Crowd Power 21 Earth and nature | English transcript

(Earth Matters) Crowd Power is a live internet tv show which was shown in the Netherlands, hosted by Arjan Bos and Martijn van Staveren. In collaboration with the public, the joint effort is to work with the power of our originally potential as a human beings. Thousands of people joined and what happened was beyond imagination. 

Martijn remembers he originates from more than 500,000 years out of the future and says it is a very important subject to realize that Humanity is under a constant surveillance state of extraterrestrial, interdimensional civilizations. Some of them have full control over the Earth developments and keep Humanity in a psychic hostage. Other friendly civilizations accompany Earth’s developments to humanity support to her next expansion of consciousness.

Subjects like money, crop circles, psychopathy, Earth, quantum physics, interdimensional contact, neurological invasions, dream manipulations, the nature of reality and many others come to pass in an entirely new light. ‘Now is the time to speak openly about this, so that every person gets a fair chance to follow the path of actual self development ‘, says Martijn.

As people we are connected with each other and our origin and during the ratifications you are invited to, in freedom, by joint observation and assignments, to (re) activate the authentic power of man.

Out of respect, there is movement in ourselves in themes that one make a fundamental contribution to the well-being of our consciousness.

A must read /see for anyone who dares to look at our reality and with the power of observation, his / her creativity and self-determination put.

Crowd Power 21 Earth and nature | English transcript

(Earth Matters | translation by Ilaina Danckaerts) 

Arjan: A very good evening, welcome to Earth Matters t.v. This is crowd power 21 and we’re going to talk about the earth and nature this evening.

Martijn: Yes, we’re very welcome, it’s nice to be together again tonight, a fascinating subject with incredible possibilities to discuss. I do not know what we are going to talk about tonight, I also really like it, so let’s just have something nice to emerge.

Arjan: Yes, Martijn just came in just 10 minutes ago so that is … ….. I’m glad you’re there on time.

Martijn: Yes, that was indeed a challenge. The last week and a half it has been a challenge.

The people who have been to the lectures and the other days have noticed it, also because of the enormous traffic congestion, so that I showed up  later a few time . Yes, that can happen. Anyway, I am here.

Arjan: Very nice and you are also there, because you have already handed in fantastic questions and every time it is  a party to see what  kind of questions come in. It is very nice to put it together and to feel that we are really doing it together. That we really have a very nice spectrum around such a theme. I have about 7 A4 pages full of very good questions. Perhaps we should cut it in half again. Thank you for the feed-back by the way , is also very nice to hear both what we can do better and what you are happy with, how it serves you and what you like about it. That is very welcome, so keep doing that. Super nice to hear.

Martijn: And even if you do not like something, that’s fine too. All comments and contributions are welcome.

Arjan: Yes.

Last week we had a day where suddenly everything in the studio did not work anymore. We had  done an upgrade of the p.c., we had no more images, we had no sound, it was really a big misery. And actually  we had to choose another solution, it was an upgrade, we could not downgrade. And what turned out, we looked at our bank and there was a donation of 500 euros. That is the donation so we could buy a new mixer, which actually means a whole upgrade for the sound that we can do here.

Yes that is really important, that is very nice and that was very nice in synchronicity with what happened here. So it is also very nice to feel that we are doing this together.

Martijn: Sure and so it is.

Arjan: In this broadcast we also have live music, this time from Joyce Hellendoorn, she is a soul voice participator and together with Renske Beguin who plays cello, they give intuitive concerts and tonight they are live in crowd power.

Martijn: Very nice, I am already looking forward to it.

Arjan: Yes, me too.

But now we first have the good news!

In Standing Rock in North Dakota, thousands of thousands of native Americans have been camping since April as a demonstration against the construction of the oil pipeline. It can lead to the destruction of many nature reserves, sacred power places and the pollution of water supply for about 17,000,000 people. On Thursday there was an unprecedented show of power of the police and the army in response to the peaceful protests. Dressed in equipment for riots and supported by armored cars, the police cleaned the camp with water cannons, pepper spray and taser guns. Initially Obama seemed to want to listen to the protests. After the victory of Trump, he indicated that he might still give permission for the oil pipeline. Why is it good news? Because people are actually starting to offer resistance. If you let the images and testimonials work on you, it is like what Gandhi did in India. And the independent media, in this case Collective Evolution, started with “naming and shaming”. The names and addresses of the investors in the pipeline in Dakota are online. And what is the amazement? The Netherlands shows that the ING bank is prominent on this. This is a great reason to leave the ING bank en masse.

And no one can have failed to notice that Donald Trump won the election in America. There is a lot of controversy around his figure and the election camapgne also left little room for anything else. But he will not let himself be silenced in any case. For example, during the Fox 5 television interview, he says that vaccinations are the cause of a massive autism explosion in the last 5 to 10 years. In addition, Trump also wants to reopen the 9/11 investigation. He said: “First of all, I think the original 9/11 investigation is a mess. It just needs to be reopened, because how can 2 planes ensure that 3 buildings go to the plain on the same day. I have never understood why there is no word in the 585-page report about the collapse of the 190-meter-high World Trade Center 7. “

Ellen, who had the birthday wish to jointly see Trump for a surprise Jesus and Mike Adams of Natural News sees it as a total victory of the people on the elite.

Of course, everything is soon better than the war-torn Hillary. We will first check if he keeps to his election promises.

And last but not least, the proper functioning of vaccinations is finally officially referred to the land of fairytales. At least if we look at the documents released from England by the Freedom of Information Act. This shows that the British government has known for 30 years that vaccinations do not work and that they cause diseases that they should prevent, that they are dangerous for children, that they have helped to mislead the public and that real investigations have been stopped. At the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), they still adhere to what they say is the undisputedly good and safe operation of vaccinations and they want to extend the program even further. The good news is that the truth emerges through many channels present in the public domain and that the RIVM can not keep up their policy with this kind of information for a long time.

That is another nice series as far as I am concerned.

Martijn: Yes, that’s a very nice series.

Arjan: We received quite a few questions about the Trump elections, about the American elections  where  Trump has come out. How do you see that?

Martijn: (laughs) I’m sorry to start laughing right away. What I see is actually very simple, it is just that there is a deal between the rulers behind the government. Because everyone can think that Donald Trump will put the change into effect, but we all know with our common sense that you, as president, have power but actually no ultimate power.

So the fact that there is different president than who we have all thought and that a change has taken place in the cause and effect, that we have come into a different consequence, technically, actually shows us that both interests are equally important.

And what I see happening is that there is a wave movement, consisting of two different processes, so the  imaginary Hillary Clinton policy, the forces behind Hillary Clinton, and the forces behind Donald Trump, that’s one big organization, that they actually want to bring  both visions from  both political branches together. An association actually between left and right.

Arjan: Okay. Trump was not a member of a secret organization or a secret society?

Martijn: Well, I think he knew how to keep that secret.

Arjan: There are rumors that he was in Scientology, but is that a kind of society?

Martijn: All people, who are in this kind of position of power, are permanently part of a large cartel. Whichever cartel that is. You could also say: Trump cartel.

By the way, from his high flat, from the Trump Tower, he could have watched building 7, we could have seen him drop live.

But I think, that it … what my vision is about it is  , is actually very simple, the people are just incredibly bugged. And the game is played incredibly high. Incredibly clever. And it shows again, that we have noticed  in the state of mind and the reactions toward what happened, when the elections were there , you noticed a huge uproar in the world. And that tumult was on the one hand focused on unrest and on the other hand there was a lot of joy, you see we have achieved something with each other. But history will learn what we have achieved by once again letting people on the steering wheel who are simply not competent to think differently and feel differently.

Arjan:  This summer and a little after that you said   Its going to be Hillary . Can you say something about that?

Martijn: Yes, I never actually do that kind of statements, because I am well aware that you can not make predictions. So I also do not like predictions. What I do is, that I look into the moment  where we are then in my way and  the consequences of a situation globally. And that can sometimes differ per day. But in this case it has been standing for a long time. And 9 days before the presidential elections took place, I felt a change in the hologram we are in, so in this reality, that something was moving, very clearly. And I said that at home back then. I say: “Something very special is going on here, because suddenly it can happen that Donald Trump becomes president, but the election results will be very close together.”

You could say, and that is my view of the situation with Donald Trump, that he is now, as it were, pushed forward, because, let’s say Donald Trump calls out: the system is corrupt, the results are not correct, there is manipulation but it is exactly the same as he won. We must also think about that.

And I think it’s true that Donald Trump has been pushed forward to strengthen the American nation,  in this sense the  military and intelligence networks. So that which Hillary Clinton has brought out, that she has warlike language, that that really can only happen, take place, at the moment that America is just strengthened. And Donald Trump is the missing link because he has exactly the right attitude lets say ,  to strengthen America.

Arjan: Postponement of world war 3.

Martijn: It has already started.

Arjan: Yes, that is true.

Martijn: It rages in all its intensity. Yes, that is my vision. to make it briefly . Within that vision I see something as a possibility and that possibility is very great, that within the mandate of Donald Trump, that there will be a change of presidency there, where it may be that a new government of national unity is formed where Hillary Clinton returns to the scene.

Arjan: And what should I imagine with  a government of national unity?

Martijn: Well that there is a threatening factor in the world, as a result of which American patriotism will have to become so great, as it were, to stay upright as a “one standing nation”. And we have seen that in Israel several times, for example, that we see governments of national unity, security and that is absolutely no exception in America. Something is going on in the background, so that other cards are laid down very quickly.

Arjan: So no good news. It did not matter if Hillary or ..

Martijn: You just told the good news. You started that. (laughter)

Arjan: Great.

