yes, they can be images, Spirit can literally contact me. Then he just literally passes on information.

That happened, for example, once when I was in The Hague. I sat with some former colleagues in the Theresiastraat on the terrace, I walked back to my car, which was on the Bezuidenhoutseweg and then Spirit has very clearly passed on, that it is high time, that Dutch politics again from a spiritual ideology will be organized, instead  from the current ego as it is currently organized.

Arjan: And what is Spirit for you? What should I imagine?

Egbert: That is my pure Source energy.

Arjan: And how does that manifest itself to you?

Egbert: That is spontaneous.

Arjan: Do you see a being or do you hear a voice?

Egbert: That can be anything.

But you can also use it to, for example, get questions answered.

Martijn: You tell me it comes from the inside. I am interested in, maybe you want to share something about what you experience in your own life without having to go into deep details, but also as inspiration for the people, who of course also experience this. What do you bring with you?

Egbert: That is exciting.

I resigned in 2010. At that time I was employed by the Noordelijke Hogeschool in Leeuwarden. I was not in front of the class, I was in support. It was a natural moment because my last job at the school was the relocation of the whole university to the uni location at the Ringerslaan. And I worked part-time at the university, 3 days a week and I already had 2 days a week a practice awareness development, healing and well-being. But the special thing was, on 1 April 2010 I resigned and at that moment there were no more customers.

Martijn: In your employment you resigned and in your own company it also stopped.

Have you done well, yes.

Egbert: Finance stopped, literally everything stopped. And I explained that myself then, okay it’s time to go back to work with myself. That is what I did and in the last 6 years my wallet has literally been 4x empty. The month in which I lived there was still money and if in that month nothing really changed, then the wallet was just literally empty.

I have not had a sleepless night to date. Just the word “trust” has just fallen, I want to add a word to that and that is the word “surrender”. Because those two words belong very emphatically together.

Martijn: Trust and surrender, yes.

You can also receive the trust only if you live in surrender.

Egbert: Yes.

And that is also where  we all go to. It will also be related to the new earth that will be born. The essence what it is ultimately about ,  is that we are going to do and live for which we really came on earth. Everyone comes here with a special assignment, from a special role, only we have forgotten at the moment that we enter the birth canal.

And if we are going to do that for which we actually came on earth, then we will lack nothing.

Martijn: And if we start looking at the global situation on this planet, 7 billion people, large banks that are financed from the outside, mass religions that are subsidized from the outside, then much change is needed for all people from within. to emerge. Do you also have a feeling that your inner transition is empowering for the people who are not at all aware of this?

Egbert: Yes.

Martijn: Can you also tell something about how you see that?

Egbert: But not only mine, which is also important, is this second half year and especially this final phase of this year’s end time. Then we will make a leap in consciousness.

Martijn: And in what way do you see that?

Egbert: That will happen at the moment when the halls of Amenti will open. And the halls of Amenti are located under the Giza plateau. And the halls of Amenti have been locked up, so to speak, at the moment we have had a fall in consciousness. To prevent information in the halls from being misused, because there is pure God information. Everyone will notice, consciously or unconsciously, that we are going to make a consciousness leap. A number of people will also wake up spontaneously. And that waking up can literally mean that you startle the  shit out yourself  and that you will find out that you have been fooled all your life.

Arjan: And may I see that in such a way that you have seen it as an image, as a possible future?

Egbert: No, this is not a possible future for me, this is the future. That is something else for me.

I have seen it in a number of phases. The first images of that I have seen in 2009 or something like that  , I have received this  and the last image about this was in 2014. The year 2017 will be a year of great change. And I attended lectures 1 to 4 of Martijn in Kerkeveld. And from Kerkeveld to Aalden is a half hour drive, so then I can do something else besides driving.

Martijn: It is recommended to keep your hands on  the steering wheel while driving. (laughter)

Egbert: That too, that too.

Martijn: Is also said to me.

Egbert: That too, but I can do a little more. We are multidimensional.

