In-Depth, All-Inclusive, 6-Day Residential Retreat with Bentinho Massaro in the Netherlands

Bentinho Massaro

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(Bentinho Massaro | Agenda-item) We've received many requests from Europeans for a longer, more affordable Bentinho Massaro retreat, and we are happy to announce one in the Netherlands this summer! From the 10th till the 16th of July an entire castle in Baarlo will be crowded by spiritual adepts, raising the consciousness of the planet. A residential, all-inclusive and affordable not to miss retreat!

Hundreds of committed spiritual adepts - from all over the world - will become present with each other within a gorgeous, castle-style venue, with an aligned intention and powerful attitude for transformation. Sharing nourishing meals, the breathtaking surroundings and a transformative and memorable retreat.

Accelerate your journey
It is Bentinho's wish to help others accelerate their own journey and become the fullest expression of one's calling. He will powerfully guide you into the realms of eternal bliss, by perfecting the balance between love and wisdom.

There will be spontaneous realizations, profound silence, vibrational amplification, transformative healing, dynamic Q&A, empowering laughter, along with inspired, constructive plans for action in the world.

The first three days of this event will be silent, until the second session of each day (2.30 PM), allowing our realizations and connection to Self to deepen. After the second session, any respectful form of socializing, co-creation and fun are encouraged!


The castle grounds provide many wonderful spaces in which to connect with other retreat participants. Meet in smaller groups to discuss and explore the teachings in-depth, and of course, sit together with a thousand other beautiful souls in silence and presence during the official sessions, as Bentinho guides us collectively into some of the most powerful guided meditations we've ever experienced. We even intend to bring souls together on the dancefloor by a DJ party with Frans Iradi on 1 or 2 nights during the week.

Rather venture off by yourself? In between sessions you can explore the tranquil retreat grounds. Go on a hike, sit in meditation, or practice an exercise assigned by Bentinho that day.

Wave of light
Bentinho feels extremely aligned with the intention that is so effortlessly generating this event, and we therefore expect it to be one of the most powerful ones so far. By the end of this event, we will send a powerful pulse~wave of light out to the planet – helping humanity to shift into a higher parallel timeline.

We do this not only for ourselves, but for the awakened world we are here to bring forth. Together, we will make this retreat truly unforgettable and profound. Go to for a €200 discount and use promotion code: Nederland. We look forward to being with you for this once in a lifetime opportunity!

***Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included for all 6 days.***

Program details & more information

Bron: Bentinho Massaro

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