Martijn: What is good news? It is important that we all observe and observe well. And that we especially do not believe that there are other people who are going to solve it for us. And of course, Donald Trump does have some insertions. I have followed some information from him in recent years, at least what he has said, what he is about. But lets not have  any misunderstanding about it. The moment you get into such a powerful position, that you end up in the White House, that you actually become the leader of the American armed forces, technically, you’ll be tapping out of a different barrel, because then  you’re dealing with  a different collective consciousness. You are well aware that everything you think, everything you say, that simply has consequences. So he will see a switch in it.

Arjan: He said beforehand, I want to tackle those vaccinations and the 9/11 research that has to be opened, that is actually the same as that Obama has said in advance of: Guatanamo Bay is going to close.

Martijn: Exactly.

Arjan: Everyone says far out , now we get change and then it does not happen. 

Martijn: You can want it, but the President of America simply does not have the power to do so. He does not have that power, he can not. You always have to deal with the congress, you have to deal with the senate, you have to deal with large institutions within American society and in business. They do not have that power. Also think of the wikileaks story, exactly that is filtered or released outside, which needs attention to temper the crowd. And I will not say that Donald Trump does that very consciously, but I will not say that he is unaware of it either.

Arjan: But he does have something, I do not know exactly what that is called, but as President of America you can push something, a law. I believe that Obama has pushed most of those laws through. I just lost the name of that law. Do you happen to know what I’m aiming at?

Martijn: Yes, I know what you are referring to. Yes, you’re aiming for that?

Arjan: Yes exactly (laughter)

Martijn: We  are having  a telepathic chat, sorry that you do not receive it at home.


But I think it is important that we simply realize that we are dealing with people on the world stage, who are under the influence of very secret intelligence technology, with which their behavior is corrected, arranged and orchestrated. On the one hand you can be as left as you want and only this needs to be done and then you gradually go the other way.


Arjan: Is that a kind of Manchurian Candidate, mind control of the highest level?


Martijn: Much more intense than that, much more violently. What I think is important, what people can look at, is that in the farewell speech if you can call it  that   , tha Hillary Clinton gave , that she spoke about he deserves a chance and she also indicated that she would support, support with the “Transition of power”. She indicated that clearly, with the transfer of power. Which she does not have. So that was a remarkable statement. If you listen carefully to the statements of Donald Trump you can also see, listen and hear that Donald Trump also speaks, that he would like to work with Hillary Clinton, while she is no longer in the government.

Arjan: While he wants her behind bars.


Martijn: Exactly and if you put that kind of thing next to each other, no one really cares about it, but more is being said than  wat is  actually  as a matter of fact is going on. And if you think about that and you just let it go through you, then you say so, so those two have to do with each other in that transfer. What does she have to do with that? What was discussed then? That is common sense and it works wonders in relation to our heart consciousness.


Arjan: Well.


And what does common sense say about what is going on in Standing Rock and the North Dakota pipeline?


Martijn: Something that should be happening everywhere in the world, that people come together and ball their fists in a positive way to make their voices heard and to let them know that we do not agree as a society that  a pipeline is  being laid. And I think we have to be very careful to think that everything just comes from the free will of the people who want to protest, because do not be mistaken that there is a counter-group active on this earth, who can  actually  orchestrate all these kinds of actions can  to bring something into view and then let it flow again very controlled, that is also a point. I do not say that it is, but I do say that we do not have to passively watch what other people do. As the initiative is put down, I refer to the period that was earlier in the Netherlands what was called that when all those people were in tents?


Arjan: Occupy

Martijn: Occupy, which has been an incredibly beautiful initiative and is actually still a great initiative, that we must continue to feed. That we have to continue to support that with each other and that it does not disappear from the stage. And if we do not do that and that also has to do with that pipeline in Dakota, if we do not continue to support that, then it will disappear from the consciousness. And actually it’s running away from consciousness, that’s exactly what it’s all about. Bring something in to let it go controlled.


I think it’s very nice of those people that they do that. Beautifully beautiful initiative.


Arjan: For months. Super beautiful.


Just to go to another subject, the earth and nature. Laura has a question about the books of Anastasia. She says, in one of those books, that she lets her heartbeat come together with the heartbeat of the earth and that then the whole nature gets a coherent heartbeat. Is that possible according to Martijn?


Martijn: Yes.


Arjan: I wonder how pure the information is, whether insertions are running through it or not .


Martijn: That’s something else.

Arjan: She wants to know both. For her it is a beautiful and moving description of the co-assistance of man in nature and complete balance, respect and love. She experiences that.


Martijn: What Anastasia describes what you read now, because I do not know the books, although certain passages do, yes it is possible, it is possible for your heart and the coherent heartbeat of your physical body to adapt it to the life field. That is an intellectual spiritual consciousness field that is present throughout the universe in all universes at the same time.


Arjan: That is not specifically the earth?


Martijn: That is not specifically the earth. That is the “force of life”, that is a force field of life. That is actually what we have indicated as God all this time. That is a collective Super Consciousness. You can also see it as spirit or whatever you want to call it. That is possible, you can tune in to that, that is actually the intention, that we learn it again and at the moment that we do it, that you do it all by itself, then it is possible that the nature that you observe also interacts with you, that nature will respond to you. And it has to do … .. because you can think, gosh  how is that possible, because if  other people are present, would those people perceive that as well ? Therefore, more research is needed for this. Because it is a quantum physical reality, you can say that we are linked to this reality, this universe, and that we actually make the journey very much on our own  and in that script we encounter a lot of people. So it is certainly possible.

Arjan: Okay.


Martijn: It is therefore possible. And then you  will notice  that nature will react back. Actually, the matrix tunes everything that is present around you, the field of life, which in this case is the matrix, which was therefore initially an experiment and actually still, by tuning in to nature and your own heart, that nature aligns itself with that heart rate. And then you are going to communicate directly and then it is possible and you can also do those tests at home or anywhere, if you are deeply connected in that coherent heartbeat of your heart, then you can communicate directly with the elements of the nature. The trees blow or you can bring in the silence, that grass will blow, the animals will come to you. And with every powerful inhalation and exhalation, whereby you from your center, from your heart and from your pineal gland, shockwaves take place , if you learn to practice all that  again, if you completely recall how you can develop it then you can you also interact directly with nature in that moment.


Arjan: Okay. How then should we see the earth in perspective to the original field of life? You have sometimes said, if animals die, it will be very different, because they come from a completely different field of life. So I’m curious  from what kind of life field  the earth is coming from  , you see ?

As I see it here you have the mineral consciousness, plants, animals, people and the earth.


Can you say something about what the essence of the earth really is? Is that just an entity just like us from the same field? Or is that something very different  , like with animals?


Martijn: Something else is wrong with that. Today I was able to experience a day with a nice group of people in Pijnacker and we were working on this subject from 10 to 6:30, or 5 hours, and we have not been able to finish it yet.


To bundle that in a short summary is quite difficult.


But perhaps I can say this about it. As people, we now understand that realities are made up of basically light fields, information, an informational web. There is an original world and originally means, that is a reality, a free zone, a universe lets say , in which all beings who live in it are fully 100% aware of their potential of creation and can also directly convert  this in a moment that something can be realized and manifested. In that reality there is also an earth that looks completely different from what we see from the earth at this moment. Let’s assume that it  is just a lot nicer.


Arjan: But with the same consciousness?

Martijn: With a different consciousness because the consciousness of an inhabited planet is attuned to beings who are present in it.


Arjan: As a biotope, as a whole.


Martijn: Exactly.


Arjan: And are they also part of that whole? Do we also belong to the earth in that sense? As part of the biotope of the earth?


Martijn: Do you mean our bodies, or do you mean our presence in a body?


Arjan: Yes, I mean our bodies.


Martijn: Our bodies are part of that, is true.


Arjan: You are already discriminating, our presence in the bodies probably is not.


Martijn: Right. And that original earth, to come back to that first question, consists of an enormous amount of information, all kinds of holograms, that are technological fields, that actually exist from consciousness. It is something very special that consciousness and technology come together.


Arjan: Technology too.

Martijn: Yes also the technology, that is part of that. That is not external technology, but that is inner technology.  We  can say something more about this in this broadcast. We have until half past one at night didnt  you say that ?


That information, that hologram consists of all geometries. Geometries are actually powerful shock waves of emotional creation fields. They are actually made up of all different fields and they have been stripped. So what happens is that the earth that we now know, which we now see, is a product, is actually composed of all very small particles of that original world. So it’s as if you have a display with 1 billion image pixels and ten thousand are being extracted from information and they are brought together and that is brought together by a very old human civilization and those codes of the earth and the universe where that earth is living in, a hologram is made there , a universe and that  is the universe we live in now. And in that universe, we live on this earth, so we are part of the biotope of the earth. So you can actually see it.


It is a cast of a much larger reality.


Arjan: So the earth too. That’s as good as ten thousand instead of one billion pixels. In perspective to the original?


Martijn: Yes, yes. That’s right.

Arjan: Is the earth as original consciousness also subject to the same mind control things that we are also subject to?


Martijn: No, no. The original world is free from manipulation. There are manipulative forces in that reality, but the beings who live in it are aware of it and they can handle it perfectly. Only there are sometimes creaks in their consciousness and some hitches sometimes take, say, in a nanosecond, and all kinds of other universes arise in the observers and one of those universes is this universa.


Yes sorry, that it suddenly goes a bit deep, of course, then you come across all kinds of explanations. But let me say that the animals, the minerals and the plants, there you had the first question, which we now experience on this earth, are all part of the original blueprint, the script of this universe and they have been brought in there. by several superb civilisations ,  after  one civilization had  created this script , and they are the creators of the universe. And that is then hologram 1, that is the universe where we live and 7 other shells pass through it, through those light codings and the shells that run through them that are exactly the same as this original universe where we live now . But those seven shells that run through that, all kinds of neurological invasions are involved there , and that affects the physical body of both us and humans, but also the beings that live in the universe and the manipulations take place there.

