One doctor is exposing a secret transgender program

Eithan Haim is one of the rare American physicians who’s refused to accept the sexual mutilation of children in his hospital. Doctors, he says, believe “they can create a new type of human.”

Kids are receiving sex changes at record rates. Most people are outraged by these so-called “treatments,” but a creepy and overly political segment of America’s medical establishment continues pushing them.

Registered physician Eithan Haim knows more about this than most; he spent years working at a hospital in Texas that he says was running a secret genital mutilation ring. As any normal person would, Dr. Haim blew the whistle on these grotesque operations, and as a result, he finds himself the target of a political persecution.

Eithan Haim joined Tucker Carlson Uncensored to expose what’s happening in hospitals all across the country and where it could lead. Click the image below to watch.

Eithan Haim tells Tucker:

“[Texas Children’s Hospital] released a statement in March of 2022 that said they were unequivocally shutting down their transgender program because of the legal risks. And I quickly found out that this was a complete lie, completely untrue. Just three days after that, they placed a puberty-blocking device into an 11-year-old girl.”

[Op de website van Tucker moet je ingelogd zijn en betalend lid om het hele interview te zien (30 min), zie de link hieronder. Op de video daaronder zie je het hele interview gratis, met Spaanse ondertitels.]


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