Crowd Power 22 | The Power of the Collective

(Earth Matters) Crowd Power is a live internet tv show which was shown in the Netherlands, hosted by Arjan Bos and Martijn van Staveren. In collaboration with the public, the joint effort is to work with the power of our originally potential as a human beings. Thousands of people joined and what happened was beyond imagination. 

Martijn remembers he originates from more than 500,000 years out of the future and says it is a very important subject to realize that Humanity is under a constant surveillance state of extraterrestrial, interdimensional civilizations. Some of them have full control over the Earth developments and keep Humanity in a psychic hostage. Other friendly civilizations accompany Earth’s developments to humanity support to her next expansion of consciousness.

Subjects like money, crop circles, psychopathy, Earth, quantum physics, interdimensional contact, neurological invasions, dream manipulations, the nature of reality and many others come to pass in an entirely new light. ‘Now is the time to speak openly about this, so that every person gets a fair chance to follow the path of actual self development ‘, says Martijn.

As people we are connected with each other and our origin and during the ratifications you are invited to, in freedom, by joint observation and assignments, to (re) activate the authentic power of man.

Out of respect, there is movement in ourselves in themes that one make a fundamental contribution to the well-being of our consciousness.

A must read /see for anyone who dares to look at our reality and with the power of observation, his / her creativity and self-determination put.

(Earth Matters | Transcript by Yvonne Maree) Arjan: Welcome to Earth Matters TV, this is Crowd Power, my name is Arjan Bos.

Martijn: My name is Martijn van Staveren, at this moment here on earth. Welcome to Crowd Power number 22 titled: ‘mobilizing the collective Original Heart Power from all of us.

Arjan: Yes, today it is December 14th and this is a very nice subject. We also had this subject planned for December 6th agenda. It did not happen then. We had also announced it on a variety of channels, but we forgot the most important one, so excuse us, YouTube. Quite a few of you were already waiting and really missed it. So our apologies for the inconvenience.
Why did it not happen last time, Martijn?

Martijn: Well, that is a good question. Last time I canceled, and not just Crowd Power; I canceled several items last week. That had to do with the fact that I had a lot to do that week, which also took a lot of energy. And I could have done it, but I also noticed that if I were to continue – which was also true for the Crowd Power transmission – that I would not be able to be present for the full 100 % So that is why I decided not to proceed, because otherwise it would become some kind of show and as soon as I do that, it will become about the show and no longer about the content. So I really felt I had to ‘take it down a nudge’ and I have also canceled some other items last week. I also noticed that it gave me a lot of space and that a great deal of the truth was preserved, because there is happening a lot, of course. For me there is also a lot happening, so for me it was a reason to say: Not now, because otherwise it would become a Crowd Power just going through the motions in stead of coming together from this Heart Power to discuss matters and really set things into motion.

Arjan: Not just some sort of show.

Martijn: No, absolutely not. Look what we can present together. This is because we do it together and the moment I join from another role, I will no longer be able to represent that large Force field that is the core of what it is truly about.
I received a lot of feedback like: ‘Oh, how good that you did that, because it was really tangible;. And I also want to thank the people at home, where ever they are in the world for taking part in such a decision. It is very easy to say that it is stupid, but it was really received in the sense of: ‘All is okay; it is a good decision.

Arjan: Yes, we also felt that. It was indeed nice to feel that.

Martijn: Yes, especially the support in this. Thank you.

Arjan: We have been doing Crowd Power for the past 18 months and you are speaking for two and a half years now. Can you say something about what is in progress and what not?

Martijn: Yes, what I encounter is a huge movement in human consciousness. There is a very large increase in self awareness, so people are moving deeper in self exploration. Related to what is happening on earth, but also related to what is happening around the earth. So the compete history of mankind is being explored. All possibilities are getting into gear. So what people are researching is literally: ‘How free am I, really? And people are asking themselves that question! Yes, that is so incredibly beautiful
There is a large increase in self awareness, so people are searching deeper within themselves, but also into things that are happening around the earth. So the whole history of humanity is being examined. So what people are examining is literally: “How free am I really?”And so many people are asking themselves that question! Yes, that is incredibly beautiful and it is encouraging, because with that they make direct contact with an autonomous field within yourself.
And that is what I see with thousands of people in the Netherlands – not by what I am doing, maybe a little part from what I do, but all together – by searching inward and looking at what is going on, that this movement is growing. And of course that has a tremendous effect. I find it encouraging and it actually really shows something. You see, we are being overruled by negative coverage, but it clearly shows that the amount of people who are turning on that Original Force and the Original Light is growing. So daring to examine all the dogma and daring to let it go, so we are really making a difference in the world
And not only here in the Netherlands of course, but it is happening all over the world. That is what we are working on together. I see this movement growing strong and last year and also the year before – but particularly last year – I have been privileged to meet thousands of people (of course I could not speak with them personally), but all carrying that Force within them. Yes, and you also see that in society, don’t you? The whole model is moving. And that is what I really noticed last year.
Yes, and of course also the field of resistance. That is moving too.

Arjan: Can you say something about that?

Martijn: Well, can you say something about that…. Yes, I can say something about that. What I really encounter is [resistance], also in moments when connections are made – if the connections can be made, because many people do not have the willingness to bring together the agreements, but the stay away from each other because of the so called differences. So that is the mind game that they cannot see through. Or it can also be that they go through it”” and connections are being made that then is terminated again by manipulation.
It is basically a matter of staying present. Even if you seem to be opposites of one another. I also notice that the willingness for Service and Love that is carried within us, so to be connected even if you seem to be opposites, can remain present. We are being tested. Tested by ourselves and the elements around us and within us.

It comes down to it that when things seem to get tougher, we do not pull back and pull the plug, but that we find each other at that moment and pay close attention to one another and tell each other: “This is what I notice; what can I do for you in this matter? Do you feel you would like to talk to me about it? Then you actually break through the barrier that occurs and which drives people apart. So the Original Potential to be able to communicate. Yes, that too is a large movement. So a lot is in motion, Arjan!

Arjan: It was also very beautiful to see, last Saturday when we had organized a day with Lectorium Rosicrucianum, an initiative of students of the Rosicrucians, you and Earth Matters. Those were actually also different fields that came together. You mentioned rather big things, not only in the Crowd Powers, but also in your lectures. From a certain point of view you can see that this is perpendicular towards each other, but we were able to experience a very beautiful, connecting day with each other.

Martijn: Yes, that has been a very special day; I carry that day with me, deep in my heart. You can also notice that at this moment several fields come together. It may be that a certain teaching relative to another vision that you might also call a teaching. I am allowed to call everything a teaching or a vision. As soon as different visions come together, I notice that the opposites are less important than the similarities. I was also able to see and feel very clearly during the symposium in Zwolle that it can be vivacious but also very beautiful and that the flower that blooms from that can be carried by all humans, because ultimately we determine that we are all carriers of the Force. To me that was a very beautiful day. And also a day of service. Yes, very beautiful.

Arjan: Yes, very beautiful. Absolutely.
There was a lot in motion and when we listen to the radio messages on BNR, nature is also very much in motion. About one and a half week ago in the evening there was a scientist who came forward with several research results. Can you say something about that? About what she brought op and what your vision is in that matter?

Martijn: I have not yet listened to that broadcast; I have not been able to make time for that. That evening I was traveling from Nieuwkoop to another place and then I turned on BNR. There was a broadcast and someone was being interviewed as a scientist and she told as a regular scientist how very fast the ice caps are melting. And she told that a lot about that also is kept silent – now all of the sudden things are being said about it – but it has been developing very rapidly in the last few years. She told that years ago the prediction model that the North Pole would be ice free would be 2050, but it had to be readjusted to 2030 and then again readjusted to – and they have already said that internally: “It actually should be readjusted to next year.”
About the enormous changes it brings in the climate she clearly stated that worldwide measurements are being made in the air, in the atmosphere of the water, in the sea currency, that are literally alarming. She told that some seas the temperature is rising considerably, that there are [straalstromen] in the atmosphere that do not belong there and it went as far as that she said: “In the core – and that is no fear at all, we do not have to be afraid for that – but in the core it is much more serious than people can imagine at this point – how the climate is shifting.” Of course this does not say what the consequences will be. She also said: “It is very much possible that the temperature in Spain increases to 55 degrees Celsius and in the Netherlands we will get enormous Siberian temperatures that will last for a long time. I am not someone who likes predictions, because no one can predict something, because things are changing all the time. But she clearly stated that this was not a slip of the tongue, but that is was very clear. She clearly stated: “Around the world scientists are conversing with each other and the alarm bell is sounding that change is not coming, but it is already here.”
She also addresses other issues: that water expands due to a rise in temperature that it will cause shock waves.
So yes, you want to start with good news. The good news is that it is talked about and therefore it is no longer kept silent. It is not so much bad news, it is in fact good news, because it means that a tremendous shift is going on.