Arjan: The planets, the earth.


Martijn: Yes, and those manipulations that take place in us take place in us and not in  nature. So the animals and the plants and souch are actually free from manipulation from the point we are talking about now, but if you go a little further, if you put the binoculars backwards on your head and you see the bigger picture, then see you that in fact everything that is created in this universe, is a cast of a much larger universe and that as such it can be observed with respect to the observation to, for example, the animals and the plants that they are actually under control of a script.


Arjan: Okay. There are so many questions and opportunities to go now. This earth, you started your story with actually the earth is not under mind control in the original world, but here, in that inserted nanosecond, also not? Is the earth in this also different from us?


Martijn: No, the earth is obviously under influence. Because we live on the earth. Because we are the inhabitants, the guardians of the earth,  it is  that the one who has the guardians of a world under control,that  this inevitably affects everything that lives on the earth.

And I know someone, about 2 years ago I came to her home and she has been busy with earth consciousness and extraterrestrial civilizations for 40/50/60 years and she was disconcerted, she had contact with people from another planet and she  was also going to do then . She made contact with the earth and then she received a message from the earth and the earth said to her, for many long times we, the natural forces of the earth, have been under the influence. And we have actually deceived humanity. And that is quite a very interesting statement.


Arjan: What earth actually says.


Martijn: Yes. Because actually the earth speaks on behalf of all residents. In fact, you get to hear your own message through the earth. And that recognition also means the end of that manipulation, because something can only be ended, transformed, at the moment that it becomes visible. So the earth passed that message. She was dismayed at that time. I talked about that a little bit with her then, and I was able to make it clear that it is a message on behalf of the people who live on it.

Arjan: Very special indeed. You also mentioned that the animals are not actually under the influence of mind control. For example, how do you explain that they have such a fight or flight behavior? That there is just a lot of  well murder and manslaughter in the animal world. Is that  also true in the original world?


Martijn: That is the world in which beings have 100% power and that is what I mean, that the bodies in which the consciousness dwells, that those bodies can represent 100% of the etheric field from within in manifestation towards the outside and …


Arjan: In the original world or here?


Martijn: In the original world. Where we are sitting here, you can say of animals that eat each other, it is at this moment a way in which information enters these beings. We see that these animals eat each other, that is just a biological legislation and that makes sense because there are many other foods that are normally present in the hologram in the geometry. So we are in a very different cause and effect. That has nothing to do with that those animals are being manipulated,  but that is just their way, collectively, to keep each other alive. That is part of it.


Arjan: Also the biotope.

Martijn: Also the biotope yes. Look and animals have a different form of consciousness that functions differently, but people are under neurological control and animals are not.


It is important to realize, however, that if an animal is observed by humans and man is not free from manipulation, then that observation of that person influences the animal.


So animals can completely break through and fall into fear through observation and presence of people.


We as beings who are under the control of all influences, even without knowing it, have influence with that mind control on other forms of life.


Arjan: And what, for example, would or would not  be wise to do in communication with animals? A state of mind or a thought or a feeling or interaction.


Martijn: What can be very important, of course, depends entirely on the situation, and actually also, that at the moment that you communicate with an animal and make a connection with an animal, that in that moment you do not just make contact from you personality with an animal , but that you also feel good inside, that you have a connection with all life. And that from that consciousness, that is a feeling, that you let that in and that from that feeling of respect and gratitude to all that life, the animal also feels it from you, that you want to be in contact with that animal. . Then you do not just imagine yourself personally and neurologically, but then you introduce yourself to the being from the field of life

Arjan: Yes, exactly, that other is actually impersonal.


Martijn: That’s a way.


Arjan: Okay. Beautiful.


Martijn: But that’s different for everyone. You can only determine that for yourself.


Arjan: What about climate change. Since the “Inconvenient Truth” of Al Gore, the whole world seems to be concerned about climate change and especially CO2 and has been indicted for the inadequacy of its theories by as many as 30,000 scientists. But the lobby of, among other things, the agenda 21 of the UN simply continues. David Wilcock has been calling for years that other planets are also warming up, so that warming does not come from people. And other news sources report that it does not get warmer at all, but rather colder and that the polar caps turn on ice again. In short, nobody actually  knows what is going on . What is your idea about climate change?


Martijn: Well the whole story with Al Gore, that is of course part of a huge hoax. Because energy policy is the new money generator. We have, of course, seen in the past decades that wars are being waged and still and that the aim is to earn money together, as it were, with so many percent being skimmed off to super secret military programs related to space travel.

We now live in an information world, in a knowledge economy, where everything is controllable. More and more traffic jams are being hacked, more and more information is coming up about what is really going on, and sooner or later it just goes completely open. So what they do now, ssince say 10 years, is that they have actually created a new Watergate in the form of the greenhouse scenario. Global warming. And that is a huge generator, which, as I understand it, generates 10 times more money than the last 50 years of wars that have taken place there. Because this concerns all people on the earth, all people, and war does not concern everyone. So you can calculate for yourself what you can earn per person from global warming. And 80% of that goes to the black budget, these are just very secret  , well , programs, which are really “mindblowing”. And there it is. It is about the survival of the human species where certain groups on this earth do everything to get it done  , so  to stay living on different planets.


Arjan: Okay, you also see in agenda 21 of the UN, that is not only a money agenda, but also that nature is actually returned to nature and that people are pushed further and further back in cities. David Icke, who I interview tomorrow, very nice,has the agenda 21 completely written  in his book “The perception deception”,  and he sees the scenario of the “Hunger Games” in return. So the world you describe in it is the world that feeds the agenda 21 completely. Also mapping all flora and fauna, it is done on behalf of  aso called very green ecological  disguise  and you really have to dig very deep to expose that agenda. In the sense  that all groups of people who are ecologically involved by the municipality are asked , gosh you want to map some flora and fauna. That this  is actually all part of agenda 21, that it is already deeply embedded in society.

Martijn: Look, of course, it’s not about the money, because the funny thing is … … yes it’s quite funny when you think about it, hilarious in fact , that the powers behind the scenes, who actually generate the money do not need any money at all, because they can just print as much as they want. But accounting you have to be able to make an investment, which you have to include somewhere in the books. And in that respect, it is certainly the moment when the economic model is going. Agenda 21 aims to disassociate so many people from the analogue file, from the real analogue world as it were, to actually bring people together centrally in large urban areas and to start using a new economy there, where people will be  glad and say : I like to live in a city, to have a completely verifiable policy. And we are not that far from that.


Arjan: No, absolutely not.


The moon is actually also part of the earth’s biotope, that is how I would see it in any case. And there are also a number of questions about that. A few crowd powers ago you said something about  that the moon is actually an artificial intelligence that maintains itself.


Jolanda says, well, you say the moon was made and a station for mind control. And how does this relate to all currents and programs that follow the cycle of the moon? Like biodynamic agriculture and the energy of the full moon and the like?


Martijn: Yes, both is what happens. Look the moon is not there by itself, it is placed there. And it  is placed there for the biological diversity that exists now, so that it can be maintained. That has been a move from, not from the designers of this universe, but from manipulative forces. And that results from the fact that it has influence here on earth. And of course, if you could say, imagine that there is no moon, that the earth’s axis would not be tilted, we would continually thrive in a climate that is great for all people. The leaves would not turn yellow at all, they would turn yellow, but other ( green ) leaves would immediately come from after that.

So the flowers will not stop blooming, there will no season.


Arjan: So the moon takes care of the procession of the equinox and also for those  tides .


Martijn: And therefore globally the entire system we are in. Because the economy, all models are actually based on the climates. That is a gigantic large orchestrated program.


If that were to fall away, we would all live in a completely different reality. We would probably lie on the beach every day.


Arjan: I think that’s something. I also wanted to say something about …. you  just say that , well the moon that is just artificial,  and step over it.


But I can say that there are reports by Russian scientists, among others, quite a lot, which have shown in many ways that there are so many bizarre anomalies around the moon, that  is  actually the scientific conclusion, that it must be artificial. I also spoke to someone who makes all kinds of intuitive journeys in the universe. You can really give her  coordinates and then she just goes there, special. And she  also told me a while ago, that if she looks at our part of the universe with the earth and the moon, that she had the feeling of, well, there are very strange things happening to it, things have been shifted and things are placed in it.

At least for me  I have received this information from many different sides . I would also like to give that to you. You say  it like this  and it is natural that  if you do not know that background,  they are pretty crazy statements.


Martijn: Those studies are there. They have also, with special radio waves, sound waves, bombarded the moon as it were, where it is clear from the echoes, that the moon is awfully hollow. They have made calculations how deep a crater should be with the gravity that the moon has. The official numbers. Why such a big crater is so flat and actually has no real mountain edge around it. The scientists, who have dedicated themselves to that, are flabbergasted to say the least , because it simply can not be done scientifically. I think it is very important to understand that all those studies are really normal.


Arjan: Yes absolutely. Really very scientific. Also that the moon appears to be the only celestial body in this universe, which revolves around the earth precisely, not just about its own axis, but so revolves around the earth, that the same side is always visible. That you never see the back of the moon.  And  that this also does not exist anywhere else in the universe.


Martijn: So far they have not discovered it.

