Buka – Hania Rani

Ze wordt één met de piano. De comments zeggen genoeg. Doe jezelf een plezier: luisteren! 😉

“Her music is like rain, water, river, sea, ocean, tears is so natural, familiar, touching to the core, reminding you of something very important to you, dear.

Breathtaking. You know when you pick up that rare book, when you don’t know it’s going to speak directly to you, and you can’t put it down and you stay up half the night to finish it? That’s how I feel about this performance at Invalides. I just found it on YouTube. I had never heard of her before and was just looking for some background music to do some work. I was captivated–so very much in the moment, in the present, in the ecstasy of deep connection to my soul. Her music transcends boundaries of spirit, scale, and place. It pauses time and sucks you in to be and experience. Thank you for that amazing performance and for sharing your talent with the world. May we find peace, joy, and acceptance.

her music is the reason aliens haven’t destroyed the world

She plays the piano so desperately like the world will explode if she even stops to breathe for a second.. It’s honestly mesmerizing!

I dont know what for a Magic spell she use but I always need to cry when I hear her music and thats actually amazing and Im unbelivable thankful for it 🙂

This is not a woman playing a piano, this is a soul united with the gift of music who has a piano as an extension of their being.  She is one with the instrument and is guiding us through the journey of the storyline with her magic.

I came across this by chance and was instantly entranced. I’ve never heard such strange and beautiful music. At first we might be impatient — where is this going?– because we are all so impatient, consuming things in little bites all day long and hurrying along. Here, in this space, we can sit still, surrender, and be carried by the music. Hania asks the audience at the end: “did you like it? was it okay? because I wasn’t sure.” Dear Hania, your audience was so still and silent because they were utterly transfixed by the wonder of this performance. This music shows us the soul, shows us how beautiful the neurology of humans is.  I feel sadness but also amazement at how young people can create such beauty when all around is stress, demise, even horror. Hania and her band take that melancholy too and make something beautiful of it.”

BUKA vind ik persoonlijk een van haar mooiste nummers, maar ze zijn allemaal mooi. Zeker ook het begin van de live opname bij Invalides in Paris, daar is ze de Jean Michel Jarre van deze tijd. Legendarisch mooie muziek. Ja, ja, getipt door Moniek.

Hania Rani – Live from Studio S2 (BUKA op 20.30)

Hania Rani live at Invalides, in Paris, France for Cercle (BUKA op 33:24)

Hania Rani – @arteconcert‘s Piano Day (BUKA op 14:42)