Arjan: But since several years we know Al Gore and is message of doom. He said then: “Well, in 2015 the caps are ice free.” but then the ice had actually increased. Of course there are many controversies in climate science, it is in fact quite unpredictable. What makes that you say as far as this journalist of BNR goes: “She has a story that is correct and balanced in respect to what other say?”

Martijn: I don’t say that it is correct or balanced, because I cannot verify it, but I find it very fascinating, because I could here in her voice that she was speaking autonomously. It was not a sturdy, well orchestrated story. It was just that she told it based on her own experiences and what she had seen and experienced herself.
And what is important to me is not so much that we have to prepare for large climate changes or shock waves on or around the earth, on the earth or in the atmosphere, but more that people are talking about it that the field is in motion, that there are people within science that are also just telling this. And the ice cap that All Gore talked about: the ice cap is melting and within this melting line it also grows from time to time. There are so many programs in action: several weather modification programs, the planetary changes that occur in the entire solar system, human consciousness that is changing tremendously. What I find really special is that there just is that one talks about it on such a news channel. It was, as far as I know, a fifteen minute interview that was rather profound. It was also extraordinary that there were many questions asked. She answered them very nicely. And I thought: Well, that is interesting, that people can just talk about it now.”
So I do not connect it with a “true or not true” story, but more like: there is more possibility to openly talk about it.

Arjan: What do you yourself see when this is talked about? Do you have images of what is your perception of what she is talking about?

Martijn: My perception is that from the moment that I was aware of that during the time I am present on earth as Martijn, that changes are coming. And it is actually not a change but more a change back to a situation as it was before.
So we are in an artificial hold, aren’t we, with the whole climate? And there will be strong changes in that. What I find interesting in that, is that I suspect – as I have seen as a child, but purely based on what I saw then – that there will come some kind of polar shift, a shift in the polar turning system, from the pole.
Will it happen? It does not really matter. So yes, I have my own experiences within myself that made it interesting to listen to her.
And what she also clearly said – and I think much more what it was about for me – is that she literally said: “People are not aware of the large changes that are ahead and the people are not aware that they can prepare for it by living independent.” And if you dare to look at it, it does not mean you have to start hoarding and stock your attic, but to see how you can rearrange your life. That you can do things independently. I thought that was a beautiful message.

Arjan: In a city that is quite a challenge, I presume.

Martijn: It can be a challenge, also in the countryside.

Arjan: Yeah, yeah, yeah, fair enough.
Okay, and now for the good news.

The American government did not give permission for the controversial oil pipeline in North Dakota if the route is not adjusted. A spokesperson for the US Army Corps of Engineers – also very curious that this is apparently an army matter – said: “It is obvious that we need to find other options for the pipeline.”End quote. The decision is a large victory for the environmental activists and the Native Americans that have been protesting the construction of the pipeline. But intimidation with, among others, low flying spraying airplanes over the camp site continue. The confidence that the American government will keep to this decision is not very strong amongst the sympathizers of the 300 ‘native tribes’ and the 18 million people in the area who depending on clean drinking water.
Despite the victory, the camp will not be removed as yet.
American veterans have also asked forgiveness from the Native Americans. And we can look at how they did that.

(Video is being shown.)

Arjan: Yes, fantastic.
And with the same ‘peace spirit’ a few months ago thousands of Palestinian and Israeli women have walked the ‘march of hope’ for two weeks. Together, as sisters. After all that had happened: together for peace. And we are going to watch that to.

(Video is shown.)

Arjan: Wow, it is truly grand what these women have accomplished together.

In Sweden 4000 Swedish citizens have started a lawsuit of 60 million dollars against the government for not answering questions about secret Geo-engeneering or in other words, chem trails. These trespasses happened when the government did not respond to the requests in the context of the Swedish law of public administration, of the citizens to provide information concerning the frequent spraying from airplanes.
Yes, in 2014 at Earth Matters we made an appeal: these are two of the photo’s. (being show)
That was a message that had over 100.000 views on just one day and hundreds of photo’s were sent to us, all picturing the air from Twello to Zierikzee, from Leeuwarden to Maastricht. Only these kinds of sky.
In the context of Crowd Power we would like to ask your help, because frankly we could use some legal assistance to re-enforce our declined WOB request. (Law of public administration)
We would like to see what we from Earth Matters can do and we really need legal assistance. For instance: in a WOB request we have asked Mr. Opstelten where the permissions for departure and landing are recorded and what reason was given for the flights, what chemical substances were used and the quantities that are used, what companies supplied the substances and with what aim were they purchased and the number of commercial flights compared to the number of military flights during that day. This was about 16th May 2014. At first we were ignored completely, so we had to register and finally they said: “Well, that is going to take a very long time”- oh no, they first sent it to another ministry, because I sent it to Security and they forwarded it to Infrastructure and Environment……

Martijn: And then it arrived at the Ministry of Denial…

Arjan: Yes, it did! (laughter) Because at first the head of the Dutch air control told me: “Yes, we need a maximum of time for this.” And they exceeded this time. Then they said: “We have no information about this.”Period. So we actually need legal assistance on how to deal with this. So in the context of Crowd Power we would like to ask you if there are lawyers among you or within your network that are willing to participate, so together with the readers of Earth Matters we can put this on the map.

Martijn: Yes, well that is really nice, because there is a lot of legal work to do. It is just, the crowd also makes the power, right? The power, hence Crowd Power. I think it is also good to mention that in the Netherlands we need a real platform to represent this, where some sort of clench of, lets say all kinds of initiatives that are really presented with power.

Arjan: You have also mentioned things in the context of Nederland Bewust Anders? (The Netherlands Consciously Different)

Martijn: Yes.

Arjan: Can you say something about that progress?

Martijn: Yes, the progress of “Nederland Bewust Anders”…, that is a platform of cooperation with each other in which we will bring forth and present initiatives as a large group. Together, no longer signing petitions, but as a large group bringing influence and inspiration to the government and powers that want to keep the lid on the pot. The status of that is that … in about three months I am going into a small sort of retreat. So it means that within this retreat I will keep an open space to participate in non-retreat.
The goal is – and that should already be in the fall of this year, but that was not possible because of all the legal developments that are taking place – the goal is that later on, somewhere in the end of January – and I find it very hard to pin point a time to that – but that is what is needed – to organize the first conference in the Netherlands – there will be four speakers – in which all kinds of people give thematic information about the changes that are occurring.
So it is about education, about health, about energy and it is also about pollution, because it are actually trails in the air – whatever we call them, chem-trails or trails in the air, that does not matter. We want that this will be investigated and we will start at the end of January.
It is also possible to really mobilize your power. So it is not an organization that you join, but in fact, the organization merely exists because you are there; that is the core of the whole story. And that together as a large Crowd we are going to present: “We need this needs to be investigated.” And then it is about an advisory board, in fact about an inspirational board, that with necessary pressure, with power, will motivate the organization that we call government, the organization that we call authorities, to investigate. So this just has to be looked at.
And you can do that when you work with 10.000 people. Then you can do something. And with 100.000 people you can do something, but if you form a thematic group of millions of people, you can do much more. And there will be a need for lawyers, attorneys who understand Dutch law and National law and how to proceed in a process like this. Or lawyers that are on top of things that it will be done correctly. Because, yes, you have to understand the game on this earth to be able to play it: “If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen” and I think we were very capable of standing the heat in the kitchen, because we ourselves bake the warmest roles. I think that that will be my response at the end of January, when this first conference will take place. It will be in the center of the Netherlands and everyone is very welcome.