Just a short addition to this. It is important to us that we realize that if we have feelings from within, call it shock waves of emotional creation,  powerful shockwaves from within , that they are actually resonances. And they manifest themselves in shock waves of geometry. So within the bandwidth where humanity is, physically speaking, where the brain is capable of converting it through a neurological program that converts electromagnetic waves into geometric fields of consciousness, you can say that the Earth is also a geometric field of consciousness. And  has and is created by all people who live on the earth. It goes into the universe. There is manipulation brought in by bringing an object in it like the moon, so we only see the moon, we see only 0.005% of the real image, for us that is the moon. But actually it is a gravity manipulator, I will say it very simply, which ensures that geometric fields of consciousness, which erupt and turn into each other, are actually constantly hacked. So the earth has been constantly hacked. If that moon were to be deactivated and removed, the geometry will be fully expressed and you will see eruptions of formations, as we call crop circles, all over the world, we will see  them bursting from the inside outwards as shockwaves, like  large parabolas erupting  all the way from  the earth into  the atmosphere  as to say This is not happening at the moment, we have a serious disturbance in our geometric consciousness and the moon is part of that. They have done that very consciously. Very consciously.


Arjan: Okay.

Maybe we can take a look at that, then we go forward, lets show the movie  , Johan  , about how the crop circles are made. There is a question about it and that refers to it again. That is this ( movie shown), which comes from the movie Thrive by the way. This is a picture of how that could be. You yourself also describe how these geometries come from the earth and from us. If you look at these images, is this how   you also see that crop circles come into being, or does this not approach reality?


Martijn: Yes, this is a part of it, this is how you could visualize it visually. This is the final phase of how it manifests itself. The phases that lie ahead are actually shockwaves of force fields of feeling, of emotions and that you could bring back, just like in our brain that we all have neurons in our brain, in a package of information. It also happens like this  in the earth it is a huge branch, it is actually the acupuncture system of the earth and that arises in the last process in a hologram. I like that a lot, I had never seen these images before. Which film does this come from?


Arjan: Thrive by Foster Gamble.


Martijn: Oh what special, because I once put those DVDs into circulation when they just came out. At this  moment I  dont recognize it


Arjan: (laughing) Okay.


Martijn: Sorry Foster.

Arjan: There is a lot in it. There are really many of these beautiful images. Oh Yes.


Martijn: Oh yes, I already remember  it again. Now that I see these pictures. That was in 2010 that I bought those DVDs for the first time from America, together with a few other people.


Arjan: Far out.


To  go back again  to  the moon, menstruation also has the name: your moon. That is a question that has come in. Your creativity is also circular, your physical creativity. How was that originally and how can you program your female body back to authenticity? Also what now seems to be known about former high priestesses of religions of Celts for example who are influenced by the symbolism of the moon. Was that mind control or meant as empowerment? Was that as a female consciousness meant at the time or as a mind control for women? Her question, which is underneath  this , actually is , how can you disconnect your body from the moon?


Martijn: The original script by designers of this universe and that humans have spread in other times as biological beings, sowed fifth-dimensional biological bodies. This means that they did not propagate by means of a seed and an egg in the first instance, but that they did so by allowing geometry to flow together. So an egg  …. we see that egg in the cells of how the egg is put together, that is energy, vibrating frequencies, actually all continuous sound waves in water, we are water creatures, and in those vibrations that are constant, the presence of  , in this case of a man, a male consciousness, is sufficient if there is a coherence between the two heartbeats. There it comes, because then you actually come to the Anastasia story, where the energy of geometry, the feeling of feeling of the man, merges with the geometry of the woman. And then fertilization takes place. So that is the original script, fifth-dimensional beings.

Arjan: So that , again , is  …


Martijn: That is the script we live in, we are fifth-dimensional beings.


Because of the attack, which has taken place through a large alliance of less friendly beings, something has happened whereby the geometry no longer functions properly and certain peels of force waves and emotions, that is geometry, have failed. These are two very large building blocks of geometry, of sacred geometry, which are currently inactive I can say better, so that leaves  only three-dimensional fields of consciousness. And that results in our physical existence and the consequences of that, that therefore matter really has to flow together to get that geometry going. That is the egg and seed cell. So we are actually living in a very primitive, super-basic setup.


Arjan: And mainly because of the gravity of the moon manipulations.


Martijn: Among other things. That is the icing on the cake.


If the moon were to be removed now, that would not solve everything because there is a gigantic script.


But that can be very difficult for humans  to  get at this  moment with the physical brain, so that’s why it’s so important to learn how to do the  work in ourselves, to clean up.

Back to what you ask about the moon and the menstrual cycle. If you actually think  about it  well, then at a given moment that all fits perfectly together. Then it is actually that because the geometry is switched off by a moon, so by inserting a geometric gravitational field so that the geometrical consciousness of the earth is dented, that  it has a direct effect on the geometry of all the people who live in it and creates  another way of reproduction. The cycle changes, because as fifth-dimensional beings there is also a menstrual cycle, but that is not as we know it now, but these are moments in geometry, which occur repetitively because because geometry is moving, actually  like a symphony orchestra, in which there are moments , alignment moments, in which a coupling can take place with the male consciousness. And if those ingredients fall out, then something physical remains. Something very organic. And the menstruation at this moment of a woman, because men actually have menstruation, men are not aware of that but that is energetic menstruation – we of course never suffer from – say most men have that (laughter)


Arjan: Fortunately not, its enough the way it is already .

Martijn: And that also has to do with the impulses, which men know in themselves, outbursts. Often this is also reflected in claiming behavior, dominating etc., appropriating and those kind of things, that has to do with that. You could say if you want to do something about your menstrual cycle, women in this case, that you have to be present  within your feeling consciousness with a great deal of attention , first in your physical body, to get the perceptual principle back on track. Then you can ensure that the geometry, which adversely affects the menstrual cycle at the moment, that you can  partly learn how to adjust this


That’ would be a whole day session if you really want to talk about it, but the moon has a big influence in that.


Arjan: Okay. The question was also, to what extent are the moon’s influences in those ancient cults such as those of the Celts and those high priestesses, of course many moon influences, were they originally empowering impulses or even mind-control moon-like impulses?


Martijn: That is all  from mind control in fact. But look , we  as humans , because we are very powerful beings, are able to get the best out of the most severe conditions. So in that situation something very beautiful arises. And that is what actually came about. It just fits entirely what happened, we do not have to classify that as incorrect or something artificial. It is a solution that presents itself in the situation where a solution is needed.

Arjan: So at the moment when women come together or men come together in a full moon ceremony where you actually connect with each other and do a beautiful ritual, then the beautiful ritual is what the value is and not specifically a focus on the moon or something like that.


Martijn: Yes.


Arjan: Can I say  it like that?


Martijn: Yes, you can say it like  that.


You know, the moon that affects the geometry of the earth, the feeling of feeling of the earth and the people, is part of a very large geometric consciousness of our solar system. So the way our solar system rotates keeps the geometry moving. That is a very large advanced, cosmic geometric consciousness. And if something is changed in that, that is, modified, then the geometry is also adjusted. And that is actually what happened. A number of things have been arranged in a way that currently leads to the current situation in which we live. But the most important thing is that at the moment that we learn to change this, in our behavior, in our feeling, that we can also end the manipulation to a large extent, even cancel it.

Arjan: Very special.


Martijn: Geometry is not an isolated thing, geometry is actually an expression of shock waves of emotional forces. Then you come back to that heart consciousness, that our heart of origin and actually  it still happens  , receives information from the field of life, in which time does not exist, everything takes place there at the same time, and that those shock waves of that energy arrive in the physical heart and then there are geometric consciousness expulsions outward. And if you are going to investigate this all the way inside out and you also get a plan of our solar system and you are going to draw some lines, you come to very beautiful discoveries and then you also reach the golden ratio. Everything, everything can be found in it. Everything.


Arjan: Would you be inspired to do some sort of reinforcement?

Martijn: Yes, I think it is very nice to actually empower ourselves there. We could relate that to the theme, including nature.


So let us all, in our own way of course, and especially search first to a place inside ourselves, a nature location where you feel very pleasant and pleasant, and let us connect with the power of nature with the field consciousness, where all life communicates.




So you can close your eyes if you like it and sit relaxed.


Take a gentle and deep breath at your own pace and realize that you are relaxing your body from your skull to your feet.


In the moment of relaxation, you also notice that there is peace in your body and that it also becomes calmer in your head. Also realize in this moment that you are a  traveler from another world and that you have a human experience in the body in which you are present now .

And also realize that you are present here on earth to bring back  the power of creation  together  back into the consciousness of the earth. And that you are part of the field of life, the force of creation, the force of life. You represent all life in every universe and you bring this power of creation here on the earth and you realize that you are not just your body, but that this body and your personality is capable ,  in service   ,to allow   your  larger cosmic being to be present here on earth.


And with your attention  you turn away from the environment  and you go inwards, initially in your head and while you are present with your attention in your head, imagine that you are present in your brain and experience how special it is, that you as a being from another world are present with your attention in the location where reality is interpreted. Everything you hear, what you see, all sensory perceptions come together in the brain and that is where  you are present with your imagination now .


You breathe deeply and with the exhale you feel a switch in your field, which relaxes your brain and wait for an instruction of strength from the heart.

You go with your attention from your head down to your heart and you put one of your hands or both hands on the spot of your physical heart and while you do this in silence, you experience either very subtle or very powerfully , the intellectual , spiritual integrity consciousness field.


Take your  time for this.