Then I have those aspects of it, there is a new timeline in preparation, the opening of the halls of Amenti, Egypt is the land of the red earth, and the new earth or the golden earth, which is born of the red earth and also still the aspect of the year 2017, big change, and then I was wondering, yes, the Arab spring we have behind us, has brought the change that we want. Well then I got to see a word of 3 letters and that was literally “no”. ( in dutch the word no is spelled as Nee and has therefor three letters )It has changed a lot, but ..

Martijn: I have also seen “jaa”  ( yess) with 2 x a. (Laughter).

Egbert: It has brought a lot of change, but it has not brought the change as being the birth of a new earth.

And then I connected the other 4 aspects for the first time and that made me very happy. And then I went to investigate that further.

Martijn: Very interesting Egbert. Can I respond to that?

Egbert: Yes.

Martijn: What I want to give to the people on this planet, including myself, is that we carry the halls of Amenti in us. And that the expression of it is in this reality that it

shows itself in a kind of construction. What we are always talking about is that the outside is withdrawn from the interior of us. So that’s why I find it very special, that we speak openly about these kinds of themes and also all our own views on that. Because the form is actually not that important, it’s about the content. And we talk about the opening of the creation field. Opening up who we are. Whatever you say so beautifully, we have forgotten in the moment that we are born, as we experience it now we have forgotten, not ourselves, but we no longer know exactly what the intention was and we are in another reality.

And we are now opening up, so those halls of Amenti yes you can also see as something inwardly.

Thank you, very nice.

Arjan: Merci, thank you for sharing.

Martijn: And brave that you  to do it because you also inspire other people to speak freely. There are many people who have shown the courage to quit their job and the insecurity it gives and, above all, the feelings it can deliver, so to go through it in the form of surrender, and that is what we need.

Thank you.

Arjan: Good thing.

Shanana has asked us a question. She has her baby just a few weeks ago, what about babies? Are they born healthy or in a cyber biological body and what can I do to keep the physical body of our newborn son healthy?

Martijn: In this reality, where we are born now, all bodies are constructed in the same way. So we all have a biological body, so every child, every being, that is connected to the original creator inputs of the universe, where this universe is built up, comes in the first instance, what Egbert also says, in the birth canal, the link with that hologram, a gigantic field of consciousness, a universe in a gigantic, much larger universe, and lines in which our consciousness of our being is, as it were, being diverted, hijacked, caught by a layer and then we are distracted and come into a different reality. . And that is what we are in now. Those halls of Amenti are also the source codes, which are opening up within ourselves, whereby that manipulation, as it were, falls away, with which we get a shift in our consciousness and make the leap to a golden earth or a new earth, how you want to call it.

You can also say, that earth is just there, only our consciousness is open to a large extent and all those beings in those bodies all end up in the same system.

Arjan: Okay and when you talk about the halls of Amenti, which open up in the original field of life, we will fall into the only 187th fall or go to zero or we will be at 144.

Martijn (laughing): No and that’s the best. The first thing we assume is from the mind control layer. So we have a mind control layer with very advanced brain technology from scientific groups from this society, who are carrying out an agenda of people who have come from a different era of this earth, time travelers, who have developed the technology in our future, say, and they have handed over this technology to the current scientists who carry out the mindcontrol on us, that is social mind control.

Then you have interdimensional mind control, which is behind this consciousness of this neurological programming of the physical body. And that first, second and then the third layer are lifted. So what we get is that the first biggest change will be, that is only when the manipulation is lifted, that is our dull reality, because that is it, this reality is very flat, it is very vague, it is very colorless, and yet we can experience so much love and strength, which opens at once.

The nicest comparison is,  look , I come  from the computer hardware software ICT, so I always compare it with this example, you get to see an old-fashioned photo in one go, which you find very sharp and suddenly that photo is big and comes eighteen billion extra image pixels, where it becomes so sharp and the closer you look at it … .. and suddenly your consciousness goes inside. And suddenly you’re in the middle of that picture. And that is what is going to happen.