And then we will get back to the chem-trails as we call them, that you literally can, just like the Israeli and Palestinian ladies, from togetherness and power, without radiating discontent, represent such a power that the people within the authorities will also feel inspired by that spark within us of: “but first we will look at it.”
I am also not a person who wants to knock someone out of their position, not at all. Please, let these people stay where they are. They have practiced for years how it could be don differently, so let them apply it.

Arjan: Very beautiful. Well, I am looking forward to it.

Martijn: Me too.

Arjan: In the introduction of this Crowd Power we asked you: What would you like to start moving with the Power of the Crowd?” We have received many, many responses and we will name a few.
Anne-Marie who says:”I would like it for women to be supported in the natural birth process and experiencing their own power. I dream of the practice of a platform of honest information and exchange about that and a birthing place in a natural environment in a community. A broadcast about giving birth and probably my own show in which I interview parents and professionals.”Well, as far as we are concerned, you are more than welcome.
Yes, I thought so, yes, Anne Marie is in the audience. Really nice, but we would like to talk about it. Super nice.

Han says: “I would like that all human being truly love themselves and take care of themselves.”

Erica says: “If there is one thing I could change in the world, it would be more respect for children. It is high time that they can be who they are.”

Werner says about the same topic: “I notice in my daily way of thinking that there are still so many strings attached to the past. I would like the school systems to start paying attention to the influence of old experiences in daily life. That young people become more aware of who they truly are.“

Elina says about that: “completely overturn the current school system, radically.”
I have news about that. We have invited Cara St. Louis. She is co-author of Harald Kautz Vella’s “Dangerous Imagination, Silent Assimilation”.
Harald Kautz Vella’s part is really about the chem-trails –approx. the last 80 pages of the book – and in the first 120 pages Cara St. Louis reveals how 200 years of history is the basis of our world wide school system and that these 200 years are based on 100% mind control. That is a subject, I think, that seriously needs to be addressed. She gathered all of this with information that is available in the public domain. Very impressive. She parted with her co-author Harald Kautz Vella. She says: “Frankly, I lost him to the artificial intelligence.” She has also done interviews on that. So the copyright of the book is somewhat uncertain. We thought it was important to provide her with a stage, so the story can also be told here.
So, 12th February, the link is in the show notes, the other links also, those of the good news and such, you can all find them in the show notes. But regarding to the school system: I agree completely.

Martijn: Yes, it is the basis. In fact we are introducing the new inhabitants of this beautiful planet with a very corrupt and hollow system.

Arjan: Yes, that is incredible.

Martijn: And if someone wants to do something before hand what you …. it might be that when children can choose freely, eventually they will make a choice you cannot agree with. But then it is the child’s choice. And you can shout: “Yes, but the child is not ready for that”- Yes, who decides that? I think it is wonderful that it is opening up, because I encounter many new systems, also in the IBBO education.(translate: IAAE – I Am Aware Education) Yes, that is a very beautiful initiative throughout the Netherlands that is moving. Of course every school does that in a slightly different way, but the effort, the platform of the human being is that it all originates from within the child itself. And that the teachers are also grateful to the children for being there altogether. So it is gratitude in a respectful situation. And so many beautiful things can occur from that! And that is what is happening.

Arjan: To me one of the most shocking things was the basis of our current system: Right now it is quite normal that we have obligatory education, but when it was introduced several decennia ago – I believe it was in England – back then the army and the police had to patrol these villages to make sure that every child really went to school. It was not normal or usual. Now it is a worldwide given fact and you are some sort of crazy dissident if you think differently about that.

Martijn: You are even punishable when you dodge the compulsory education and in this country you are in fact considered to be a criminal.

Arjan: Martin says: “I would like to open a children’s clinic and measure and treat children on a natural way. I have already found a good residence, just need financing. With pleasure he will personally provide for the equipment. This same Martin also wants to take care of the planting of millions of hemp plants so all toilet paper, paper, boxes, packaging, furniture etc. can be made of hemp. He had unlimited land and licensed available on the Canary Islands. All that is needed now is money and management. If you are interested, his contact details are in the show notes, so you can contact him.

Martijn: And this also happens. All of these initiatives, all these images and feelings within us … also all sorts of other feelings; they are carried out, they are realized. And you also notice that there are increase of initiatives in society; there is more and more public support. So the people on the planet who are under mind control and in fact are programmed in their thinking – and that comes from an Archontic consciousness – the people who live in that framework, are being confronted with a hopefully inspiring way that thing could be different. And every being in the universe can change. Whatever Martin describes, will be. That is how it will happen.

Arjan: Beautiful.

Martijn: We are in the middle of these changes. This is in fact one big cheering period, in which we suffer a lot. This is actually a contradiction, but it is true.

Arjan: Yes, very special.
One initiative that contains such a contradiction is: “Be Your Neighbor.” That is a new neighborhood initiative that wants to give encouragement for those who are in danger of loosing hope. “We need to realize that our small power is valuable.” says initiator Mona. It is also to soften each others suffering and being able to find each other in times of chaos or disaster. We already have a Facebook page: “Be Your Neighbor”. Who wants to help and be a critical judge and develop this? If you want to participate, you will find the information in the show notes.
And Judith says: “Well, with the Power of the Crowd I would sue the pharmaceutical industry concerning the deliberate vaccination of healthy people – this is making sick – because they ban the effective treatment of MS, Parkinson, ALS, Autism, Fibromyalgya and cancer from the public domain and they continue deliberately with ineffective and sickening treatment of those diseases.
And I would adjust the law so E-numbers, unfermented soy and all non biological food are no longer allowed in this country and no longer can be produced. This country? The whole world! While I am writing this, I realize that still 1,2 billion people on this earth are starving because the distribution of food is not optimal. I would instantly optimize that and prohibit companies to pack those fruits and vegetables in other countries then where they are grown.”

Martijn: Yes, sue the pharmaceutical industry. Yes, medicine, means that cure, that is not always the case; very questionable. You might say it is a fake labeling, wouldn’t you? It is fake to say that a medicine cures when indisputably had been proven that many people die from these medicines in stead of being cured. Yes, it is fake news, fake messages. You could say that you make people or organizations accountable for spreading fake news, the insinuations and that is really very fake.

I like that very much – I want to respond to the fake happenings. This moment there are many messages in the world that fake news is being spread. As I recall there is a physician just across the border of Deventer who is arrested in his clinic in Germany. Because the clinic is closed, closed down because he treated people who were in the terminal phase. So they say that these people, his clients, have died. When you are terminal, you usually die.

Arjan: Yes. (laughter)

Martijn: But there is also the insinuation that he claims to be able to heal people – translated: that he sells medicine. So he is being arrested for spreading fake messages. And in fact, when you look at what Judith says that with the Power of the Crowd she would like to sue the pharmaceutical industry, that is actually a possibility: so that is really possible. We don’t know the half of it whether the law allows it or not, what we can do together to file a mass claim. Right now there is a debate about these things behind the curtains of the legal circles in the Netherlands. But together we have so much power to do something! In fact you might say: “Well, we will hold them accountable for spreading fake news.”
So we can do a lot with what is not entirely true to point out: hey guys, medicine is alright, better yet, we ARE chemical beings and if you look at it in black and white, at this moment in the brain; they are chemical processes and when something is not functioning correctly we do sometimes need a chemical pill to make it function again. So we are not against medication, but we are against the fake insinuations and fake messages around it.
And this also goes for the pharmacy, for nutrition and in fact for everything. So there is a lot we can do.

Arjan: So the patient information leaflet should not say that there are ‘side’-effects, because that is also fake. They are just effects.

Martijn: Yes, exactly. So all and all, again: are you a lawyer, do you know someone who likes to dive into it in a playful manner? Well, let’s work together. Because it is about exposing things. It is about putting things on the table. That is what it is about. To me it is not interesting to bring someone to justice. It is about providing the consciousness that things can be named differently, that it can be presented differently.