And this silence, serenity, warmth brings a lot of information from Force and Love and this Field of Life, which you represent, is the same Field of Life that you encounter when you make contact with the earth, with nature, with the insects, the animals, the elements of the earth. And you also realize very well in this moment by being present with  your attention in your heart from  within silence and from a cosmic consciousness, that you are here on earth from another universe,  and that this experience may be and can be used to interact with nature. And you probably know a place on the earth and that you love this place so much, that you are traveling to it now. Imagine that you are there, in nature where your heart lies, move with your observation, with your perception into contact with the elements of nature. Go there. And in the middle of this moment you may also realize that this place is ,  in the core  , an entire earth, every place on the earth anywhere. And with  a deep understanding from your feet to your head, in every cell of your body, you become aware that whenever you are present on the earth, you are in contact with the elements of the earth, viewing a flower, touching a tree, inhaling heath air, that it can be 100% equated with the heart power in yourself. And that is why you are here on earth to bring these notions, this knowledge, these feelings back into the physical body, so that man no longer has to flee only to the heart, because man becomes aware that they are alive  on the earth and in the earth  , in the heart.


And then you calmly open your eyes again.

Yes then we can summarize that we can  start  loving this earth very very much  because  then we  love ourselves very much as well


Arjan: Wonderful.


Martijn: Cheers.


Arjan: We invited Joyce and Renske tonight, can I invite you to play for us?


Renske: Thank you Martijn for this alignment. From here we also play, we have no idea what is coming.


Musical intermezzo


Arjan: Fantastic, thank you. It indeed fitted very nicely.


Martijn: And what you can feel very clearly, I like to close my eyes when I listen to sounds and emotions and also feel it in myself, is that the power of the acoustic instruments, in which our voice is also an important link, that it is so disruptive.


The disturbance, which apparently does not seem to be here , becomes tangible when you listen to organic sound. That you feel it. Very subtle, I feel that, you are set back from a disturbed field set back to  an analogue field with those sounds. I feel that very strongly. And I also notice when I close my eyes, that it is even better for me to feel, because then  I close my brain from visual observations.


But I can check it, because it is recorded.


Thank you, wonderful. Very special.


Arjan: The earth also seems to be producing a tone, is not it? You let us hear this  on your education days. Is that her way of communicating?

Martijn: The sound that the earth makes is a huge orchestra. So that’s one sound. That is the geometry. And that is the expression of all life that is present on earth. All life. So the  so called bad guys on the earth just do that  as well . You could say that it is therefore a form of communication. It is literally a resonant field and that geometrical field, so you can tune in to it, even at a distance. And then you are suddenly present in the field of the earth.


Arjan: And what she says is actually the collective of what we are with each other.


Martijn: Anything that takes place simultaneously in any form whatsoever  , can be a thought, a feeling. Look, we see this reality, but it is one big vibrating field of consciousness. It is a consciousness being. Everything that happens there is simply visible in the complete field and in this dimension, where we live in this field, those frequencies are brought together and then that is indeed a kind of expression of the life that takes place on the earth. And that is immensely beautiful. Even with the manipulations it is and remains beautiful.


Arjan: For the people at home, I would have liked to let you hear it , but if we would, the sound of the earth is copy-righted. At the moment that we do that we are immediately blown away by You Tube,  so unfortunately that is not possible. That is technically not possible anywhere.


But you can look it up under Earth Sounds, maybe you know a good term?


Martijn: Yes it is called that and I will just put the 20 seconds preview on my website, that is allowed.


Arjan: Okay if it’s only under 30 seconds, do I believe?

Martijn: Well yes 20 amply meets that, 10 seconds too.


Arjan: Neat of you, gosh. (laughter).


Martijn: Yes, I did not study algebra, but I can certainly calculate this.


Yes, the earth has a tone of life. In that respect you listen to the life that is present on earth. And the moment you listen to that and you also close your eyes and you feel those sounds going through you, then you actually feel electrical signals in your brain, because you first hear the resonance against your ears, that vibrates, there are electrical signals, your brain  gets  going on with all those electrical circuits, then neurons get going and suddenly there  a feeling is evoked . And the feeling is actually the language of the universe. That is not the intellectual consciousness.


Arjan: Is that with every sound like this or are you talking specifically about the sound of the earth?


Martijn: That is true with all the sounds. Sound is a small part of the gigantic spectrum of energy. There are also special weapons at the moment, at present that has been the case for a while, but the last 6/7 years it has been increasing, those  weapon systems, guided weapon systems are stationed outside the earth and shock waves push the earth’s atmosphere as it were and those are patterns that are neurologically pretty disruptive. And that happens consciously. There are a few thousand people in the Netherlands, who can also hear that, people around the world can hear that, but it is very minimal …


Arjan: Is that low-frequency?
Martijn: Not necessarily, it can also be high-frequency, you can hear it sometimes as high-frequency sound, but it is actually microwaves that are used to deceive neurons and thereby evoke feelings in people of depression, no longer want to take action, actually just pushed out of your feeling consciousness.


Look the people who made missiles, actually always have the power in war zone, but the groups on this earth, who understand how the human brain functions, they have all power. And that power is really far-reaching and  because of that  , there is also a mess up in the  sound frequency of the earth, because that is actually what I want to say with it.


Arjan: Okay. They have that power and it also takes place in a spectrum that we can not see at all. Even far away from the earth and can not hear, that is crazy.


Martijn: People who are at home or wherever, no matter where you are, simply hear these sounds through their bodies. Humming tones, resonance tones, I hear these myself for years, I find that very annoying.


Arjan: Is that always present?


Martijn: Yes, that is always present, wherever I am in the world. There are certain places where it is much less, but it is actually not related to the place itself, but more so that the environment can break down sound waves, push away reflection.

And that is where I also heard crop circle codes as a child, they are not crop circle codes, but hologram codes, so really frequency: tee tee dee tee tee bloop bloop, and it does not go horizontal , but it runs the moment I hear it, just like a kind of staff all at the same time in formations under each other and they sing through each other. And if you listen to that you can, and I did that as a child, draw crop circles of the codes, which I heard in my brain. And that is what is happening worldwide and a lot of people hear that, humtones, and these are actually crop circle codings, only they are not crop circles, but they are actually disharmonic frequencies to frustrate the brain. And that is a very serious thing.


Arjan: Can you still experience silence at all? It was just very quiet for a moment. During the ratification you can hear a pin drop in my experience. Is it quiet for you? Or do you still hear things?


Martijn: Yes, I go to other matters with my attention. I do not always hear it, but 99% of the time I hear it. And that is quite annoying sometimes.


Arjan: Hennie also has  a question about sound. She  asks, do I hear it in me or outside of me? Or is reality a condensation of matter but do I really only experience them in me?

Martijn: In the core, nice question Hennie (Martijn puts 2 thumbs up), in the core you experience it in you. And that is not specifically just neurological, because in the end the whole reality, which is outside of us, is of course an interpretation of all electrical signals in the brain, where you may wonder, what is the brain, then. What is the brain then? Because that is actually also a …. where is that added. But in fact you can say that these birds actually play within yourself, so the whole reality actually plays out in yourself. But that’s not how we experience it now. And that is why it is so important to realize that the people on this earth, some of them , have started a journey from another universe and that the journey that we are experiencing here is indeed being experienced in that other universe, where we are present. That is the perception, that is the shift in perception of how we currently see what is happening in reality and we therefore have an influence on that. So yes, those birds are actually in us right now.


Arjan: Something else that seems to be in the earth, Laura Micha asked a question about it. Is there an inner earth and / or Agharta? And if so, how? Is that a world that runs through our world? And if it exists, is it possible to have contact with it?


Akkie also asks a question, and says, what can Martijn say / tell about Agharta? I myself feel that I have come from there and / or ever lived there.


Martijn: Yes, that is not in this earth, where we now live physically. So these are other shells that run right through each other. It is a total of 188 worlds, which are intertwined, with each world, which is a geometric consciousness, containing 100 billion different universes. That is huge.


Arjan: Unimaginable !

Martijn: We remember that, we feel that too, we switch to a different field of consciousness, we experience that world, that world is also real, but is not in the consciousness where we are now here.


Arjan: Okay so that’s a reality that …


Martijn: I take a peppermint there (laughter)


Arjan: So that’s a reality that’s just there. Is it a parallel world?


Martijn: No, it’s just another consciousness in another reality. Even if you dream at night that you are well aware, that you are walking in that dream and you wake up and you know exactly that you’re walking, well that moment you realize that, you are sure that you are in that body and then you wake up and realize, I have dreamed, I was not in that body at all. That is actually a bit of what happens. We live in all kinds of different consciousness holograms and that is how Agharta is actually one of those consciousness holograms. And that actually falls outside of this dimension, outside this sleep mode.


Arjan: You have just mentioned the number 188, there are also 188 traps, so it is actually 188 dysfunctional geometries in a descending staircase. Agharta is very close to us 187 or ….


Martijn: 14.


Arjan: That is , I would say  , or very far away or close to the origin.


Martijn: That’s right.


Arjan: And is it true that close to the origin is also a much more complete geometry?


Martijn: Yes. There are also many more feelings there.


What happened is actually …. there is a sound tone …. let me put it that way.

There is a beautiful sound, a beautiful, beautiful, high sound  , a tune . A sound that actually represents all life. Where all emotions and feelings and force fields are present in that sound. Suddenly something has arisen that causes that sound (Martijn makes an indescribable sound, which desribes the fall in consciousness ) and that is actually a fall of consciousness. It is a harmonic sound in which there is another yes harmonic sound and therefore also a different vibration, think of those grains of sand that will vibrate differently with a different sound frequency below it, creates another geometry and so is the fall of consciousness. In a flash it plays simultaneously in a scale downwards where the 188 different fields are present at the same time, where part of our original super power is present. It all plays out synchronously at the same time.


Arjan: These are other realities, all of which consist of billions of dimensions.