Arjan: Wow.

Martijn: And then we are in a complete free zone, where our assets can be rebuilt. For we represent the integrity-consciousness field. And man is an expression of the “supreme love”. The human being on this earth is also very well monitored and seen and watched at this moment by slightly more than 3000 different breeds.

Arjan: So we come in a sort of protected cocoon where we can recover from this crazy mindcontrol layer where we have to go back to …

Martijn: It’s a plug-in, it’s an inserted reality. There is a layer over our reality, our consciousness is distracted and is, as it were, in that layer. So our sensory perception in the physical body responds to the script and we are connected to it. As soon as that goes away, just like people will experience and describe the death, we will see this whole reality in one go as a sort of very wafer-thin dream and we will even see, that also goes with physical health, that the whole incarnation program, which we have experienced throughout this system, consisted solely of one life.

Arjan: So basically from one “virtual reality” glasses that we have set up and that we have forgotten that we have set it up.

Martijn: Yes. And then I go back to the photo of Harald Katz.

Arjan: Oh, nice photo.

Martijn: Yes, that’s a nice picture.

Arjan: Pauline asks us, how is it that one person gets everything and the other, while he may not even live healthy, little or nothing. “All in the mind” or preconceived plan? I am very curious. I do not really believe in karma anymore, I can imagine DNA with family ties and intertwines. In short, is it a question of merely being lucky  or not?

Martijn: No, no.

Arjan: Something more ….

Martijn: I always wonder if I buy a lottery ticket, is  it  a matter of luck or not.

Well 3 years ago, someone I know well, who won the lottery, 4 tons, well then that person had 8 million, because he already had something.

Arjan: Oh okay

Martijn: Yes you can and that is all good too. But it’s about us, what happens to us. Look at the “law of attraction”,  and also the law of repulsion, then look at that layer, that layer of manipulation. So there is karma, you can believe in it, yes in the model in which we are now, you can feel that legislation in yourself, because it originally exists, but it is not called karma. So in the universe and outside of these shields in the free zone there is karma, but that is not karma but evolution. That is called evolution.

And the beings have a tremendous evolution, all of us and we have a choice in which hologram and in which universe we want to be born and we do not do that from a complete ignorance, we do it with 100% remembrance with everything we are and what we have done. In fact, everything we have done and who we have been represents the ultimate being that you have become. And that is the integrity field. And if you ask, yes one gets everything and the other gets nothing, for example with illnesses and disruptions, yes and that is all orchestrated from the manipulation field, constantly.

And the more you realize, that it only works on your personality and on your not blissful situation. When you are completely in your  own luck, really in your happiness, even money is not even more important, then you really get to the core of life. At the moment that you really end up in your happiness, then you will, if you like, give the order, the instruction to the field that was created, is created by very advanced originating humanoid breeds, you will give instructions to the field. For that field, in which we live  , this field, is literally created to carry out the instructions of the beings who represent the force.

And that is not something you just suddenly do from one to the other, that is a whole process. But the nice thing about the process is that at the moment that you are working on it, it ensures that at the moment that you go out of this hologram, you do not have to enter it anymore.

I know people who have become so ill and who have really been eating organic food all the way s. Really real, just organic food. Super healthy.

Arjan: If you do it with a sour head, it does not help much of course.

Martijn: There is a lot more going on, of course. There are also people who eat bizarrely unhealthy and everything just goes very well.

So everything is relative and therefore I always say that the placebo effect is of course very important to investigate, but it is also important to take care of your body and if you know that you are eating things that are not healthy, why would you take it to you?

Arjan: I realize that I have mentioned the previous question a bit, she also asks – Shanan – what she can do to give the young life of her child as much physical health as possible.

Martijn: Yes, look “all in the mind” or is it a preconceived plan.

Arjan: Yes, that was Paulien’s question.