Arjan: Yes, very beautiful.
Ciciel says:”It would be wonderful if we could all open our hearts and acquire the self healing property of our body, so we would all have the potential and the knowledge to heal ourselves and to be able to live in love, health and respect for all.

Martijn: Nice, beautiful.

Arjan: Wafar has a tip. He says: “Every month in almost a thousand living rooms – there are 951 where this occurs monthly – people come together to be still for one hour. By meditating together in a living room you not only come to yourself, but also together. Besides that the mutual silence has a positive effect on the surroundings. There is more harmony and flow. If you want a better world, you do not have to take to the streets; you are more effective when you create a powerful field of meditation. Enlighten yourself, enlighten each other and enlighten the world.” That initiative is called “City lights” and is from Tijn Touber. You can find it on:”.

Martijn: Yes, with a beautiful logo

Arjan: Yes.

Martijn: Well, beautiful initiatives. Yes, you know, also all ideas about that, it just shows how we are all are working together in our own way. And it is just good to present the ideas of people, what we are thinking, what we are feeling and what we present from within. Because this is what we do: in the moment that we are working with our imagination and feelings on how we would present the world or what we would like to change, set into motion, then with our heart consciousness we directly tap into the Force Field where we come from, in that Life Field. And the more initiatives are exclusively working ‘inside’ Yourself, the more initiatives are in motion, the more powerful effect it will have on the reality we live in.
So I could listen for days what people are writing, it is truly so heart warming. You really notice the equality, we are all working, internally but also externally, with that great change. It is one big family. The Original Reality that is ushered in in the here and now. And it is unstoppable.

Arjan: Is this a good moment for empowerment?

Martijn: This seems a very good moment.
Let’s download the theme ‘equality’ in ourselves. Equality. And let’s also connect ‘world peace’ to it.
So that from equality world peace and harmony can be presented from our Original Consciousness, the primal power within us, originating from another world. To radiate that Original Light over here.

Empowerment Crowd Power 22:1

Close your eyes, as I also do again.
In a moment of silence, let us go very deep within ourselves, with your attention you go through the head, first from the outside to the inside of the head, being present in your head. Realizing that you are a being, a time traveler from another world in e human shape. And that you travel with your attention through your brain to make sure that, from Love and Power the radio waves inside your head are being neutralized, so your mind will be calm.
By traveling down to your heart, your mind, your head is in a calm mode. You move on to your heart, with your attention on the place where your heart is. (And I always say that if you like, you can put your hand there, on the spot where your physical heart is.) Then you download in silence the force and the love, the meaning of equality. All of life has the same equal significance, has equal power, equal opportunities. This is what you download. Usher it in in your own way: world peace and harmony. Let it be a calling from your heart, as a carrier of the Force of Life to the Field of Life with a ‘command’ of love, so it will now flow from the Field of Life into your heart…
And stay with your attention with and within your heart. And realize that in this moment that you are here as a human being on earth, we as a civilization are being observed by several very advanced, loving, very powerful other civilizations from other universes. And that their observation of the civilization here on earth enhances to you the value, the essential value of ‘equality, world peace, harmony’. Again in silence within your heart you realize that the force fields are reinforced by the observations from other worlds. Usher it in, within yourself from yourself…
And from silence you take a deep breath and when you exhale you realize that the Force field radiates and transmits from your heart and shock waves of force and love envelop the earth.
And we do this simultaneous with thousands of people in space and time….
Equality for all humans on planet earth. Equal opportunities, equal rights for all humans on earth, regardless their origins, regardless the situation, history, equal chances for all living beings on earth. For all elements and elementals. World peace from equality. Harmony from world peace. Let it be clear from power and original love within us, that this shock wave of power can be received in every cell of the consciousness of every being on earth. This is why you are here on earth.
And then you can open your eyes again.

It is good that we do this together, everyone in his or her own way.
This is not a prayer. This is Power from the Original Potential of which humans are an expression. And it happens based on the imagination that information is passed on from the heart to the brain. So the movement is from the Field. We receive the information inter dimensionally. We pass on the information to our brain and then our body is informed of this information, after which this information is transmitted outward in shock waves of power. And that occurs through geometrical fields. It is special to work with that. On earth this technique is both known and yet forgotten.

Arjan: It is also very beautiful to do this together on a regular basis, here in the broadcast. And what we luckily also can do in our broadcasts is that we have very talented musicians. On this night as well.
Juan Noguera and Fatima again from the studio in Hilversum. May I invite you to play something for us?
What are you going to perform for us?

Fatima: The number is called “Silencio”. The number is based on a quote someone said: “Music is close to silence”.

(Musical intermezzo)

Martijn: Thank you

Arjan: Really beautiful.

Martijn: You are a nice combination.

Arjan: Both music, instrument and voice, really has something.

Martijn: For all of us it is an honor to listen to and especially also to feel it.
Yes, really special.
I do want to give some additions to the Crowd Power broadcasts that we can experience together. We are working in the Netherlands for two and a half year now?

Arjan: one and a half year.

Martijn: In this form. Later on we will be going to 2017.
And then there may arise another form. Nothing is as dynamic as the energy within is. What would be very nice is to make some sort of two fold. So we make the broadcasts a little shorter. I think that is very well possible, when we discuss less. But that we, let us say, work together for half an hour on some issues that really come forward and that we really use the other hour for the Crowd Power. That is what we initially wanted, but it also needs development. Which we presented, all of us together, anywhere in the world. Throughout the world the broadcasts are being watched; on different sites they are uploaded. Because we have built a foundation together – practice makes perfect, within ourselves and now also together – we can really present these Crowd Powers.
So the approach will be – but it could turn out to be different than what I tell you now – will be that we will talk a shorter period of time and the broadcasts will be more powerful. And will also become fundamentally more powerful. So we will do much more together. That is what I wanted to share.
And besides that that we will give more attention to art. So in the beginning of 2017 we will also organize an art fair, where all kinds of art can come together in an exhibit where people also from the vision that we are more than just physical consciousness, come together and that we can feel and extend with each other the hologram, the power behind art, the love within art. Everything is consciousness. When you have made a work of art, you look at it visually, but you also experience the creation of the one who made it. That is what we are also working on. So we will be doing a lot more than just the broadcasts that we have done so far. Consider yourself invited to join in the inspiration for ideas that can be a contribution and an extension. That is what we want to share with you. Thank you.
But first we go of the air? You are going to retreat. In about three months to three years you can expect a message from Earth Matters that we expect to continue. …. (laughter)

Martijn: No, it will not take that long, but I will indeed take some rest now. It is coming and it does not matter that I or you have to do what we do, it is about being guided from the Field. And when we realize that we do it together – because that is what happens – the new form can arise very quickly. So where there is emptiness, something can emerge. And when something is there, there is interpretation. That is why I retreat for a little while.

Arjan: Yes, beautiful. I feel a lot of possibilities for creation coming from that.
Of course we have also received some questions about the topic.
Alexandra asks:”Is it possible to use channels that have been created for and by dark purposes, like for instance morgellons, blue chips in microphones and laptops or the powder you speak of, to enhance the light within is and to bring unity?“

Martijn: The answer could be “yes” because we are Beings of Power and when we have access to our Ability we are literally able to be present with our creation ability within every cell of every light code. When we look at the situation we are in now, in 2016, I would like to give this response to that: that we do not have to do that. Because when we are starting to use these channels, which we can, we expose ourselves to influences we have not enough insight about how it works.
So observing dark purposes, dark forces, dark powers, observing, witnessing that there are morgellons and all kinds of other systems like smart dust and all those kind of things, will arise within us in stages. That you do not get into a position that causes more problems than you can handle.
I would not promote that. No. But it is possible.

Arjan: Is not the case that change occurs by observation anyway?

Martijn: Yes, of course.
Look, the visual technical observation that we in fact do in this moment, it happens because our observation is moved through water crystals. We ourselves are water beings, we consist of water, this world is built up from water; in the atmosphere is all water. When you are in the water, you cannot breathe, you can however inhale it (Martijn makes a sniffing gesture). All observations we do now also influence the water crystals that we look through.
By the way, that gives considerable challenges, because by observing, through the field of this observation, seven very clever fields are active that influence that observation. So it also is like: “know what you observe, know what you look at.”
It is very, very important to continuously realize that you might receive information from a different field that we have learned up until now.
The shift of this observation through our imagination ensures that we connect with a Force within ourselves that is so huge! And then we change, without calling it “change”, reality. And we do that indeed with our observation. That is also the quantum mechanic law and all our friends and family from other universes are also anticipating that we will activate this within ourselves.