Martijn: Excact.
And this is known in the universe, the human being as a being of expression world of the field of One, there he is an expression, actually experiences a kind of relapse at the moment in her consciousness and can not really fall back further than in the lowest frequency field to ensure that the turnaround takes place there. And the turning point in the halt of that consciousness trap is the life we now experience in this hologram to make sure that on this planet there is authority again in ourselves, sovereignty returns and that we become especially very aware that all contamination may be seen as a disturbance, which must therefore be observed. So the dark parts, the things that people do not want to look at, that you’re not allowed to watch, all those things, even the things that are initially very loving and actually a deception, that you can move your consciousness through it all over and you dare to pick  it up. The moment you do that, you start the turnaround, so you go back again, then you go back to the whole and then all those frequencies integrate one by one, whereby  it is  also possible in a certain moment to  go back there if it is necessary for reason x or y.


Arjan: Observing.


Martijn: Yes observation is the most important key there. It is the golden key of human potential. Seers, we are seers, at this moment we are sleepers as a collective.


Arjan: I have a few short statements about the earth and nature. I also want a very short reaction from you.


Martijn: Oh yes I’m so good at that, right? We have trained, respond briefly.


Arjan: Exactly.


“The earth is not ours, we belong to the earth.”


Martijn: If I had to choose, I would go for option 1 in the bigger picture.


Arjan: The earth is not ours.


Martijn: Because both are actually a certain eeh … … okay that is my short reaction (laughing)


Arjan: Thank you. That was Steve Siegel by the way.


“The earth has a skin, that skin has diseases. One of those diseases is man. “


Martijn: Absolutely not.


Arjan: That is from Frederik Nietzsche.

Everyone carries mother earth inside, she is not outside of you, mother earth is not just your environment. If that insight is yours, then it is possible to have real communication with mother earth. That is the highest form of prayer. “


Martijn: Yes, absolutely true.


Martijn and Arjan: We just did that in the ratification.


Arjan:  That was a statement of Thich Nhat Hanh .


Martijn: I would like to comment on that for a short while, that we can accept every time, that I now react on the basis of my perception of the reality of what is meant. The person who wrote it may have a different perception. True, not true, all relative.


Arjan: Well it is not true or not true, but …


Martijn: Choice 1 or 2 (laughter).


Arjan: “If we honor the earth, we honor ourselves.”


Martijn: Definitely absolutely.


Just look at how mankind honors itself.


Arjan: “If you look closely at nature, you get a better understanding of everything.”


Martijn: Certainly, certainly.


Arjan: That’s Einstein’s.


“The earth likes to feel your bare feet and the wind likes to play with your hair.”


Martijn: Well if I have showered, option 1 is true. (laughter from Arjan) No, that’s just true. Sure the Earth loves …. that is a reflection of the larger field of consciousness and vice versa. My feet also love the earth. And the earth loves my bare feet. So yes, certainly.


Arjan: You now also have those products that ground. You can walk on the earth but we never actually do it, we always wear shoes or never walk so much on the earth. But there are many people who benefit from those products that ground, so you connect with the earth. Is it true, then, that that connection with the earth, that the earth also feels you so to say , when you walk on the earth with your bare feet, that the earth then feels you and on the one hand that you can let things go, to the earth giving through that connection and that the earth can also give you what you need at that moment in that direct connection?

Martijn: The earth does not just do that, the field of consciousness is all of us that we create with each other. Then there are two directions, of course, to tell you about this, that you can have a physical grounding, imagine that you are not at all aware of your etheric field, but that you are only conscious of your physical body if you are a little bit lucky, because often is not even like that, then it may be that you carry a field of tension in your physical body. Acidification or electricity or whatever. I know someone who knocked a 4-meter thick copper tube into the ground, all the way in the ground, with a very large copper wire attached to it, all the way up a hole drilled in the frame and a development of its own, something self-developed, and just to relax in there. That works so well for your physical body. That your body is discharging, that is just literally a grounding, just like you cf. boiler also needs grounding to allow tensions to flow. So that’s the first.


You also have an energetic connection with the earth. If you are standing on the earth with your bare feet from your etheric consciousness, and you also make conscious contact with the physical body with energetic contact with your imagination  and from your heart power with the earth, then the earth will really interact with you. Because then you go into conclave with your own heart. And then you get the “force of life” and automatically that field starts to move. What is then required or reset may be supplemented or put away, thus also takes place in that moment. So they are different forms of grounding.


Arjan: Beautiful. So it would never happen when you sleep?


Martijn: Physically do you mean?


Arjan: Physically always.


Martijn: Physically in any case.


Arjan: If you do that physically, that has its effect. But the energetic ….


Martijn: You do not have to, that can happen if your consciousness is busy in other levels. But the earth does not have a tendency to intervene, so let me just say it. The “force of life” reacts at the moment we open up. That we enter into the connection. And at the moment that you do that very consciously and you also go to sleep like that, for example, you leave a message on your bedside table and from your heart that is put into action, yes.


But if you do not do anything about it, there is no such thing as that. So you can not say, I’m going to sleep for a moment and then energetically everything is put right again, because then you start from the principle that something just happens from the outside.

But if you do not do anything about it, there is no such thing as that. So you can not say, I’m going to sleep for a moment and then energetically everything is put right again, because then you start from the principle that something just happens from the outside.


And yes, the earth, nature has so much love for us, but if that connection does not exist from our own strength with the earth, with nature, then that does not happen either.


Arjan: So the earth doesnt do  any interventions with us from the same context as why creatures from the creative field do not commit interventions? While that channelings , for instance ,  do .


Martijn: Yes, that’s right, the earth does not. No, and some channelings, at least let’s just call it messages of people, let’s just get it to the core, that it’s man on this earth who brings out the messages, they do that in some cases do intervene. And especially if the intervention is of course steering. And also directs you away. Earth does not do that . No, the earth is just silent. Nature is just quiet. Nature understands the cooperation between the cosmic beings that are present and the force field of life in every universe.


That’s fun too, because at the moment you become aware of it, you’re busy in your vegetable garden, you’re pulling away weeds, and those little plants that are still small if you just look at them, you feel that connection already at the moment that you intentionally, really with attention  work with those plants ,  yes then you feel that heart power is getting underway, actually that is the same. An impulse is always needed from people to let something flow. And that is actually also with grounding and degeneration, with the earthing principle that is exactly the same.


Intention is always needed, interaction from man.


And now look at what happens worldwide, because it is clear that the intention, the interaction of man is completely flattened. Man completely withdraws from all kinds of processes. All technologies are thrown out, so that the power of creation in people, the realization is actually completely encapsulated.

You see it with the children already, it is actually very  very sad . So the less perception there is among the children, the harder we can all perceive.


Arjan: “What is the essence of a crystal?”


Martijn: You could place crystals in general, if you could call it that, within the field of consciousness of the earth. And actually a crystal is a part of the earth and thus also a part of the heart of all beings and also a part of the heart of the world where you come from and if you channel through crystals, if you receive information via crystals, you actually receive information through the wholeness consciousness field that you represent and actually communicate with your own being. So if you realize that, then it works super strong. If you actually give meaning to  in the sense that you say ; yes but it is a force that comes from another world, and that sends me a certain energy and that protects me from the outside, if you do that, it does not mean that it does not work, but then it is a different energy than  if  you  would understand  ;oh this power from myself is so strongly present in the consciousness of the crystal because of nature … you could  then actually skip the question of which being is in it .


Arjan: What’s in it? Yes indeed, I asked what is the essence of a crystal? That is part of the body of the earth and every part of a body also has a different function, so all those different types of crystals also represent other kinds of consciousness and other workings.


Martijn: And if we go to look at a slightly larger layer of the earth, where the geometry is larger, that is another earth, which runs right through it, where more power and feelings are present, then the crystals are connected to those other geometric fields of consciousness ….


Arjan: The original one still


Martijn: Right.


Arjan: Is not being invaded?


Martijn: No, has not been invaded, that’s what it’s connected to.


Arjan: In the original world there were also crystals and what was their function there and  is their function there still?

Martijn: Crystals are from origin ….. are seen as power cars. So everything that is in the creation in the physical body, which we also just have there, which consists of another matter, from plasma, plasma beings we are, therefore crystal, because crystal are also geometries, cell consciousness, actually  are a storage location of shock waves of creation.


Arjan: Special.


Martijn: I can not explain it any differently than at this moment.


Arjan: Congealed shock forms of creation.


Martijn: And here you can say quietly, for example, if you have a crystal in your hand of an emotional frequency, which relates to a geometric consciousness from the original world, which can be equated with, for example, the feeling of feeling of the Arcturian civilizations, at the moment that you have such a crystal in your hand, that you very quickly, if you have the crystal in your hand, with your heart to the crystal, that the geometry of your body suddenly shifts and that you suddenly receive information from another universe.


That is what actually happens. And then information takes place from the heart by tuning you to something of the crystal, your heart aligns itself with it, receives information from the field of the Arcturians directly and bombards, as it were, with a huge explosion of force waves of emotional energies the brain and with that you can actually also get physical contact. That is quantum physics, isnt it?


Arjan: Is that interdimensional or are you really in those peels of those 188 different worlds?


Martijn: That is interdimensional.


Arjan: Okay, that’s out of this world. From this 188th fall.


Martijn: Yes. Everything is linked to the original field of the earth. The land of Ever, the world of nothing and the world of everything. And actually the land of Ever, so the world where we come from, that reality is also one big force-light world, literally, because if you add all the geometries together, if you have all the possible geometries that could arise, and there are really hundreds of trillions, if they all happened at the same time, there would be one sphere of light. And that light represents all feelings, all colors where it can be equated with the Al. And at the same time nothing. And man is an expression of that.