Martijn: Yes, I know that. I will respond to that, it is “all in the heart”. And if you work from your heart, really from your feelings, and that is also the case with your child, your view, your changed view on life and inwardly , has a direct influence on your child.

So if you as a parent, as a biological parent, dare to fight for each other in yourself to take the course that Judith was already talking about, to follow your own course, that will affect your child.

So your behavior and your choices have consequences, both for your own field of mind and for the hologram where you are built up energetically and out of that energy, there is no time and space in it, everything that you, as father or mother, adjust in yourself, really adjust, is also immediately present in the child, that adjustment. That is not to say, that the child is going to indulge in the whole adaptation, because the child may decide for himself or experience that possibility, which is then present in that field, or who will experience it, try it out.

So everything revolves around inner changes.

Arjan: I received a question from Marjan about implants. She says, in the physical body or in the energetic body around us, these implants can also cause physical complaints and cause illness. By whom are these implants inserted and when? My experience is that people can remove these implants themselves or with the help of our galactic family members. Could Martijn go deeper into this subject? And is this another way to keep man from his or her real powers?

Martijn: yes, implants, also called track and trace systems in the human body, but also in the spiritual consciousness, are a huge subject. You have physical implants, which are also actually inserted by physical extraterrestrial races. Most of the physical “implants” are brought in by secret industries that simply have the power here on this earth. And one of the largest groups working with these kinds of technologies is those labyrinth groups of the mind control organization, which actually navigate far behind the scenes of the CIA. The CIA is actually a consequence of this, is also the monarch program of mind control. You could say, this kind of chips, which we just saw on the screen, you could say, they are kind of pacemakers. They are pacemakers, they are “central processing units” and what they produce are neurological, electrical signals that are transmitted to the central nervous system. And they are very sophisticated receivers and that is a very advanced, secret technology and that technology actually ensures that you get instructions in your system, that you start to think differently, that you start to feel different or that you are made ill.

And there are huge agendas behind that. A lot of people have already been cleaned up, who wanted to say something about it. That is why it is so important that you realize that nothing can happen and that you are a child of the whole field. Those are the physical ones.

Arjan: But are there any implants that can work positively?
Martijn: No, no. People are being talked about here and there, but that is entirely an interpretation. Look, why would someone need an implant? Very simply put, you may need an implant because you will then become physically healthier. Yes, that’s right, that also happens, because a pacemaker is actually also an implant. And that is very nice because that makes the heart rhythm, say.

To the control mechanism. There are many different types of implants. So you have the physical, you have holograms, you have light frequencies, which exist outside the physical system, so that are hologram implants. Marjan asks can you clear that yourself? According to my experience, you can clear that yourself. You can not clean up a lot of track and trace systems that are physical in nature. They really have to be removed.

Arjan: I know a girl who bit him out of her tongue.

Martijn: Yes, that hurts.

Arjan: Yes  physically you have to be … but that’s what she did.

Martijn: I’ve got a chip in my head as a child from mind control groups , here in my head on the side. It  was there for five years there and then he was taken out by human civilizations, not from this world. A very small square chip, which I did not see with my eyes but through a screen, a projection screen in which I could see, was also explained to me, how that interacts and literally 10 times more power than our entire brain.

So yes, what is our brain. I always say, our brain is an executive organ, physically, to disguise what our essence experiences in the essence. That is that mind projection.

And you can not just remove them, they really have to be physically removed.

But we can not talk about that tonight, about implants, because that’s such a big thing.

But it is important to understand that our body is governed by people on this earth, who are involved in large corrupt programs, who have enormous ties with very different civilizations, who have rolled out a whole program in the physical system here, to keep man in oblivion at all means , who they are  in essence, how beautiful we are , magnificent beings, and these programs are so vast,  and have been rolled out so much, that indeed those halls of Amenti must simply be opened, and it will also open. It is already opening.

And for us it is very important that we always realize that all health, our physical health, is the most important thing, that we feel good in our body. So if our body does not function properly, that we can at least live without pain. I think that is the “bottleneck” in physical health that people suffer.

