CIA spy: Why you shouldn’t trust your gut!

(The diary of a CEO) Andrew Bustamante is a former covert CIA intelligence officer and US Air Force combat veteran. He is the founder of EverydaySpy, an online education platform that teaches real-world international espionage techniques that can be used in everyday life. See video below.

00:00 Intro
02:47 Your Time At The CIA
03:15 What Is The CIA?
03:57 You’ve Got It Wrong About Spies
06:43 Applying Real Spy Skills To Overcome Any Barrier In Our Lives
08:13 How To Manipulate People
18:15 The Psychological Profile Of A CIA Agent
21:13 I Held The Key To Nuclear Missiles
23:15 It Was A Horrible Job
25:00 Would You Have You Pressed The Nuclear Button?
27:18 The CIA Message That Changed My Life
29:13 The Interview Process For The CIA
31:31 How Did You Feel When You Received That Letter?
33:54 Did The CIA Tell You To Cut Off From Your Social Circle?
34:44 Your Ethnicity Factor To Be Recruited By The CIA
36:03 Do You Have To Change Your Identity?
37:14 How Expensive Is To Train A CIA Agent?
37:21 What’s The CIA Training Scheme?
38:04 Do They Show You How To Kill?
39:06 How You Teach The Art Of Lying
41:00 Body Language & Lying
42:46 Demystifying Lying Signs
45:44 How To Tell If Someone Is Lying
47:34 Human Psychology
50:32 The Essence Of Manipulation
52:09 How To Find Someone’s Ideology To Manipulate Them
56:12 Have You Changed The Way You Look At The World?
01:00:01 Perception vs Perceptive
01:01:59 Leaning Into Objective vs Subjective Feelings
01:03:25 How To Train Yourself To Apply Rational Objective Perspective
01:05:54 Your Business Success
01:09:01 What Is SADRAT?
01:11:07 Change The Game When Selling Your Products
01:13:13 What Is Espionage?
01:14:08 What Is Our Secret Life?
01:18:16 How To Enter Someone’s Secret Life
01:23:33 How To Apply It To Business
01:26:19 Adapting To Change Faster Than Your Opponent
01:29:18 Were There Times Your Life Was At Threat?
01:31:43 Sexpionage, What Is It?
01:33:49 Disguise, Did You Ever Do It?
01:38:44 Do CIA Agents Get Trained To Not Feel Fear & Anxiety?
01:41:23 How Do They Train You To Slow Down Your Emotional Brain?
01:47:28 Your Wife & You Leaving The CIA
01:48:55 America Is Going Through A Hard Period
01:54:15 What’s The Advice For Everyone To Make That Change?
01:56:27 How Does Your Identity Stop You From Evolving?
01:57:39 What Is Something You Used To Believe That You No Longer Do?

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