Arjan: Unbelievable.


Martijn: Actually, it is very simple. I mean that seriously. Actually it is very simple, only our imagination is challenged to see how we can give a shape and how I see it. But the nice thing is, the moment that we start to imagine this , and work with it,  the brain, which is the fun part , the biological computer gets  started,  moves some information on the side so that there is space and if you then connect with your heart, then the brain can receive information from the original brain, because that is our body. And that is really fun to do. And every human being can do that in his own way and it is simply the inspiration that you need to go deeper into. And then there are really those aha moments, aha, that’s why  alien nations  do not appear collectively, aha that is why Jesus Christ is designated as a savior. All facts come forward etc. and who was Judas. Everything is suddenly turning. Everything will be clear at once. Yes.


Arjan: I think that’s great.


Is there a question from the audience?


Martijn: There is someone here in the audience who has a special question. She sells  crystals among other things and then there are sometimes questions asked by the clientele like : eh,  do you also programm crystals? And you indicated that it is  an unpleasant feeling if you would do that ,  because who are we to program information into a crystal because the crystal has contributed so much information from itself, from the Love Field and nature, we do not have to make a melange of our knowledge. Actually, your question is ..? What is your question, you have asked him, please excuse me.


The question is: what happens to the crystal at the moment we program it. Or program her.

What happens is that the consciousness that is in the human being is doing an intervention, in which the geometry of the crystal, that is, the cells in the crystal, takes over the information from the person who is programming it. And actually you suppress at that moment, say, the force field of the crystal itself. What you could do, backwards that can work well but it is different for everyone. I do it my way, so I do not program my crystals, I go inward  into my heart and I experience nature in myself and then I also experience the nature around me, I experience my heart around me as well . I am in my heart both here (inside) and (outside). Then the crystal is before me and then I feel from my analogue force within, from that nature, I feel the warmth of that nature and there I put an intention from power and love and that is a feeling not a thought, and in that moment it is present in that crystal. I do not call it programming, but I call it that the power from the creation field is once again well observed. And perceiving that is then simply without an intention. That is actually how I work with it.


But indeed, those are separate questions. Well understandable questions as people who ask: are they programmed? Because in the end it can be done. “Dark forces” so to speak, do it. The earth is such a crystal, the earth is a geometric crystal consciousness and that is programmed and so it is possible with mind control, we can do that too, so we can literally program those crystals with our mind, however horrible it sounds, cold and clinically, but it is possible. And the special thing is that that is immediately gone when you see, hold or observe the crystal from Source, from that Power within and in one go the program is out. That is also a form of a kind of black magic actually, if you look at it that way.


Arjan: Special.

There is more messing with crystals. Elaina  also has a question about it, which says there are suddenly many new age crystals, which are often entertained by humans through certain chemical additives or layers of gold, platinum and the like. Is this correct?


The photo we just saw is aqua aura quartz. They are rock crystal points, clusters and stones that are treated with gold, making the surface blue with an oily shine and a rainbow of colors. That layer is permanent, it can not be washed off either. And, for example, the champagne aura quartz is made when rock crystals are heated at high temperatures in vacuum and soaked with evaporated gold, an indium, creating separate colors and vibrations. By combining properties of quartz and gold with indium, unique vibrations are created.


Are they just like the programming of crystals, do you actually do violence to such a crystal?


Martijn: No, absolutely not. You can work with crystals on a physical basis, you can adjust the vibration, the resonance fields without adapting them, you can at least reinforce them as it were. You can take it a bit more towards a certain frequency. There is nothing wrong with that, because there is no intention of thought, but of course it has to do with it that it happens on a natural basis.


The answer is actually no, you do not violate them.


At the moment that this is the case and there is no intention and you let it go again, the frequency always vibrates back to the original atomic resonance. That’s it, actually, they are atoms that tick each other.

Arjan: And does that also apply to the crystal skulls and the like?


You have crystal skulls made of precious stones, but also aliens made of crystal. Dragon heads and things like that, are they ….. yes what are they?


Martijn: Well you have rough crystals and you have made crystal and the form that is put into it is not in itself … .. it does not detract from the frequency at all, not at all. The person who makes it, if it is made by hand, is of course working on it. And that is the point. The moment you are busy with something and your whole consciousness is therefore in a certain state, in a state of mind or even in the subconscious, that the information runs through your subconscious, which you do not know at all, because it is unconscious, after all, then it is possible that programs end up in the crystal.


It has my preference, but that is purely personal that says nothing, just a pure, just such a chunk of crystal to put down and if there is a form in it, I am going to feel very well what I can receive.


Arjan: And the stories of the 13 original crystal skulls that go over the earth. What do you think of that?


Martijn: I think nothing about this . I find it very interesting and happen in the hologram, where we live, the script of the experiment, many  incredibly many special things happen , which actually have nothing but nothing at all to do with the land of Ever where we come from, but the script is in this program here and those 7 manipulation peels that run through it can sometimes let it go in all directions, so yes I do not know. I actually do not like it, it’s just there. I also do not concern myself with it. I do not want to say that I do that because it is not right, I just do not keep myself busy with it.

Arjan: Nanna asks, is it the intention that we get gems out of the earth so massively?


Martijn: Yes, that is actually the same as whether it is the intention that we get so much plankton in the form of oil from the earth. No, that is not really the intention. Because they are very important ingredients of the earth. What you normally  honor, you will leave  alone. That is consciousness, it is a part of consciousness of other geometric fields of consciousness


It does not hurt at all, I mean other civilizations and other races also do research on planets and sometimes get something out of the ground to investigate. Also just as we do, only they have used other technologies, they do so on the basis of sound waves with which they neutralize gravity. But research is also being done. And they get it out, but they do not get it into  their heads to massively empty the earth to sell something. Everything on the earth is of course based on money. That is very annoying, but we will always end up with that.


Arjan: Yes, because, of course, it is not just research that is being done here. We need it for computers, for mobile telephony, but yes, so much is being done.


Martijn: There is also an incredible amount of crystal in the earth, so that is inexhaustible.


Arjan: For example, can it also contribute to a place, for example, to reach a higher vibration by placing a crystal  in the ground or laying it in the water?

Martijn: Absolutely. That is huge. The crystals have an incredible effect on our health. That is not to say, that we give the health in ourselves to the crystal, that is something else. It is a supporting factor.


What I’ve talked about once before, are the MX2 crystals, which Mike Pietersen works with,  they have an incredibly high power. I have felt those crystals a number of times and it is a huge high, clean energy. But it is important that you always keep in mind in whatever setting, that you are the force bearer, that you are that force bearer. And the moment you do not realize that, a kind of discrepancy can arise. But I think the MX2 crystals have an incredibly high energy. And I have several experiences there and also my water, which I take everywhere, that comes from those crystals and that is huge. You can even taste it. I have never tasted it as powerful as with those MX2 crystals. He might also be here tonight. We actually have less room for this in this place and I hope that Mike Pietersen will soon come to the table to talk about these topics. It is just extremely interesting.


Arjan: The invitation is there and he is prepared, so in the future we certainly want to realize that.


Martijn: Another question from the audience.


Audience: not well understood.

Martijn: Yes, of course, the emptying of the earth to put  it like that , we do not do that alone, of course, that is a collective event. That is what it is related to. If you with intention, pure and with love, get something out of the earth and you do that from respect, then that is of course a completely different event. I sometimes take a stone, or stones from southern France from Provence when I am there, then I walk through the mountains and then I walk with my son Raymon and then we find some stones together and then I say of: this stone that I take with me. Then you have that feeling, it’s okay. But sometimes I also feel that a stone should stay there exactly and that is actually the way. And that’s all fine, it’s about respect and respect.


So do not worry, just keep going. You do it from love and respect?


Arjan: Is it necessary to clean crystals?


Martijn: With your consciousness, certainly. Because crystals are also information carriers. And sometimes information is also picked up. It may be that you have a crystal  in your house and someone has been at your home who has a pretty certain kind of field around it, it may be that you take that crystal with you and feel that something has changed in the consciousness of the crystal is. And yes, clean it, it’s more of, I pick up such a crystal and it only needs to be a few seconds and then it’s done. So that may be necessary. But you can only feel that yourself, that is not a certain rule. It is not that you now think, I am going to clean all my crystals completely, because it is necessary. You just feel that automatically.


Audience: not intelligible.

Martijn: In the moonlight, you mean, a crystal? Yes you can, there are people who do that too. It is, of course, that you then function in the construction of this matrix. And you always end up there. And since the reality around us is actually a reflection of what is happening in ourselves, in our brain, you still listen in one way or another to the matrix. Always try to do it from your own capital.


Arjan: Another question from the audience?


Audience: If you go to your heart, say, and you might get into higher frequencies, could it be that the mindcontrol will have less of an impact on you? That you can then stand a kind of above?


Martijn: The question is, if you go to your heart with your attention, or can it be that you have less influence through mind control, that you will then be protected in one way or another.


Yes, that is certainly true, mindcontrol consists of 18 super super-large programs, so most of the programs that are rolled out on earth are quite technological in nature, they are just released on our physical system, but it is definitely that if you go with the attention through your head inward to your heart and you move  strongly  with your consciousness just once through your head and then to your heart, that with  doing that your brain is, as it were, just a bit neutralized, making it less under the influence and then the connection field from the heart  is also much more  present in the brains. So it is true if you work with attention, you stay much closer to yourself and that a large part of interdimensional mind control, which influences what you should think and feel, that can be a lot less. But those are impulses, the more often you do that and the more you practice that, the more powerful the suppression works.

Audience: You were just talking about sound waves, …. not understandable.