I know enough people who are in a wheelchair and also born that way and those people are simply free inside. Those people feel very good. And have a happy life within. Only they have a lot of pain. And then the question is, what do you want? Do you want to get out of that wheelchair? No, it is said, I do not want that wheelchair at all. It is not important at all, yes it would be nice if I can walk or swing on ropes or something, but for me it is much more important Martijn, that I am free of pain. This is important.

And look that solution has been there for a long time, because our whole system, there are enough types of drugs as we call it, all kinds of opium substances out there, that work very regulating in pain, because in fact, pain is very different from pain, only it is interpreted as pain, and that must be open and that is all under the legislation of drugs. So the beings, the forces that put people in that torment, literally in a physical sense, by models, money shortages and all sorts of states and mind control, they also have the legislation in their pocket, which means the resources that are there to relieve pain naturally to pain, that it is not allowed.

Arjan: Last thing about implants still. With regard to vaccinations. Are implants or nanotechnology or things like that in many vaccinations? You think?

Martijn: In many vaccinations there are substances that have a kind of radionics function in the body. That is what happens.

Arjan: And how should I imagine that, radionics function?

Martijn: Look if there were real nano chips in there , there are plenty of scientists who look at certain websites in the evening and who also have gigantic electron microscopes and are also watching, it would be what they say. Do you want to know, eh , , so those people also want to know, they are investigating it.

You asked what is in it? How does that work?

Arjan: Well, if there are implants in vaccinations.

Martijn: No it’s not about implants, it’s about additions. It is about how the molecular structures are put together. And the technology, the secret technologies, the secret science, is already much further and can already go  intermolecular in a certain layer, in the first layer, the intermolecular space consists of 7 layers, and the first layer they have under control. So they can introduce substances into the intermolecular space, actually substances, bonds, that can not be seen, not even by ordinary science. And that is what is included in some vaccinations, among other things.

They are adaptive substances how our neurological system functions.

We are a sort of fabric machine, our body is a dust machine, an electromagnetic dust machine.

Arjan: Do you have the indication that this is in many of the vaccinations or few?

Martijn: My impression is, that everything has to do with a mass of hype, and what is explicitly highlighted on television, where CNN and Fox news and ABC and that kind of programs go all the way, that it is all orchestrated and that there are substances in it.

Arjan: A lot.

Martijn: A lot. And there are of course many other vaccinations, which are really necessary. If you are bitten by a dog with all bacteria, then you are of course very happy that you have a vaccination, which ensures that you do not become seriously ill.

So can we see everyting as the same  , no. I  love science  very much myself. I am also certain that we are currently in the process of civilization on this planet in an alignment period, in which we will bring the technology together in conjunction with consciousness. And it is also necessary, because technology can also solve our physical defects at this moment in the here and now. And I am also in favor of knowing that science is involved in all projects that are there. I am not against science. In fact, it is very important.

I have made space trips with other civilizations in gigantic vehicles and those vehicles were technologically really super advanced. We lick our fingers at that.

And those were really technological vehicles. And these civilizations are about three and a half thousand years ahead of the situation we are in now.

I think it would be good and then we would no longer have to talk about free electricity.

Arjan: No, that will indeed.

You just mentioned drugs. Marijke, she has a question about that. Drugs and alcohol and deep depressions have been in my family and my family for the all of my life, I am 68 years old. Are they also caused by foreign programming, mind control and such? And what can be done about it?

Martijn: Foreign or extraterrestrial?

Arjan: Extraterrestrial.

Martijn: It is still foreign from the outside.

Can you repeat your question again?

Arjan: She has been involved with drugs and depression, her family, all her life, and she wonders if that has anything to do with foreign programming and mind control and what can be done about it. (laughter). Alien.

Martijn: That is mind control.

Look 90% of everything that happens here on Earth, is orchestrated from the earth. Yes, foreign in this case. (laughter).