Arjan: The question connected to that is: “You spoke about the danger of the “black sisters” that travel the universe. Do you have stories from experience about civilizations that you might say, warded off this attack? And what is the crux of how they returned to the Origin and discarded mind control? And stepped out the collective hypnoses?”

Martijn: Yes, that is a very beautiful question. There are many many civilizations in every universe that deal with and certainly have dealt with this gigantic microbial attack. It is an invasion. It is archontic consciousness of an extraordinary super intellectual proportion. They are in fact light microbes, that are located between the bubbles of light. In a strange way of saying that is also from where they originate. They are a sort of small spider like beings, that are not the spiders as we know them, but through encoding they are present within the light fields and behind the hologram they show themselves as spider like beings and that is actually the “black sister energy”. Those are invaders.

Arjan: We have also showed them in what for instance Harald Kautz Vella has brought up.

Martijn: I do not remember that.

Arjan: You don’t remember that? Okay.

Martijn: Yes, we saw an image about that, didn’t we?

Arjan: Yes and in those chem trails. There was an intuitive person that made a drawing of what he saw in those chem trails. That also was a sort of spider like being with a cross on its forehead.

Martijn: Well, those are the light fields that carry encoding which translates in our consciousness as that form. So it is not that form, it is literally a hologram consciousness.
And there are civilizations – I will take those as an example, because I can present them clearly – are the Cinzani civilizations. Those are civilizations that are very involved with the origins of the Asian race on this planet, the Asian races. They are people who have a height of 150/155 cm, are very advanced beings that have an enormous ability within themselves and with this ability, by their brainwaves they can move themselves into other light codes, other light fields.
So they would not have to travel from star state to star state, but they can travel in the matrix, of how it is built up. That is a very advanced technique. And just like us, but only in another situation, they dealt with and still deal with the Archontic consciousness. And what they did … yes, you know, you live in quite another reality with a completely different ability, the nature of reality also becomes different, but if I would translate where we stand as humans here on this planet, in our capacity, is that at a certain point a decision needs to be made that a part of the collective consciousness stops doing what it does.
If you understand what ‘the law of cause and effect’ means in the universe – what we do that brings forth an effect – if you unravel all of this and you understand how matrix and real programs respond to that, than you also understand that by stopping what you do gives a time-out in the hologram of control.
And what they have done, expressed in our time, is that with a consensus that is still far fetched on earth so it seems, but [exactly] that is what we are bringing into motion – and it has an effect of unprecedented nature – let us never think that it will not work, because it already works, the wave is flowing – what they have done is in a mutual decision: drop everything that they were doing, collectively.

Arjan: Getting out collectively.

Martijn: So they stopped everything they were doing. In the broadest sense. On earth that would mean we would stop getting up in the morning to go to work. Stopping with everything that derives from that, which keeps the whole system in motion, that complete program. And what will derive in return is a complete moment of nothing. Because when everyone does that simultaneously and not step into fear, if there is not just one group that continues to bake bread like: “yes, we need to bake bread”, if that belief is not there, but there is a complete moment of silence, then the nature of reality in which you have always lived – which is the matrix – does not work anymore. Because it only works in the moment that the civilization that lives there feeds that reality. And in the moment that this sustenance stops, so these beings stop interacting in that reality, then that reality stops. It then will become visible. Then it will fall apart. This is a rather vague, abstract story, but it is what actually happens.
And this Cinzani civilization has succeeded in that moment to stop reality, switch it off. In turn a larger consciousness will emerge, in which they find themselves, and switch that off also. Dismantle it. Galactically it is seen as dismantling. By stopping what you do, collectively, reality that seems to come from outside, but in fact is fed by the inner one of the being, is no longer capable to enter in the being and therefor it disappears. The shell breaks down, “boom”. Then there is the next shell, that breaks down, “boom”. And then you arrive at a …. and that is the reason that these questions are super interesting, but the explanation about it is so very much, that is why I say, yes that Crowd Power get too little attention because of all my talking.
Yes, you do want to communicate with words, no? But it is also fun to get some insight in these holograms, that you can find out how geometrical consciousness fields intermingle, what these are and what they means. In fact they are power waves of life and in the moment that you stop acting in the power waves then the power wave disappears, “ploof”. You then enter another reality. And what the Cinzani civilizations have done, is some sort of movement collectively, I don’t call it a ceremony, because it is not, from their own power they have dismantles a lot of shells.
Causing the Archontic influences in daily life to disappear into the back ground. And they are still here, but they know that they are here. They can deal with that very consciously.

Arjan: And how did they obtain that collectiveness in that moment?

By being in another stage of development than we are at this moment.
And it is also different, because the Cinzani civilizations carry a different potential, so they have a different part of the complete clockwork of what consciousness is. The complete clockwork is in totality 60 minutes in that whole scale; that is in fact “the clock of Power” and there are civilizations in the universe that represent the full potential of that complete clock – that is the original human, that is its expression – and there are beings that represent parts of that clock in force fields. The Cinzani civilizations carry others parts within them and therefore have another view ans another way of acting to stop that. But what is important for them, is that they have decided based on their mutual insight, that this way it would have no other outcome but just the downfall of their civilization.
So at first there has to be an observation by a civilization that says: this cannot go on any longer.
And they have realized that collectively.

Arjan: It is a paradox that it really does that, the insight that it stops when you go in that direction. It stopped in the moment they stopped and then something else came in its place. So it also stopped in that way.

Martijn: Yes, yes.

Arjan: But differently.
And what do you see for us? For them it was a good set of factors, you might say, in their evolution. Do you have more examples and do you have any idea what would be good for us?

Martijn: Yes, I have lots of examples, but let us just start with us. I can tell a lot about those civilizations. Also parts of the Safiran star system of Sirius, where this has also taken place. And where it is still taking place. It is not just on earth. It is all too beautiful to tell that there is peace and harmony everywhere. That is not the case. Something very big is going on.
In fact, what we experience here on earth is that we are forced by technological oppression that is coming, so also really physical, that we will be getting less control.

Arjan: That is already here, isn’t it?

Martijn: It is here, but in the capacity of our physical reality we see that it arises.
And that is really meant to ultimately invade human consciousness in this dimension, as a keystone to lock it up in an artificial reality that interposed once again. That is actually the goal. But what happened, is that there is emerging so much Power within humanity, that people are starting to get aware about it, carrying the necessity to become aware so strongly within themselves, that they carry out the necessity with Power: “and as a free being I have to, on behalf of myself, start to truly represent that analog reality. I have to write about it, I have to read about it, I have to talk about it, I have to make films about it, etc.”
And what happens is that we are being forced by the technological oppression that is really taking off right now, [a development] that will really complete its entry in the coming years at a really rapid pace. It happens. We will not escape from that. But also that the oppression is seen by the crowd that is aware of this inner Power and exactly that can be pointed out as the cause that at one point humanity unanimously will say: “Okay, just like – let us say that Cinzani civilization – we will now take a collective decision.”
First there is a need for a collective decision, whatever the decision is, whatever it is about, to create consensus in the Field of Collective Being. And we will be forced to do that. The earth will be forced by the technological developments in the people to do it differently. So it is a profound decision in the consciousness of feelings.
“this never again, you know, like 1940-1945”- that is what is said, “this never again”.

Arjan: [From] that technology I see that it it incites big cognitive dissonance. And you say: that it will be pushed even further to a “point of no return”.

Martijn: “You wouldn’t believe it”, how big it is going to be. It is getting huge. And it is only good that it happens. Again, it will be the maximum means to bring humanity to their senses, that we either go outside or we go within. When we dare to be within, so withdraw considerably, than we can also be outside again. That is a tremendous movement.