Martijn: Yes, that has something to do with it and that is why it is also important that all those patents of all those technologies of all those mindcontrol and sound waves that are pushed through the atmosphere, that they just get used once. demonstrated that they are there eh. That you can see, why are there 681 patents, why are they there? Not because they are not used as it were. So we have a lot of research to do, very much. And it is also important, that we are going to develop something that allows you to be free of microwaves in your house, be free of interdimensional mind control, you can think of something like that. People in the Netherlands are already working on this. I hope that this will also be clarified as soon as possible, so that you can build something yourself. That you go to the hardware store and build a few things that make you sleep more peacefully, for example.


Audience: Aluminum foil


Martijn: Aluminum foil works at some point, but aluminum foil also works to reinforce mind control. This is because aluminum foil can strengthen microwaves. So that’s a point of attention.


Arjan: Alu hats.


Martijn: You can make it an aluminum hat.


Arjan: Shella wonders whether there are still places on earth that are not influenced by the artificial field.


Martijn: There are those who can not be identified at the moment, but they are there. And those places are mainly present because there has been no human consciousness. And the special thing is that where there is no human consciousness, the manipulators do not come either. Because they follow human consciousness. And that is why it is so important that in these places that have been freefrom a human presence, that  it will remain this way . And that no people come. That these are places of silence. Yes and occasionally I watch a documentary on Discover Channel and then I am really moved to tears, that there are areas on the earth, which are then filmed, then there are still people, of course, but then they are filmed and am I there, I feel those forces in nature, I feel that beauty and then I just wish in that moment that that silence is present on the whole earth. That all people, including myself, are all gone in one go.

Arjan: Wow, yes nice.


Hannah wonders how you think about the pole shift, the tilt of the earth. Has it already been there? Is there still one or not at all.


Martijn: Well, I am not a predictor of the future, I can only see what has happened in the past and we can all do that, whether there have been pole lifts, or that there have been earthquakes. There are opinions divided in scientific circles, the one that says that it is a crust that shifts, the other says it is a magnetic field that shifts, yet another says that the earth’s axis is shifting. If I bring that back to mindcontrol for a moment, it is so that the moment people start to feel more on this earth, and open up the power of the heart and dare to take it in places where many people say that you have to get out of it. remain, at the moment when we do more, then there is more feeling in this field and we actually ensure that the force field of us increases so that the influences, such as the moon consciousness, will get less influence in the geometry of the earth and then it could be so that we can spontaneously get a polar shift.


I do not see that happening for the time being, in spite of what is written on the Sumerian clay tablets and I have always said, well, if the Annunaki made clay tablets, they could not clay well. (laughter).


Arjan: They are silly, yes.

e says that animals do not carry the same consciousness as we do and that the highest they can achieve is feeling the love of man. Is that with all animals like that? Because I can imagine that this is different for whales, dolphins and elephants, for example. Are they coming from somewhere else than the rest of the animals?


Martijn: The animals have a collective consciousness. Whales too. It is not so that you meet a whale, that that being  is a different being, than a whale that is about 3 or 4 kilometers away. That works differently.


Arjan: Group soul.


Martijn: That is group consciousness. And actually that is also the case with us and we do not have that right now. Because we are all in the so-called division that makes you think you are you and me. At the moment it is true.


Arjan: Great Mr. van Staveren.


Martijn: Who have a group consciousness, a group collective?


Animals simply function differently at this moment. It is true that at the moment that we start observing animals differently, we will notice that animals also start showing different behavior. But what was the concrete question?


Arjan: Well you say they have a different consciousness than we do, but I wonder if there is any difference between the animals. I can imagine that dolphins, whales and elephants carry a very large consciousness.


Martijn: Yes, that is true. That is huge. Because the consciousness that they represent, that is based on geometry. So the bodies that are built up of them, the cell consciousness of the bodies, the geometry, that is actually the transmitter and reception part of which the consciousness, which is thus linked to that body in the group consciousness, also descends from it. The whales, for example, have a huge connection with certain layers of the Andromeda consciousness and of the Sirius consciousness.

Arjan: Original or …


Martijn: Original, that only comes from the original. The beings who visit us and who cooperate from within in the earth, we also do that by being born here and they also do that by connecting themselves in the field consciousness of animals, come from that free zone, do not come from this hologram. .


So these are other fields of consciousness, that is not to say more or less, but it is something else, other fields, civilizations and the consciousness of these civilizations is capable, just as we have done, of coupling in an artificial hologram , this universe, to be born next, at least so it seems to us to be present with their consciousness in animals, once evicted by beings, by the creators who created this universe, to link in with them and we then say that they are travelers of, for example, the Sirian consciousness, while in fact it is just exactly the way it is said, but not that it is Sirians who are in it. That is something completely different.


Arjan: I have also read that if you describe the difference in consciousness of crystals, trees, animals and humans, that actually was said, animals do indeed have a group soul and it is not the intention of evolution but it is the intention of involution, that consciousness descends very deeply, that animals are incredibly clever, for example, that a beaver with mathematical precision can make a dam. We really can not do that without equipment or computers or I know a lot and   a beaver can just do that . So in the group consciousness that is much more attuned to that group soul as it was then described there and that it is the intention of man that he individually very deeply implies, that the mind goes very deeply into matter.

Martijn: Yes, that’s right. It is actually a view, actually, speaking those animals , from the perception of where we are now. Because at the moment we would disconnect from this hologram and we are awakened from a profound anesthetic state in another world, then we look back at this reality, it is an organic simulation, and that is where all the meanings that we have ever given to the form that we think we have experienced. So everything is relatively relative.


Arjan: Yes, time is also relative?


Martijn: Will we be able to do a final confirmation?


Arjan: Yes, that seems good to me.


Martijn: In the form of nature? A brief endorsement, very strong. That with our love, now that we have correctly mentioned, that nature on earth represents the heart-consciousness of the Power of Love, that you walk through your own consciousness, through the consciousness of all life, that from this vision and this awareness briefly momentarily brings down the essence, that where nature calls for recovery, calls for attention and love, that there is instantly  the “force of life” present in every cell on the earth.



Let us relax and let us realize that we are not softies and that we are decisive, cosmic consciousness in a human capacity. And in this broadcast we also came to see very well that we are carriers, a force bearer from another reality and that all elements of nature on this beautiful planet are part, directly, with the consciousness in your heart the “force of life”. And worldwide this beautiful blue library needs attention, now, from your heart together with other beings on this world, other people to carry the intention of force, to issue a certificate of strength to every cell on the earth.


So ,  with your attention , you go  to your heart and you realize in this moment that you are a legitimate holder / keeper of this physical body, that you represent the “force of life” and you present yourself now while you are present in your body , that you perceive the earth from a orbit around the earth, and that you see the earth in an arrangement of 2 to 2 ½ meters in size and you see the earth turning. And very deeply in your heart you realize very well that on this earth 7 billion people live, individually with their own experience. You realize that on this earth countless quantities of animals live in the earth, on the earth, in the water, in the atmosphere, from the North Pole to the South Pole. You realize that this earth is pure consciousness of all life and that the behavior, the collective behavior of the inhabitants on this planet has also caused a lot of damage and is still harming at this moment.
And from your heart with your imagination you bring your hands to the earth and you keep your hands under the earth with honor   and respect. And you realize that you are working from your own power and at that moment thousands of people here in space and time now contribute in carrying mother earth. And so there are thousands of people in a circle around the earth and we carry our mother together. We speak it out with words and we carry it from our hearts. From love and strength, from purity and service, from harmony and peace for all life. Mother earth we are grateful that we are here. And we speak from the unity field, the “force of life”, that every cell on the earth, wherever this place is located, where there is pain, where there is pollution, where in whatever way is something other than wholeness, transparency and flow that this place is touched in the cell consciousness from our hearts and that this perception, this power of love, is spreading in every cell of the earth consciousness, in the physical and the non-physical, in space and time, in the past, present and the future and that this is spreading like a wave through and around the earth. And you see at this moment that we are jointly carrying the earth, that the earth is being set in the Light. Gratitude and respect that you are there, gratitude and respect for all life, honor life in yourself.

And so it is.


And then you open your eyes again.


I thought it was a nice broadcast.


Arjan: Yes, rightly earth matters. Fantastic.


Martijn: That’s it.


Arjan: I would really like to conclude him with another musical contribution from you. Such a nice translation. Would you like to play for us again? Fantastic.


Musical intermezzo


Arjan: Wow


Martijn: Thank you. A beautiful ending ..


Arjan: Very beautiful. I would like to sit in silence for 10 minutes after the last sound. Very nice to have heard you, thank you very much for coming to the studio tonight.


Renske: Yes, very gladly done.


Arjan: Thank you very much for watching and coming to the studio. I have a few practical messages. Did you really like what we did tonight, do that thumb up with YouTube, seems to make a lot of differences in the search results, we already see it go up, super cool. But also keep doing it. You can also follow us on facebook, there are occasionally other messages than what we do on the website, so that makes sense. You can just love us on facebook, we have a newsletter every day, which you can subscribe to. And if you want to support us you can also become Earth crew from 3 euros per month. Information can be found here below the video. We now have two DVDs with ratifications from the crowd powers. There are 10 ratifications on each DVD. Also how you can get it, the information is below this video.


Tuesday, December 6, we are back and we hope to see you again at home or here in the studio. Thank you very much for coming and for watching, for participating and for everything, because together we make this crowd power.


Thank you too, Martijn.

Martijn: Thank you all and a short message to the people at home, realize that because you are watching, you are the initiator of this “event” and that it is not that you are watching from a distance, but that it is incredibly important at a time when we are present on the earth, that you are coming into action and you have carried this, this broadcast, thank you. Until next time.

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