The groups that orchestrate that are often interdimensional races with a completely different agenda.

It is important to us, because it is of course also the extraterrestrial part, but it is much more about being human here on earth.

What Egbert also says, we are going to a denouement in the coming period. And man is indeed going to discover how she is cheated, confounded, bewildered and deceived, constantly by one and the same group. And we are even going to forgive all those people, forgive them, that they have participated in that 90% of those people are under mind control. Literally. And do not even have the realization, at all, and empathically also not carrying the capacity in itself in this moment, because it has been blocked, what they have been doing. Yes, it is foreign.

(Laughter from Arjan).

Arjan: And drugs are very addictive too, a whole range of drugs. Do you see that there are also good types of drugs? For example, I would really like to put mdma in the coffeeof  the whole UN one time

, we would  get a very different meeting there.

Martijn: Yes, you could do that. Yes. (laughter)

Well I would say, I still know a few other addresses where it could also be done  in their coffee. But I’m not going to mention that.

See an addiction is never related to what you think it has to do with it. You can not become addicted to that pen, you can not become addicted to alcohol, you can not become addicted to drugs, you can not become addicted to something at all. Only, the substances that are released, those blissful substances, ensure that the brain gets a huge expansion. Literally. And that is such an overwhelming feeling, and that feeling, you want to rehearse that every time. Always repeat.

And yes, in my case it was because I was with a pen in my hand  and with someone else it is because he took a glass of beer. Do you understand. Of course a pen does not give those substances, but it can be the case if you have another trigger.

So yes, the UN, I think we should give that UN all such a pen.

Look, the substances of drugs originate from the neurotoxic substances in our brain. And I think it’s very important that people can just experiment freely with that. And that it is also very important, because they are consciousness-expanding means. But a lot of chemicals have been mixed through. These chemical substances ensure that people can end up in psychoses etc. But people can also get into psychoses because they carry so many traumas. The question is only, does it make sense to use it? Well in some cases, but I just advise against it. I am not necessarily against drugs, but I am absolutely not in favor of it.

Arjan: And if you’re addicted to it, what could you do to stay away?

Martijn: I have been allowed to work with different people, that were  addicts. It has to do with the conviction that you are dependent on something. That is the whole matrix, this whole reality is based … … there is a belief module in man, that it depends on something outside of itself. And that is a deep emotion. And by going there to look at what that is exactly, what happened to your life in the here and now, in this life, because that’s what it’s all about, this life, if you can bring that forward and you you can gain insight into it, and then if you really have the insight, you can also apply that piece that you now understand to the here and now, so you will have to act backwards, so you feel the stimulus, but you do the opposite, you are rewriting. Then you are rewriting your reference points. There is really a need for a piece of battle in yourself from heat and love for yourself, that you will adjust it. And then you discover that you are the king or queen in your system.

Arjan: Well, that’s very nice.

Martijn: Because is that possible if you are unhappy? No.

So the word bliss, being happy, and having no misery in your life, where you could have long since said goodbye, if you keep that in your life, in your system, there remains a trigger. That is why there is so much misfortune in the world. Because people are constantly tragic and in pain. Constantly.

Will we close the evening with a very beautiful confirmation, that we are present here as beings, not to upgrade that physical condition, but also to ensure that we are going to restore the group together? And not only when individual beings are present here on the earth?

Yes, I think it is very important that people return to the group collective. So you have your own individual, essential role here on the Earth, and that is exactly the same in the universe, in the free zone. Each being has its own identity. This identity is based on what you have experienced and grows as time goes by. It is not the same as what we experience here on the earth. And from that individual personal role as a being  ,you have a privacy, but you are also inseparable from all those other beings. So you work from a group energy. And that is also how we are visited.

So let’s put that energy together from this room, but also from home wherever you are on the earth, even if you’re out there. Let’s also put that energy out nicely. As ambassadors of this world let us also just give permission and also ask from gratitude and love to other civilizations, that bring humanity a lot of warmth and love to that group energy, that power of the whole field, to share that with each other. So not just we  here n the earth, but return in that field of that common value and love.