Arjan: Yes.
Because it is in fact that we all are still to comfortable. Despite the mess that is going on, we also have a very big comfort zone. And by the technique that is going to pressure is even more severe, we can do nothing else but break out with one or another spark of Original consciousness that is left within is.

Martijn: Yes.

Arjan: Should I see it a little like that?

Martijn: Yes, you could see it like that. And that is applicable to the civilized part of this planet that has to deal with it. This is not valid for the people that live in very underdeveloped countries that have no food or water. Because they are already in an oppressing system. It is mainly about that the people who are in the centralized power location on earth, so the people who grow up in the Western system, capitalism and that sort of systems, who will be forced to by that technology to change. So it is not that this is true for all humans, but ultimately it will have an effect on all humans.

Arjan: They are in fact.. . . where capitalism rules and such, those are the preservers of the system and also the bringers of this technology. When people stand up and want something different, it will be adjusted from within.

Martijn: Yes, that is right, Arjan. And it is also true that when you speak about people who are now working at universities, who attend courses and who even have doctorates or are engineers or something else, that they support these technological developments and who find these also very contributing – which it also is, because with technology you can accomplish wonderful things, it is good to also say that.
Those people, who are unwilling to acknowledge that this reality will end up in a complete disastrous situation for human consciousness, those people will eventually receive that same message within themselves. One way or another all humans will be presented with that choice. And that is why it is so important that we realize, as humans on earth, in whatever form we are working with our consciousness, whether it is like in this story or in a completely different set up: we are working with consciousness. And the enlargement of your own abilities, of your own consciousness, is an inspiration for the whole world. So what you do at home, wherever you are: you bring forth an essential contribution to set that consciousness in motion. That is huge.

Arjan: You also say that every person is connected to 40.000 others, don’t you.

Martijn: The information that you, me experience in the geometry of how energy is built up – those are shock waves of power – that information that I experience within myself – feelings, shock waves of emotions, pluses and minuses, “now-way” power is that – it is geometrical in nature and it blends from the heart power here within, through this shell of Creation (Martijn makes an all encompassing gesture towards his body) outward, just like a stone you throw into the water. Then a shock wave comes out of the light field; that is the information field. That is a geometrical field that goes out, to approximately 500 from your body. And it blends with the coding of the hologram in which we live. And at that moment it has an effect on 40.000 other living beings. So what I experience, goes ón.

Arjan: “Crowd Power erupts.”

Martijn: So what I experience, goes ón: “boom”. Yes, that is the geometry. And when we learn to apply that from a much larger concept than we ever imagined. Then we can – and we will – purely from love, (we will judge no one, we will want to change no one; we will merely bring that what we represent), then we will have all those people in that network get acquainted with themselves.
So because I as a being, as Martijn here on earth, do something from my Core Power, from equality, world peace and harmony – and [because] I realize that I don’t do it as Martijn, but I realize that I do it from the Original Field, from the sacred geometry of the Primal Field, this information, this Force Field is received and passed on by 40.000 other people: boom.

Arjan: And again to 40.000 others.

Martijn: Yes, yes.

Arjan: That is truly “Crowd Power erupts”.

Martijn: Yes, that is our potential. And in other times we have done that so very well together. It is penetrated by all kinds of other fields; the most manipulative fields are penetrating to occupy our minds. And now is the time to look at it firmly and to get rid of those moments we reside within those fields.
That is the inspiration. And yes, you know …, we actually need the crowd; we need each other. How wonderful is that, that we need each other. Imagine that we would not need each other, than you can do it all alone. Then you might say: “I shrug my shoulders and if the other person is reluctant, so be it.” No, you realize that from origin we all are in the Unity Field. And the other person is actually worth the trouble, very much worth the trouble, that this part in you – because it represents that part of you – also goes with that movement.

Arjan: Is it the Merkaba you describe?

Martijn: No, it is not a Merkaba I describe. Merkaba is a geometry that belongs to an original Lemurian consciousness that took place in another parallel world of earth. When you work with the Merkaba, you are working with geometry that refers to the chronicles of another time, that has much significance, but…., and it is truly “but”- but does not change anything in the “here and now”, in the acting, in the feeling of “who you are now as a being in this body”.

Arjan: Then you miss the moments of now?

Martijn: You could miss out on something of the “now”.

Arjan: Great, okay.
Richard says: “I have the feeling that the Matrix is in fact contracting or tightening. A voice inside me says: something is off, there is something going on, it does not feel good. Everything on the outside continues, but inside there is something not right. Do you recognize this or is it my own perception that is changing?”

Martijn: The latter always. Everything we experience is our own perception, but there is a communal field and when we are within the original communal field, in which the experiment of this universe is built up – so that is field one – then we have a collective perception. And in that perception a lot is going on indeed, but there it does not contract, there it relaxes. There will be much more space, for us to decorate and frame it.
But in the other fields, – those are holograms that flow through [this space], those are seven holograms that run right through and are identical to the original experiment – that make other movements. And those are contracting movements. Like he says so eloquently: “What I feel is a contraction”. And that contraction is a condensation. So it is as if something is attracted. That is what you will also feel when you get into a worrying state, live with shortage and [if you] let yourself be governed by all those feelings of pain and trauma and you go into that. Then you also feel this movement pulling on your belt, energetically. And then you also feel that there is something very subtle that is not right is present in the field, like: “Hey, wait a minute, something is running through here.”You can notice this with someone else, you can notice it with yourself. But what is so special, is that what you notice might not be present with someone else, but that what you detect is a hologram that runs through, which from your perception has to do with someone else. And yet you yourself are in that field work.
So know what you see, what you think you perceive. It is completely true what he is saying: that something contracting, not right, is happening.

Arjan: And yet that is a mirror.

Martijn: It is something that is really happening in that field and the moment that you yourself navigate in that field, you are also energetically in that field. And yet it is very important to be present in those fields. So I don’t make a neuroses from that, that I continuously need to stay in that one, good, fantastic field. No, I am present everywhere. Better yet, as a being from another universe it is given to us to walk and move through all of those fields with our consciousness.

Arjan: Can you relax in all of those fields?

Martijn: You can relax in all of those fields. Of course. If you can be relaxed in your Core Power and you can relax your mind, you can be present in every field. It does not have to be something that you think of as: oh, I should not be here; I have to withdraw immediately because over here it feels horrible. You can feel like: hey, it feels different here. Hey, shoot, my mind is even reacting to that field. And there will even emerge images of fear and worries; that is hard to believe! And then you immediately go to your Force Field within. And in the moment you do that and you realize what kind of power you represent within yourself, then it is: “stand up, human race”. And that is really really necessary. So do not run from it. If you have a feeling like: I need to leave, then do it, but when you carry the Force Field within you it is very good, very good to be present therein and also to let your light, your Original light come in through your observation. And “no judgment” right? No judgment; just be there. Just watch. Watch and observe. In the worst case we can die physically.

Arjan: Well, if that is all. (laughter)

Martijn: That is the worst that can happen, that we die. And from “the here and now”, it truly is very bad, but also not bad. There are so many conviction in mankind. The moment you say: “The worst that can happen is that you die”, then in fact by saying it out loud, there is the consciousness that it is not the case. So, name it what are your deepest fears.

Arjan: Trudy asks: When all kinds of structures are built on those ley lines on purpose to disrupt, how can we eliminate that interference? Do we have to break those structures down or something else? And how do you recognize in what churches satanic rituals are or are not taking place?

Martijn: The first question is why these building are built worldwide on locations where very powerful geometric consciousness fields go out from the earth. Those are layers that in turn are in connection with other holograms that move through the earth. They are other “earts”. It is not the case that these structures were put there to disrupt those force fields, but just the opposite: to use the force fields. To provide the intentions and the beings that live there with Life Force. That like for instance Manhattan, lower Manhattan is built on a huge chrystal that is below the surface and the “financial center” is built exactly on top of it. So that whole area is built on a huge crystal; that is known; it is common knowledge.
“Scientists” have also shown that there are gigantic crystals beneath the surface. So you can ask yourself – and it is also the case with Shanghai and with all the large super cities what makes them be exactly at that location. “Yes, that is geographical, because there is trade; there is a sea, isn’t there? There is a harbor, there is this and that” No, it is much deeper.
Buildings, churches too, are built on that. Not to oppress those fields, because that is not possible, you cannot oppress those fields, because those fields are collective power, so they will always continue. But by building very important places on it, the beings – and I deliberately express the word beings – live there in a larger force field then the beings who are not in there. So for example the United Nations, the head office in New York, is built on a very specific place, a very specific place. It is not like they thought: “well, we still have a table left, so let us put it there. No, this is being looked at very thoroughly. And the beings that are here on earth and who are really aware of this powerful energy, are therefore looking very specifically. And they know where those places are. And that is where they build, you know.
Just like the fact that large military facilities are also built on very specific locations, grid locations. Military bases are also built on specific locations.

Arjan: Those locations are in fact hijacked, so to say, by these forces. And Trudy’s question is: “How can we take them back, those . . . “

Martijn: They are actually shielded from the public domain. When all of us go to the air base in Leeuwarden and we would like to sniff some Original hologram for a while, (laughter) then they will say:” Well, you probably have been sniffing something else.”
What you can do is, with distance and intent, wherever you are, perceiving that field together with Power . So that you perceive that the field outside yourself is, but that you feel within your heart: this place belongs to all of us. And by observing that – and of course it takes a lot more explaining than this – by observing as a witness of Source Being, while you realize: I am not only my physical body, but I am an enormously beautiful being that has a human experience here and now. By realizing this with your imagination, it is also true that what you imagine will emerge. That you feel this space deep in your heart and that you truly give energy to that space from this Core energy; that is actually what liberates that field. And we are capable with … let’s say 15.000 people to put an item on the agenda that a military base will be closed within a year. Because the energy that is there will leave no more room for mind control within the beings that work there. So the interference of the Archontic occupying force will be eliminated as far as that concerns.

Arjan: And what would you do with those 15.000 people that year?

Martijn: What you do is: have sessions, power sessions in which you work with your imagination and that takes more than just this. “Together in space and time” does not necessarily mean that every person needs to do it exactly on time, – it could also be a month later – that from the same intention, from the equality principle, perceive the same vision together.
And that vision is not that it is being dismantles and that these beings have to leave and that the air base should be opened, but that you return the space to the Free field of the earth.
And then a claim that runs through that to the beings who think of it; those are the mind controllers, and several races are involves, that confronts these beings with the imagination of the Original seers. And what we in fact do is perceive something in the hologram through space and time. You might say: “but that is not correct, because it is a fantasy” You bet it is! Because you are reprogramming something from Creation Ability. That is what we can do and that is in fact whàt we do. And that is also in which we are being misused. Because the mind control is focused on making people think something which is not there. But because we all think that it is there, we will start acting accordingly. And that is how it comes into existence.

Arjan: But it also works the other way around..

Martijn: They are in fact collective sessions to free ourselves.

Arjan: I think that is wonderful to do.

Martijn: It is also necessary to do. Look, at the moment we do that, we build the Force field in ourselves. And that is why we are working these 18 months to gather information together, to see each other again, to feel throughout the world: “Hey, something is happening here that goes beyond the things we have named publicly.” And we are working with this for 18 months to build that. And why? Why are we building it now? We are building the Force field in ourselves, together, independently but together. Independent and at the same time that field comes into existence and that is very important. To lay a foundation and to be up to the mind controllers who project forces through that field. That is what we will work with later on.

Arjan: Good.
I have some more hypotheses for you.

Martijn: Hypotheses.

Arjan: Right, you are asked to give a brief response.
There has been an Italian referendum in which people actually said “no” to the EU. With the Brexit I thought: Jeezz, the complete British population has finally voted against the EU; we are waking up. And now we see an Italian referendum against the EU. Do you also think … with the British you have also said it: “Well, the enthusiasm should be tempered a bit, because it was a premeditated plan and in fact also mind control.” So we all believe in a “power to the people” because we say “no” to our oppressors. But what do you think about it?
Crowd Power or mind control.?

Martijn: Mind control.

Arjan: Yes? Can you clarify why you think that?

Martijn: Well, why do I think that. Because of the causing of problems …. so at first model are introduced that make people dependent and there is a huge potential in consciousness, that the hold up, the stagnation of the ….
Look, with people consciousness grows when it is necessary. And in the moment that something outside of yourself originates that makes you, as a being, say: “Look, do you see, thàt is what it is about”, then the people on earth have the tendency to say: “Now it is moving, now I can lean backward, because you see, it is already moving.” And I know in my own way, as I have seen it, that there is an agenda to introduce some “release moments” in the collective development process of humans.
This is true with Italy, it is true with England and it will also be true with the referendum in the Netherlands about the Ukraine treaty, the association treaty. So at first it gives the impression that you have something to say and that is followed by an agenda that exactly “whoop” brings something into motion enabling them to continue.
It is not that there is no significance, of course it is very good that this is happening, because we see the change. But more important, let us realize that there is a load of consciousness control programs being implemented in humanity by civilizations with very advanced brain technology that can precisely orchestrate what they think should happen. And that cancels out that we have a free will, as long as we believe that we have caused it ourselves. Because we do not. Yes, this should not be part of such a joyful broadcast. And yet, here it is.
The more conscious we get that everything has two sides by not blindly agree in the sense of: “this is it”, the more you are able to reserve freedom for your creation ability. You remain alert. And this way we can monitor one another at the sideline. “And now? What happens now?” “Oh, wait a minute: we also need some direction over there.” And then the script that they orchestrate, which is truly being arranged by them, that this script is not returned to them “carte blanche”.
So the first steps that emerge right now, apparent changes, are not changes made by us, but are being operated by them. And they do not like it that in a given moment we will see through it. So the end can be found, in that moment that it is orchestrated. And that is why it is important not to agree with reality. The program has many layers. Many layers. I am really happy that it happens, that you see the change. Because that creates possibilities to continue.
And that is where most people quit. A change is taking place and then they let the people who are working out this new change go about their business, and then the people who could also support that change often withdraw themselves.
But, is there a question …. is there?
Can you (arjan) repeat it?

Arjan: The question was if the Avaaz petitions are actually the same? Avaaz is very active in the world with all kinds of seemingly very good petitions. They have millions of supporters who act on the correct issues. They are communicating with the right people, yes it is all great if you look at it. Everyone clicks on the petition and thinks: oh, I have done something good; I have contributed. And subsequently we see that it is in fact Soros who gathers people and pays to set this up. Soros is almost the largest capitalistic terrorist in existence, so he does exactly the opposite.

Martijn: Yes, that is what also happens. Yes, that too is correct, but it is also important to say out loud that not all initiatives do not work or that they do not have significance. So the Archontic consciousness, the invasion in life forms of artificial forces are nestled in the neurological system of the body and is anticipated. And like that the people within Avaaz are being, yes, actually invaded and they carry out an agenda. But that is not the case for all people within that organization.
So you really need to pay attention to with what kind of intention and power you vote for something. That is important. Because voting for something, no matter what, is not just scribbling your name or signing a petition and click on “send”, that is just the gesture. It is about a more profound feeling that you have and give away; that is what it is about. To answer to what you say: Yes it is true, so it is a mind control operation. And that is a very large world and we are going to open it. We are going to make the information of the mind control. available in this world. And it is a research for all people in their own way and you can only bring it up when we all realize that we are insusceptible.

Arjan: Another few statements. Very brief ones.

Martijn: Oh, I thought I was done with that. Otherwise I would have been much briefer.

Arjan: (laughing) Exactly.
Ellen says: “Give the government a year of and give their budget to a group of six to twelve year old children, chosen by other twelve year olds and say: Well, we grownups cannot figure it out, you are more brilliant than us; you decide what to do with the money. This year you are in charge. A good plan or not?

Martijn: A magnificent plan.

Arjan: Another choice.
Develop a plan for citizens to sabotage radio towers versus – develop a plan to make the government maintain the precaution principle. The precaution principle is that if you do not know if something is harmful or not, for example with radiation, they would say: “We do not really know, but we do use those towers”, while using the precaution principle, they would not do that.

Martijn: Well, then I would say: disable those towers. Because in these two options there is only one that had a positive contribution. That means that the carrier pigeons can leave their cages again.