So close your eyes.

Then we will first bring attention to yourself in the silence. Forget what was  all said, At this moment  not important at all. The only thing that matters is this moment.

And once again, at your own pace, take a gentle, deep breath. And with the exhale you realize that your whole body is getting in a  relaxed position from your feet to your head .

And with the attention away from the environment you go inside to your head, to bring the journey directly from your head to the field, which  your heart symbolizes. So you take your attention from your head to your heart. As I always say it from my feeling, if you like it, you put your hand on your physical heart to reinforce this place again. This moment is about you being here. That you realize, that the field of wholeness, the hundreds of thousands of billions of civilizations, of which the earth is one at this moment, where you are present as a human being right now, that all these civilizations together represent one big field of life. And in the moment that the earth is in a huge transition here, it is necessary that you realize that it matters incredibly that you look here, observe, observe, what may change in yourself, what may change in your environment, what may change on the planet and what conduct, which carrier of love and power you carry within yourself and from this wave of emotion, confirm this perception in yourself and outwards and send it to the whole field of creation, to all people in this world and to all beings outside and in this world. And you let yourself feel very good in yourself, that you have already succeeded.

You have succeeded in being present in this reality on behalf of a huge field of love and power, and to discover that the greatness of man, the originality of man, is attempted to be kept out of the picture by making massive distractions and deceptions. in this reality.

And as said earlier this evening, the change comes from within. And you are that change. Because you feel that it is so incredibly beautiful and important that you live on behalf of the field of everything that lives in the universe, as we currently give meaning, because you can perceive and feel that, is your perception of reality. in yourself and the perception of the transition outside yourself, directly available in the field of creation.

And the law of creation of origin states that those present in the universe, where evolution takes place, are the conductor and director of the transition by aligning perception from the field of being and allowing this perception to take precedence over the personal pieces. And then it is of great importance that you realize that you have succeeded.

And that the halls of Amenti and all other descriptions in yourself are opening in space and time. And that the power of the field of life and unconditional love stimulates you to constantly perceive within yourself, what may change outside yourself and that evolution is cause and effect, that as soon as you work out this change in yourself in the reality outside yourself, that you will again carry out the power of creation. Then the Divine essence, the essence of the All-Consciousness, is propagated in your reality from the inside out.

Then you work from the power of connection with all civilizations as ambassador of this world. Then you will be heard and seen and your question and instruction will be executed.

Realize how incredibly important it is that you are there. And you realize the incredibly warm world that supports you to step out of the square image and into the world of the round magic, which you conduct yourself.

With your attention from the bottom of your body upwards, experience your body sitting here and realize that  there is collaboration  with you, that it can only happen at the moment you realize that you are already doing it. .

You can stop searching, you are already doing it.

And open your eyes again.

And then I want to thank everyone, including myself, that we are here on earth and that we dare to investigate it all. And that we do not put it all under the rug, but that we just dare to say, there are different realities, they are all here on earth and it is up to us to make decisions.

Thank you.

Arjan: We came to the end of this crowd power evening.

Martijn: No, I have 6 pages left (laughter).

Arjan: I also think that we can continue until 3 o’clock.

Martijn: A very important evening again, or morning or afternoon when you see it too. Let’s honor each other especially. That’s really important. Let us stay away from who is right and how it works. Let us honor the greatness of each other. Let’s take a good look at how beautiful we are. Let’s look at life in any form whatsoever. Then, only then, do we really carry out the Divine essence.

Arjan: Fantastic to finish with that. Thank you very much for looking at home, thanks for coming to the studio. Ruud thank you very much and thank the Earth Matters team.

We are going to have a summer break, a wonderfully warm summer, hopefully, that is what we wish for everyone, and on Monday, September 5, we have the first crowd power broadcast from the universal studios in Haren.

Thank you very much and the next time.

Source: Earth Matters

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