Arjan: Yes.
Another choice: Become a sovereign human and discard your social security number through for example: “” versus become a sovereign human and choose when you want to use your social security, or live your sovereignty in the moment, regardless of the law.

Martijn: As a being from another world I choose the latter. And I do that because I realize very well that we also have the ability to choose that in the moment. And if you can claim your name and sovereignty? Of course you can, legally; that is possible. I think that when you don’t do that and you choose option two, that you experience in that moment that you are there with your own creation and can play with that.

Arjan: I can imagine.

Martijn: The whole situation on earth is extraordinary serious. It is not just some evolution game, and yet, when you dare to play in it and also choose for yourself, then I would choose option two. But that is just how I look at it. As it is with everything.

Arjan: When I look at it for myself, I think: it is very special that if you want to become sovereign, you do that by acknowledging this whole world, you should publish something in the newspaper, that you have to write to the king, but okay, that is for everyone to decide. But I have a special feeling about that. I think: yes, when I am sovereign, I declare myself sovereign and there is no need to do that through the king or a newspaper, because… you know …

Martijn: That is why I choose option two/

Arjan: Yes, nice.

Martijn: But that is no comment on option one.

Arjan: True.

Martijn: Yes, that is also quite possible, it just depends on your perception.

Arjan: The last statement is from René: Taking away the right to remain on the planet from everything and everybody who is careless with our planet. They can become asylum seekers in the universe.”

Martijn: Yes, we already have that situation on earth.

Arjan: In what sense?

Martijn: That we are currently asylum seekers.

Arjan: We are asylum seekers?

Martijn: I would not choose that. I would say not to engage in that option. No. I would really want to give every human in prison the chance for rehabilitaion. Not punishing them.

Arjan: That implies that everybody who is in prison did something bad? Which in many cases is not true.

Martijn: That means that all people can cooperate in achieving harmony from equality. It means that people who are now in prison or who ended up in such a situation, that they need research, need support – how was this possible? It always comes down to inequality and uneven chances, caused by money systems among other things – that these people receive the support they need and a rehabilitation program to get in touch again within their own Power. Every human being deserves that, no matter what happened.
So I would not want to deport them to another state as asylum seekers, but I can imagine that you sometimes look for that other state.

Arjan: Yes, those people who are in prison, who may be small time thieves that steel bread, for example. But it is about the people who live in large palaces at the expense of all humans and of earth.

Martijn: Yes, and that does not solve the problem. Suppose we summon a very large star ship and we put in all the people we know who are on that list: it is them, right? Then the problem on earth is not solved. Because we did not raise our own consciousness.
So in the current situation where people stay behind, they will probably go downhill and will start to work in some kind of control and claim mechanism.
So as a being I choose to expand the Power within ourselves and with that clear out the Archontic consciousness that is within humans.
It is a longer path. For me it is a very beautiful path.

Arjan: With a little technology, I understand.

Martijn: Yes.
I notice on my voice that I need a retreat. (Martijn coughs) I am sorry.

Arjan: I also see the time. It is a quarter to eleven. Maybe it would be nice to finish off with an empowerment and some music?

Martijn: Yes, that would be nice.

Empowerment Crowd Power 22:2

Let is join in a short and powerful observation. Let it correspond to what you asked: “What is needed with those 15.000 people; what do we do then?” Let’s just observe together with our eyes closed.

By moving from our head to our heart to observe that we see the earth, as large as a basketball and that we are on top of it with our observation. That we see the colors of earth very closely, that we feel the warmth of all life and that we really look at it as Divine beings, so like people from another world with tremendous power. Let is look at it together en with that restore the balance. So that all elements that are being oppressed come forward and that a planetary equilibrium arises. In other words that all people get in touch with the opportunities of equality and that it is to the people themselves to take the chance. Because you have to have the courage to take the chances in life, take them and apply them. Otherwise they will go to the next one. Let us look at that. Just observe the earth.

So close your eyes, relax and realize that you are going to do an observation, and that you are a witness in a physical body, potentially as a being from another world, potentially from earth, and that you silently look at equal opportunities, planetary equilibrium. In this moment you bring your attention to your heart and in the silence of your heart you imagine that you see the earth in front of you, as large as a basket ball, very close to your face, and you feel and hear the strength, the sounds, the warmth of life. During this observation planetary balance arises in the field of earth and all equal chances emerge from the Original Field so people have the chance to get in touch with it. In silence we observe on behalf of power within ourselves from connectedness and equality….
It is given to us from the Force that we represent, that we, from the Original Prime Light where we all come from, the Land of Ever, the field of Creation, the light fields of encoding of creation in and around the earth have enlightened and that every living being at this moment, that includes us, sitting, lying or standing in this moment, every one who is present in this field. You realize that after this empowerment you are present in that field. We salute all life on earth to the highest source of ourselves. We honor all life on earth. We say it with the words:
“We are present on the blue water planet and we are here to allow the analog reality, the power and love from the Prime field, to be here. And I am a representative of this land of ever. It is not my intention to fight, but merely to be here. And it is not my intention to sabotage, my essential intention is a cooperative attitude. Let it be heard and felt in every cell, in every living being, the message of peace.”

And then you open your eyes.

And then we listen to the music.

Arjan: Not quite yet. No, there are a number of very beautiful questions and experiences. The experience is to beautiful not to mention. So that is what I am going to do. This is from Okje. As a result of the broadcast that we made about money, she shared something with us. She says:” My grandmother, a skipper’s wife, told me an experience that made a deep impression on me. The river boat was going to sink near Terneuzen during a heavy storm. She and her four children were saved, but grandfather did not want to leave the ship. A captain does not abandon his ship. But he and his ship were rescued. Grandmother went shopping with her children and on the way home they passed by a beggar-woman and she gave her her last coins. The beggar-woman looked at her with big eyes:”Madame, everybody knows what you went through today, you have four children and still you give me your last money”. She opened her wallet and took out a devotional picture. “Look, this is for you. Keep it always and it will bring you luck. And that is what my grandmother did, her whole life. “Look”, she would say, “this is it.” And ever since it went well with us. We have this and that and that and we received that, even our own home with a view on the water, the river Schelde, so she could watch her children sail out and back.” Giving unconditionally, being unconditionally grateful, very beautiful.

Martijn: Very profound

Arjan: May I invite you to play us a song?
What do you want to play for us, Juan?

Juan: [ …..]

Arjan: Great story, please take it away.

(Musical intermezzo.)

Juan: Thank you very much, my heart is really ………. I love you both

Arjan: Thank you, wow.

Juan: Arjan, thank you

Arjan: Yes, you too. Delightful.
And then we have come to the end of this Crowd Power. I want to thank you all very much for watching and for the input and yes that we have done it together, because it was truly “Crowd Power”.

Martijn: I would like to add something to that.

Arjan: Yes, please do.

Martijn: Is there still time?

Arjan: Absolutely.

Martijn: First of all I would like to thank all the people, everybody, especially you who are incredibly busy with self awareness. And also the gratitude that all of us together and all in our own way, in the Netherlands en outside of the Netherlands, are able to set this Field into motion. I also want to thank Earth Matters and Arjan and the whole team for this tremendous contribution, this gigantic effort. Because, let us realize that if you want to present something like this what we see here, and what is carried by so many people, that in a regular media world this would cost millions of euro’s. And here everything is done voluntary. I think that is a huge accomplishment. And it is time that this was said. (applause)
And I want to thank all the people for the support and really unconditional support that I was honored to receive in the past few years and still receive. I also want to thank the people for all the counter activity and also the discouragements because they work quite empowering. I just want to say: thank you and let us make a wonderful time of it, whether you are going to celebrate Christmas, or not. This year I am with family, not necessarily to celebrate Christmas, but to be together, human to human. I want to say that that is also possible. You can change the moment that has a form that is not of essence, into another form. Thank you very much and until the next time.

Arjan: Yes please. And I also thank you all. When the next time will be? We will announce that on the website. And you will find that on the website and also on Martijn’s and Facebook and so on. So, until that moment we all have other news for you and I look forward to the next time.
Thank you and goodbye.

Martijn: Thank you.

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